Rosario + Vampire II Manga Chapter 024

Title- A Peaceful Athletics Festival

Date- 11/03/2009

Volume 06

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In this chapter a event called "9th Athletics carnival" is happening at Youkai Gakuen. Tsukune and the girls are competing for Red team while Fong Fong and his sister Ling Ling (who has just came to the school) are competing for the White team. Ling Ling and the girls make a deal where if the White team wins Tsukune will have to join the Wong family, but if the Red team wins Tskune and the girls will travel overseas with all the expenses paid by the Wong family.

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  • The competition ends with a draw.
  • It's kind of funny that Mizore is one of the girls who agrees to the deal; she stated in Chapter 35 of the original season that she wouldn't want to gain something at Tsukune's expense.

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Ling Ling Wong

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  • Tsukune and Moka almost share a romantic picnic together.


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