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Tsukune and a Vampire
Rosario + Vampire Episode 13 Title Card.png
Episode Information
Kanji 月音とバンパイア
Rōmanji Tsukune to Banpaia
Season 1
Episode No. 13
Air date March 27, 2008 (Japan)
Opening None
Ending Cosmic Love
Episode Guide
Security Committee and a Vampire
Reunion and a Vampire

Tsukune and a Vampire (月音とバンパイア, Tsukune to Banpaia) is the thirteenth and final episode of Season One and the thirteenth overall episode of Rosario + Vampire. It aired on March 27, 2008 in Japan.


Tsukune has been sentenced to execution for being human and the Director of Yōkai has decided not to take action, forbidding Ms. Nekonome from doing anything to stop it. Awaiting his end, Tsukune thinks back to why he is in this mess; he wanted to be with Moka and if he hadn't stayed, he would never have met all his new friends. He laughs to himself about this, making Kuyō ask if he's lost his mind in fear. However, Tsukune proves him wrong by calmly asking him to promise one thing: spare the rest of the Newspaper Club. Kuyō is surprised that someone being put to death would make such a selfless request; he says they will not suffer unnecessary harm, going to say "their deaths will be quick and painless." Tsukune is horrified and yells for him not to hurt them as Kuyō laughs maniacally.

Elsewhere, Mizore is looking out to the ocean, remembering it was here that Tsukune had saved her. A voice tells Mizore that it is her turn to do the saving. She looks up to find a crow looking down on her; she asks who the bird is. At the pond, Yukari is trying to convince Kurumu to do something to help Tsukune, explaining that she thinks it doesn't matter if Tsukune's a human as he was the first person to be kind to her after monsters were the ones who had picked on her. Kurumu tells Yukari that she knows what she is saying, but Yukari doesn't know what she is thinking; if Tsukune and Moka had trusted them enough to tell them his secret, they could be thinking of ways to help him. The same crow appears and tells them that they should say that to their faces.

In the dungeon, Moka cries over not being able to help Tsukune as Inner Moka, via the Rosario, asks if she has given up on saving Tsukune. Moka says that without her (Inner's) help, she won't be able to break free. Inner Moka tells Outer Moka that she is not alone in wanting to save Tsukune just as the crow arrives, telling her to stay back; the bars bend to the sides of the cell until a person-sized hole is made. Moka steps out and watches as the crow turns into Ruby. Ruby greets Moka, looking behind her to the others, who have just walked in. Mizore explains kicking the guard's ass "took a while"; Yukari agrees, saying he was tough.

Ruby is back

Kurumu slaps Moka again and says that they have to hurry and save Tsukune; she hasn't forgiven Moka for keeping Tsukune's secert from them. Ruby reveals that she has a new wand, promptly Yukari to ask where she got it. Ruby explains it's a long story, but they have to hurry right now.

A song begins playing at this time.

Outside, Kuyo announces that the time has come to kill Tsukune and lights him on fire. However, it's put out by Mizore's ice as Ruby and Kurumu fly down to free Tsukune. Mizore, Moka and Yukari arrive, yelling for them to Tsukune to safety while they handle things there. As Kurumu and Ruby flee with Tsukune, a surprised Kuyō asks if the girls  know what they've done is a crime against the Academy. Mizore, Moka and Yukari tells him that it doesn't matter so long as they save Tsukune, their dear friend. Kuyō explains that Gin said something similar to him the previous year; the Security Committee's corruption needed to be exposed, which matters more to him than the Academy. In retaliation, the Security Committee killed every member of last years Newspaper Club, except for Gin.

Because their crime was publicly committed, Kuyō orders his top three minions (a bipedal cerberus, a jiang-shi, and a golem) to kill the Newspaper Club as punishment. Yukari pummles the jiang-shi with wastubs, while Mizore finds it hard to hold back against the golem as her ice knocks off his arm. The crowd of students is left amazed by this as they are actualy beating the Secuity Committee. Kuyō looks up to see Kurumu and Ruby still flying away with Tsukune, gloating that they can try to running, but against someone of his power, they don't stand a chance. Kuyo heads off after the trio. Seeing this, Yukari yells for Mizore and Moka to help Tsukune. Mizore yells for Moka to go alone as she freezes one of their opponents. Moka runs off to the school, which is where everyone else is heading...

The song ends.

On the roof, Tsukune thanks Kurumu and Ruby for saving him as Moka opens the door and runs up to him. Tsukune is happy to be reunited with Moka, saying he thought he was a goner back there. Sadistically, Kuyo is heard saying that he is going to die there instead. An arrow of fire pierces Tsukune heart and engulfs him, burning him badly. Everyone looks on in horror as Kuyō comments that the execution could sadly not be shown to the s

Kuyo gloats that the execution is complete

tudents, but has none-the-less been carried out. Tsukune weakly tells Moka he has no regrets about coming to Yōkai Academy. Distressed, Moka realizes he's trying to say goodbye and tells him stop. Tsukune then asks Moka for one last thing, he pleads for her to protect their friends from Kuyo and pulls of the rosario, blacking out. Moka calls Tsukune's name twice, getting no response. Thinking that Tsukune is dead, Outer Moka screams in horror-filled despair as Inner takes over; enraged, she kicks Kuyō across the roof.

Mizore and Yukari arrive and are horrified to see Tsukune in his condition. Inner Moka tells them that Tsukune is weak, but still clinging to life. She decides that the best thing she can do to save him is give him her vampire blood. Much to everyone's shock, Kuyō has assumed to his monster form, that of a Four-Tailed Fox that has control over fire and is also a S-ranked monster. He fires a blast at them, making Yukari yell for Mizore to put up an ice wall; however, Mizore says it wouldn't be strong enough to block it. Gin arrives and takes the hit, wanting to call them idiots for just standing there, then saying that he's the biggest idiot of all as he passes out. Kurumu expresses shock that Gin actually acted like a club leader for once, but says it's pointless if he dies. Kuyo says that Gin is one more person off his list. Mizore fires icicles at Kuyo, who easily melts them before sending her flying with a fire blast. To buy time for Ruby and Yukari, Kurumu flies around, saying they're proof humans and monsters can be friends.

Kuyo fires blasts at Kurumu, who easily dodges them. Ruby and Yukari release a blast of tarot cards at Kuyo, who burns them easily. However, the ashen remains of the cards becomes a ring of spirit familiars in the form of ravens. Kuyo admits they've done something entertaining, but easily destroys the familiars as well. However, Ruby points out that it's not over yet. The remains of the familiars join together into an enormous crow that pecks Kuyo's right eye. Kuyo holds his eye in pain, wondering how such weaklings could have wounded him. Yukari believes Kuyo is reverting to human form, but that isn't the case; Kuyo has transformed into his Ultimate Battle Form, something they should be honored to see as so very few do. Inside the school, numerous students are trying to get to the roof, but find the door is stuck shut; Ms. Nekoname is among them, wondering what has befallen her club members.

On the roof, Kuyo has proven himself superior in power as he has beaten Mizore, Kurumu, Ruby, and Yukari. However, Moka says she's still there and will "kick your ass from here to kingdom come." Kurumu asks about Tsukune, only to hear it's up

Kuyo prepares to burn Moka and Tsukune

to chance now. However, Moka finds her attacks aren't affecting Kuyo, who is surprised by the lack of strength the "strongest of monsters" has. Moka realizes giving up so much of her blood has impaired her of her superhuman strength. As Kuyō hammers at Moka, he lists off many of humanity's negative traits. Beaten back to Tsukune, Moka is seemingly destroyed in a blast of fire from Kuyō.

However, Kurumu points to the top of the roof door, where Tsukune is holding Moka; he subconciously sensed danger and saved her. Once Tsukune wakes, Moka calls him a sleepy-head and flicks him on the forehead. Kuyō tries attacking, but a transformed Gin grabs him. Kuyō expresses shock at Gin getting into position to immobilize him, to which Gin reminds him Werewolves are known for their speed. Moka tells Kuyō that he's became intoxicated with power from being the justice of the school and became corrupt; he needs to learn his place. With a jump kick, Moka hammers Kuyō into room below. Just before everyone else arrives to see what has happened, Moka reseals herself.

Seeing Moka out cold and Tsukune without any upper body garb, everyone believes that Tsukune has beaten Kuyō and that his claiming to be human was part of a plan to beat the Security Committee. Ms. Nekonome comments on how Kuyō's defeat has cleared Tsukune of being human. Some students apologize for their cruel behavior to Tsukune while others, delighted at Kuyō's defeat; finally speak their minds about Kuyō's group. As the students lift Tsukune up in praise, Gin (stuck under Kuyō and in human form again) asks if anyone will help him.

The Newspaper Club is treated for their injuries, with Moka being hospitalized due to overtaxing herself in battle. Mizore is also temporarily hospitalized due to Kuyō's flame attack on her, since Snow Women are severely injured by fire. Tsukune does a voiceover of how, after things calmed down, Kurumu informed him about what happened after he lost consciousness; he cannot help feeling grateful to Moka for what she did to save his life.

When Outer Moka awakens, she finds Tsukune by her bed with a bouquet of red flowers. Tsukune thanks her for what she did and apologizes for making her use so much of her power. Moka tells him that so long as he comes out of it alive, she doesn't mind. Tsukune starts crying. Moka flicks him on the head, asking him not to. This prompts him to remember when Inner Moka did that, briefly seeing her in Outer Moka's place. Tsukune then feels his heart beating fast, becoming shocked at the thought he could be falling for both Mokas.

Moka blushes, saying that Tsukune looking at her makes her want to (kiss him). Tsukune is shocked to see Moka want to kiss him and leans in to do so. However, right before their lips can actualy touch, the door is kicked own by Kurumu, who has the other girls with her. Yukari yells that she knows Tsukune and Moka were up to something, while Mizore calls Tsukune a nasty boy. Moka greets them in embarrassment. Kurumu grabs Tsukune, asking what they interrupted, but Tsukune denies they were doing anything. Kurumu, Yukari, Mizore and even Ruby ask Tsukune to kiss them. However, Moka sits up and yells "Not them, Tsukune! Just kiss me!"


The scene goes black with five pairs of lips ending the scene with a kiss from all of them. Much to his horror, Tsukune is last heard shouting "Aaaah! All five of you!?" The announcer bat says that he wants a kiss as well with "The End" on the screen.

Adapted From[]

Manga Chapter this episode is adapted from.



Tsukune suddenly sees Inner Moka's face as he gazes at Outer Moka in the infirmary. As his heart begins to beat fast, he realizes he's falling in love with both Mokas.

Seeing the Newspaper Club standing up to Kuyō's thugs, one student gets so worked up he partially transforms. The student next to him tells him to calm down and clocks him with his transformed fist.

Irony: As Kuyō attacked Inner Moka he spoke of despicable habits humans had such as: lying, cheating, selfishness, hurting others without caring and more. The bulk of the habits he despised humans for, he and his Security force committed many of those very actions. An Old saying goes "Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely."

This is the first time Moka has threatened to kill someone. She threatened to kill Kuyō after he nearly killed Tsukune.

New Characters[]

Cultural References[]

"easter eggs"

Unanswered Questions[]

Why did Tsukune not become a slave if Kurumu kissed him?

(Kurumu never got to kiss Tskukune in the Anime.)

Memorable Moments[]

  • Inner gave Tsukune some of her blood to save him. Due to this, he is slowly becoming a vampire.
  • Outer Moka has finally shown she wants to kiss Tsukune as well.
  • Unlike the manga, Kuyō only displayed crazed hostility when he was called on having become corrupt.


(Inner Moka to Tsukune) "Sleepy Head"

  • Kou: This episode showdown some... nah who cares.

  • Kurumu: What was that we interrupted just now?

  • Moka: Not them, Tsukune! Just kiss me!

  • Tsukune: Aaaah! All five of you!?