Rosario + Vampire II Manga Chapter 007

Title- Gro-Gro Drops

Date- 03/04/2008

Volume 02

Previous Chapter → 006

Next Chapter → 008


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  • It's revealed that Mizore wasn't an official member of the club until now.

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It seams Ryu Hayabusa appears on page 20 of this chapter but is uncomfirmed

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Memorable MomentsEdit

Yukari invents a magic candy to age its eater. Under it's affects, Kokoa as an older teenager around Moka's age breaks very durable tombstones and gets money from the Karate Club. However it backfires on Kokoa, when the Karate clubmembers come looking to settle the score, the magic candy's effect wears off and turns her into a little girl.


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