Title- Mafia Boy

Date- 10/26/2009

Volume 06

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In this chapter Tsukune meets Fon Fong Wong who is the heir of a important chinese mafia family. Fong Fong definitely wants Tsukune to join the Wong family, because he thinks Tsukune is the strongest guy in Youkai Gakuen (he thinks that Tsukune wiped out the 7th branch of Fairy Tale when actually it was Gin and Haiji ).

Referbacks Edit


  • On the beggining of the chapter Tsukune thinks Fong Fong is in love with him, later Yukari says that boys love is getting acknowledged as a wholesome affair in the human world.
  • What each of the girls think they are to Tsukune is revealed; Moka (truthfuly) says she's his friend, Kurumu claims to be his girlfriend, Mizore claims to be his wife, Yukari claims to be either his soulmate of concubine, and Ruby claims to be his "toy". All but Moka lie, or are simply deluding themselves.
  • Yukari is the only one who likes the idea of staying a harem.
  • Tsukune openly calls the girls (except Moka) lunatics for even considering polygamy (as he has no interest in it.)
  • When used as a preview chapter in Shonen Jump, the chapter us rewritten to mostly exclude any references to polygamy. In fact, the chapter cuts off right as Inner Moka defeats the Phoenix.

New CharactersEdit

Fang Fang Wong, a clumsy Yasha and heir to Huang family mafia.

Cultural ReferencesEdit

Unanswered QuestionsEdit

  • Why can't Fong Fong understand that it's wrong to force someone to do something that they don't want to do?

Memorable MomentsEdit

  • Mizore is shown to have grown tired of letting the "harem" grow, even to the point of saying she'll stab Tsukune.
  • Yukari points out a truth about the future; the News Club is bound to break up once Tsukune confess to Moka.


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