Firs pratice class

Title- Self-Study class

Date- 03/06/2008

Volume 01

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This is the chapter in which the Monster Dorian Hunt takes place.

In the beginning, Kurono Kurumu is daydreaming that she gave Tsukune Aono cookies, and a kiss. Then she says that she is only a succubus, after all, and attempts to lure Tsukune in. She is taken out of her daydream by a triangular protractor that is thrown to her head by her math teacher, Ririko Kagome to answer a question on the board. After not being able to answer the question, Ririko change the question and gives it to Moka, who answer it with the Setsugen Theorem. Kurumu then gets made fun of by Yukari because the math teacher told her to learn from Moka's actions. Moka and Kurumu get into a fight, as usual, and during this time Tsukune wonders where the class of 3~4 would go next. He finds out that apparently, they have special training today.

Nekonome-sensei announces that they are having a Monster Dorian Hunt. The monsters are all extremely excited, and slavering at the thought of eating a Monster Dorian. Unfortunately, Tsukune does not experience the same excited feel, and feels sick at the thought of eating it. Moka and Kurumu decide to hold a contest of who can get the Monster Dorian to see who is really worth something. Yukari starts thinking she's heard something about "those Dorians" before, but can't remember until later in the story.

Tsukune announces that he thinks everyone should work together - not compete, but the girls deny this and start trying to get the Monster Dorian first individually. Apparently, the Monster Dorian is also a perverted fruit. When Moka grabs it, it uses its tentacles to grope her. Mizore then catches it, but Kurumu is unhappy about that and hits her on the head with a fan that appeared out of nowhere. Tsukune and Kurumu somehow separate from the rest of the group, and Kurumu catches the Dorian. She then tells Tsukune that the reason she wanted to be apart from the rest was so she could eat the Monster Dorian with Tsukune. Right after this, Moka comes in and pushes Kurumu out of the way, saying that the Dorian was "dangerous". She is promptly swallowed by a larger Monster Dorian, and Kurumu starts regretting not working together, as Tsukune said before. Yukari explains that the smaller fruit was to lure monsters to the larger fruit, much like the angler fish does with its light.

It then moves to a picture of the bus driver and Nekonome-sensei, who are both fishing. They realize that someone is in danger, but do not move to rescue them because the need for effort - and no spoiling of the students. The bus driver then remarks that every year someone dies except for this year; everyone seems safe.

Kurumu, meanwhile, is paralyzed at why Moka jumped in to save her, and Tsukune charges towards the Monster Dorian. While inside the dorian, he releases Inner Moka and she kicks a hole through the Dorian. Finally, all four girls decide to work together to defeat the much coveted Monster Dorian.

The chapter ends with everyone eating the Monster Dorian and enjoying it, except for Tsukune who receives food poisoning due to not actually being a Yokai.



  • Humans get food poisoning from Durian fruit; in Tsukune' case, he's half-human.

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