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Security Committee and a Vampire
Rosario + Vampire Episode 12 Title Card.png
Episode Information
Kanji 公安委員会とバンパイア
Rōmanji Kōan'iinkai to Banpaia
Season 1
Episode No. 12
Air date March 20, 2008 (Japan)
Opening Cosmic Love
Ending Dancing in the Velvet Moon
Episode Guide
New Term and a Vampire
Tsukune and a Vampire

Security Committee and a Vampire (公安委員会とバンパイア, Kōan'iinkai to Banpaia) is the twelfth episode of Season One and the twelfth overall episode of Rosario + Vampire. It aired on March 20, 2008 in Japan.


Determined to prove the Security Committee's blatant corruption, Tsukune and friends amass photographic proof of beatings, coercive bribery and violent crackdowns on students playing hooky from class. Still lacking testimony, they try to get it from the Fan Club members, only to find they were hauled off. Later, the Security Committee rounds up Tsukune, Moka, Kurumu and Mizore on the charges that Tsukune is human and that the other three resisted them. Gin keeps Yukari from intervening, and the quartet are taken to the Committee's H.Q. Kuyō shows Tsukune multiple testimonies of teachers and students commenting on his highly possible humanity. Then he sees Kurumu, Mizore and Moka being interrogated. Kurumu and Mizore mention seeing no proof of Tsukune being a monster and Moka's interrogation becomes torture. In desperation to keep Moka from being hurt, Tsukune confesses that he's human. Kuyō then shows that the others were nearby and unhurt. Moka, sorrowful by Tsukune's confession, admits that she knew. Kurumu and Mizore seemingly reject Tsukune and Moka for their lies. Moka faces sentencing for suppressing the truth, and Tsukune is to be executed.

Long Summary[]

Part One[]

Having become fed up with the corrupt Security Committee and their attempt to run them into the ground, the Newspaper Club has begun taking photographic evidence of their corrupt ways (beating up students for money, getting bribes, attacking students playing hooky from class). However, they do not have any eyewitnesses to call on as everyone else fears retribution from the Committee for telling the school about their corruption. Luckily, much to everyone's surprise, Mizore has stalked The Fan Club Collection into being eyewitnesses for them. However, when they go to question them, they find (other than the horror of the items they have of Moka, Kurumu, and Yukari) that they are not there, but instead a member of the new trio tells them that the Committee took them away, to which a second urges him to shut up in panicked fear.

At the same time, Kuyō, head of the Committee, hears from one of his top henchmen that the Collation trio had some rather interesting information after being given a beating to keep their mouths shut about them.

The next day, Moka finds Tsukune is tired from a lack of sleep due to dedication to their cause of exposing he committee. Seeing that Moka is intoxicated by his scent, Tsukune wonders if she wants to suck his blood, even leaning in to let her. However, Kurumu arrives and does a spin kick that knocks Moka down; Tsukune would be sapped of strength if she sucked his blood and they need to be diligent in their work. Yukari arrives

Gin sees the Committee heading to Tsukune's classroom

and says she agrees. Mizore pops out from nowhere and says she'll stalk someone else into being their eyewitnesses.

Outside the school, Gin is once again spying on girls with his camera. However, he soon notices the Security Committee walking towards Ms. Nekonome's classroom...

While they're in class, Kuyō comes in and tells Tsukune that he is under suspicion of being a human. While everyone else is shocked by this possibility, Moka silently wonders how they found out. Kurumu defends Tsukune with the fact humans could not even be at Yōkai Academy; Moka backs her up. Kuyō instead sees them and Mizore, who are part of the Newspaper Club with him as possible accessories to Tsukune hiding his identity. They are taken away as the students watch. Yukari tries freeing them, but is stopped by Gin, who tells her that she cannot do anything on her own.

In the shrine that serves as the Committee's headquarters, Tsukune is shown recordings of Saizo, Mr. Kotsubo, Ms. Ririko and several other students giving confirmation of Tsukune being human. Kuyō then shows Tsukune where his friends are; Kurumu and Mizore are being questioned, but remain adamant Tsukune is not a human because: 1) A human cannot get into Yōkai, and 2) Tsukune must be obeying the rules thoroughly as he has never broken his transformation once. Tsukune is then shown Moka, who is pointed out as evidence of him being human as Vampires love human blood and she only drinks his. Moka defends Tsukune, saying his blood is just delicious, saying it didn't mean he was human. However, her interrogator grows tired of her refusal to out Tsukune and threatens her with pure water if she doesn't cooperate. He then begins flicking water on her as torture in order to get her to confess.

Tsukune angrily calls Kuyō a bastard and demands he let her go. Kuyō is still unfazed by this and threatens to throw Moka into the pond outside if the interrogation goes on any longer; the Fan Club Collation is then revealed to have been kept in the room with them and Kuyō explains they told him all about how he never fought back against them and how weak he was (each has signs of a nasty beating). Having his men pin Tsukune to the ground, Kuyō tells Tsukune that he could change into a monster and free himself of the guards holding him down, clearing the charge. With the sound of Moka's screams of pain ringing in his ears, Tsukune decides that the only thing he can do to save her is tell the truth. Tsukune admits to being human to Kuyō, who simply laughs maniacally. As he asks if everyone heard that, Kuyō snaps his fingers, revealing that Moka, Kurumu, and Mizore were in the room with them; the shrine has multiple layers of illusion in it, allowing the Committee to hide in plain sight.

Kurumu and Mizore are shocked, wondering if Tsukune just admitted the truth. Moka, on the other hand, cries that Tsukune shouldn't have told them the truth no matter what happened to her. Kurumu realizes that Moka knew the truth the entire time and slaps her. Tsukune tries calming Kurumu down, but is yelled at to stay away. Amused, Kuyo says Tsukune is getting his just desserts. Kuyō tells his men to let Kurumu and Mizore leave, but keep Moka locked up as she was an accessory to hiding Tsukune's human identity. As Mizore and Kurumu walk out without a word, Moka is dragged out by a guard as Tsukune holds back tears of seeing his friends hating him now and Moka being locked away. Kuyō coldly tells Tsukune the Committee finds him guilty of being human; he is to be put to death.

Kurumu and Mizore return to the News Club, informing Gin and Yukari that Tsukune is a human. Yukari realizes Tsukune was the only one of them that was happy to be in the human world when they went on their trip; Gin noticed that Tsukune was too bumbling to be a monster. Mizore leaves without a word. Gin tells them that it was the right move to make as they should either make amends with the Committee or hide out until the heat dies down; he leaves himself. Kurumu wonders what Yukari thinks of humans, explaining she thought male humans were just slaves for Succubi; she knows better now. Yukari tries to tell Kurumu what she thinks, but Kuyō voice comes over the speakers.

Kuyo announces that Tsukune is a human that infiltrated Yokai Academy, and that he will be put to death at 4:44 PM, inviting other students to watch him die. A large crowd forms, some now realizing Tsukune's scent is definitely human, and yell excitedly for Tsukune's execution. Unlike the rest of the crowd, one student says that he dislikes humans just as much as any other monster, but death is a bit too much. A second agrees with him, saying that when he went to a human middle school, he made lots of friends. Both agree that the Committee is taking things way too far. A member of the Committee hears them and knocks them out to prevent them from influencing the crowd.

Everyone cheers for "the glorious Kuyō" while the faculty watches from the school. Ms. Nekonome is horrified that Tsukune is to be put to death as the academy's purpose is to promote a peaceful existence between humans and monsters. However, Mr. Kotsubo thinks different; he would had killed Tsukune if the Committee wasn't about to. Ms. Ririko then tells Ms Nekonome that the Director wishes to see her about urgent business, dragging her to his office.

Back in the Newspaper club, Yukari is just horrified by the news of Tsukune's impending death; she tells Kurumu that they have to do something to save him. However, Kurumu only cries, yelling insults about Tsukune and Moka.

Outside, in the school grounds, Tsukune is displayed in crucifixion style to await his execution while Moka hears everything below, in her cell. Horrified as well, Moka cries out for Tsukune. The episode comes to an end with Tsukune shown waiting for death, with Kuyo smiling smugly below him.

New Characters:[]

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  • The Security Committee show they embrace Kuyo's extremist hatred of humanity.
  • The Security Committee extorting money from the swim club and attacking another club for "dues unpaid" is akin to the idea of a Mob protection racket. Ex: You pay regular, no problems. You don't pay...WE MAKE PROBLEMS.
  • Tsukune's confession of being human would be highly inadmissible in a real court, as it was made under duress (emotional distress). Such confessions are likened to the use of medieval torture devices to obtain confessions. Most people in severe physical or emotional pain will say anything they think will make the pain end.
  • Tsukune's execution scene is comparable to the death of Jesus Christ on Calvary. EX: He's suspended in crucifixion-style, (most of) the crowd cries out for his death, and he has a sign under (as opposed to over) him stating that he's human. Jesus had a sign nailed to his cross that said "King of the Jews".
  • When a few students realize things have gone too far, it shows that some may only fear humans as opposed to despise them.
  • In the Manga, when the Security Committee comes to the classroom, the roles are reversed; They come to arrest Moka for attacking Keito, and when Tsukune defends her, they arrest him on the charge of being human
  • The staff and students of Yokai are devided about Tsukune being put to death. Those who fear and hate humans want him dead simply because he is one; the rest who know him realize he is no threat and a good person.

Cultural References[]

"Easter eggs"

Unanswered Questions:[]

  • Outer Moka told Tsukune he shouldn't have confessed regardless of what was done to her. Wouldn't Inner Moka have beaten him up for the pain inflicted if he hadn't? Answer: No; Inner Moka respects the decisions Outer Moka makes, so she wouldn't have done that.

Memorable Moments:[]

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