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End of the World

Date: 08/05/2013

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Shuzen Akua appeared before Moka's eyes, protecting her from being harmed by Alucard, by cutting off his arm effortlessly with the Jigen-Tou. Then Alucard told Akua to move aside or he'll kill her as well and after she opposed, she stated that finally can fight seriously. Seeing this situation heating up, Alucard decided to tell a "little story" about a little vampire girl called Jasmine, who had an older sister and lived together in China. They weren't related by blood, but were as close as real sisters could be, and despite being poor, they were happy. One day, Jasmine was mutilated by humans. There were suspicions about her being a vampire, so when she got captured by humans, she first was tortured and then skewered... That story was about Akua's previous little sister who was brutally murdered by humans, and since then, Akua swore on her sisters remains that she'll slaugther all humans, making this situation as the trigger that fired her hatred and rage toward humans.

After hearing this, Akua told Alucard to shut up but he keep continuing, and before he said another word, Akua got an insane rage to the degree that she ended up mincing his body completely.



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Akua's past and the complete breaking of Moka's rosary.


"This time I'll make sure to protect you, Moka my sweet little sister.." by Akua Shuzen

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