New Term and a Vampire
Rosario + Vampire Episode 11 Title Card
Episode Information
Kanji 新学期とバンパイア
Rōmanji Shingakki to Banpaia
Season 1
Episode No. 11
Air date March 13, 2008 (Japan)
Opening Cosmic Love
Ending Dancing in the Velvet Moon
Episode Guide
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New Term and a Vampire (新学期とバンパイア, Shingakki to Banpaia) is the eleventh episode of Season One and the eleventh overall episode of Rosario + Vampire. It aired on March 13, 2008 in Japan.


Tsukune's return to Yōkai Academy from summer vacation and the Newspaper Club's work on its next edition rouses the powerful and corrupt Public Safety Committee, whose function is to act as the school's police, who start a "Super" Newspaper Club to try getting rid of the current one. Tsukune helps Kurumu distribute their newspapers against Ginrei's orders, which incites Keito to attack them with several of her minions. While Inner Moka easily repels the assault, the PSC's destructive resolve against the Newspaper Club is strengthened and amplified with just as much ease.

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Part One:Edit

Summer is over and the Newspaper Club has returned to Yōkai Academy. Moka wonders if Tsukune wanted to visit his parents while they were in the human world, but he assures her that he is fine. Tsukune is then embarrassed to hear Moka thinks he's manlier than when he started at Yōkai; she ends up biting him again when they stare at each other. Tsukune then does a voice-over about how he is going to make the best of his time at Yōkai, even if he and Moka get separated and go different ways in life.

The News club has printed up their new addition, including their adventure at Witch Hill; Tsukune finds the fashion tips Kurumu put in the paper to be a little less than interesting (the Narrator Bat says the style she listed went out of fashion years ago). Mizore then arrives and tries getting Tsukune to call her his "Snow Bunny" before Kurumu tells them to focus on getting the others papers in print; everyone is shocked she cares so much about the Newspaper.

They go to hand out the newspapers at the gate, but find three girls handing out newspapers of their own called the Yōkai Square. Pissed off, Kurumu yells at them, wondering what they are doin

Keito reveals the Super Newspaper Club existence

g; they assure her that they are an official club. A student called Keito arrives and introduces herself as the Super Newspaper Club president, explaining that they found the articles in their paper so boring, that they decided to introduce their own brand of journalism. After the "Super Newspaper Club" leaves, the regular one tries handing out their paper, only to have it dismissed by the students reading it as it lacked color and swimsuit photos that the Super Newspaper Club's had.

The News club goes to Ms. Nekonome and learns that the school plans to scrap whichever club has the least popularity. Kurumu decides they need to keep at it and get as many readers as they can; she doesn't want to consult Gin for advice as he is probably too busy spying on girls again. ("She hit the nail on the head, again") It turns out she's right and Gin is peeping on girls with his camera, but he becomes distracted by the Super Newspaper Club walking into the office of the Security Committee.

Part B

The next day, Kurumu forces Yukari to dress in a maid

Kurumu's Plan B for selling papers

outfit along with her to drawn in guys to sale their paper; Kurumu even gives cookies as a bonus to those who sign up for the Yōkai Gazette. However, they are outdone by the Super Newspaper Club again when the three girls arrive in bikinis and offer free pictures of themselves in said bikinis to those who read the Yōkai Square. Kurumu is shocked by this, wondering if they can even do that; Yukari points out it doesn't matter as they are dressed in revealing outfits. Yukari is then scared away by a strange pervert and Kurumu knocks him out with a kick.

In the News club room, Kurumu consoles Yukari, telling her that they have to come up with better ideas. However, Tsukune and Moka arrive with Gin, who tells them not to mess with the Super Newspaper Club as the Security Committee is behind them. Gin explains it's violent version of a discipline committee that became corrupted by being drunk on power (old adage: "Power corrupts and Absolute power corrupts absolutely"); the Yōkai Gazette's popularity has become a thorn in their side, which is why they created a rival club. He orders everyone else to burn the papers and leaves.

Everyone goes to burn the papers outside. Moka and Yukari go back to the club room to get the rest of the papers while Tsukune and Kurumu stay behind. Tsukune tries consoling Kurumu about burning the papers, but she is adamant about passing them out instead because of all the hard work they put into them. The trio from the Super Newspaper Club arrive and say their Mistress will deliver divine punishment upon them for not burning the papers. Just as they wonder who it could be, Tsukune and Kurumu are shocked to see Keito pull the papers away from them with thread. They ask why they are trying to run them into the ground and learn Gin was hiding something from them. Keito tosses their papers into the incinerator as her minions keep Kurumu from getting to them.

Tsukune tries to help her, but gets caught in Keito's silk and hung above them. Keito discards her school uniform, revealing the one belonging to the Security Committee under it while revealing her true form, a jorogumo. Kurumu recognizes the uniform and tells Keito she knows who she is. Keito compliments her on being a good reporter, but goes on to lie (and really, she is) about the Committee protecting the peace of the school. Kurumu is then trapped in Keito's web and held in place by the three minions, now revealed to be insect monsters; each one was from a club that resisted the Committee, but they were turned into minions by Keito's venom. As Keito prepares to inject venom into Kurumu, she is stopped by Mizore, who distracts her with ice projectiles. Keito tries webbing her, but Mizore easily evades it before saying that she's not the one who's going to fight her.

Moka and Yukari arrive, and with Yukari's help, Moka jumps up to reach Tsukune, who removes the Rosario. Inner Moka frees Tsukune and brings him down. Kurumu demands she free her, but Inner Moka tells her to free herself. Kurumu does so and Keito becomes annoyed that her prey was taken from her, wrapping silk around Moka's arm. However, she proves far weaker than Inner Moka in a tug-a-war and is drawn in for a kick. Kurumu gives her another kick that knocks her into her own web with her minions as they bounce off and crash, knocking them out. After Inner Moka seals herself, Tsukune decides that the News club should expose the committee for the corrupt jerks they are; everyone agrees with him...

In the Committee's office, Kuyō learns of Keito's defeat as he goes over the files on the members of the News club; everyone's monster identity is listed except for Tsukune. Kuyo then remarks that they will soon have something interesting happen for the first and longest time at Yōkai, burning the files with a sneer.

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  • In the English Dub, Inner Moka uses poor grammar. She said "one of those spider's minions", What she should have said is "one of that spider's minions".
  • In the Manga, Mizore was not introduced until Chapter 18, though, in the anime, she was introduced much earlier (in Snow Girl and a Vampire).
  • The Security Committee's uniforms black theme gives you a tip of their wicked nature. Children often fear the darkness, which is black. A practical fear of why darkness in scary is that what exists within is unknown. The unknown can prove very frightening to those who are young & skittish.
  • The black uniform wearing Committee members can be compared to black hat wearing villains in westerns. The outlaws in such tales did as they wished and didn't care who they hurt. They even gathered weaker people for their observation skills and could turn resistors to their will, like Keito did with the ex-members of clubs that resisted the Security Committee.
  • Keito makes an unprovoked attack on the Newsclub, initating the downfall of the Security Committe.

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"Easter eggs"

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Memorable Moments:Edit

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  • Moka: Now that's quite not true, Kurumu.

  • Kurumu: Hang in there, Yukari.

(Inner Moka singing as she reels Keito in) "Wind, wind the little thread..."

(Moka to Keito) "Piss off"

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