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Summer Break and a Vampire
Rosario + Vampire Episode 9 Title Card.png
Episode Information
Kanji 夏休みとバンパイア
Rōmanji Natsuyasumi to Banpaia
Season 1
Episode No. 09
Air date February 28, 2008 (Japan)
Opening Cosmic Love
Ending Dancing in the Velvet Moon
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Math and a Vampire
Sunflowers and a Vampire

Summer Break and a Vampire (夏休みとバンパイア, Natsuyasumi to Banpaia) is the ninth episode of Season One and the ninth overall episode of Rosario + Vampire. It aired on February 28, 2008 in Japan.


While on summer vacation in the human world with Nekonome as their chaperone, the Newspaper Club's fun in the sun on a beach gives way to a field of sunflowers on a hill that Tsukune discovers to suggest reconnaissance thereof, not realizing that there are a pair of witches residing there that make no distinction between them and the land developers that covet that area. Feeling left out because of what she thinks is her young age, Yukari encounters Ruby later that night, who is pleasantly surprised to see another witch. As she is pondering whether to join Ruby and her master, Tsukune arrives to escort her back to the others. Ruby tries attacking everyone, injuring Tsukune. This angers the girls enough to attack Ruby.


Tsukune is waiting at the Bus Stop, when Moka arrives as well. He finds it almost impossible to look at Moka because of cute she looks in her street clothes. Moka asks him if anything's wrong, wondering if it's because of the trip. A flash back shows that Ms. Nekonome explained that the Newspaper Club will be going to the Human World for the club trip. However, Tsukune pokes a hole in her logic, saying they aren't allowed to go there. Ms. Nekoname explains that it's okay if a teacher authorizes it - "I think..." In the present, Tsukune and Moka are sitting on one of the tree branches. Moka reminds Tsukune that she used to live in the Human World until Yokai Academy. Tsukune then wonders if Moka will be alright going back, prompting her to respond that she's more excited than scared. However, she then leans onto Tsukune, saying he'll protect her. They both stare into the others eyes and draw close for a kiss. Unfortunately, the sound Kurumu complaining about someone being slow causes Tsukune and Moka to miss the kiss. Kurumu, Yukari, and Mizore arrive, seeing both got there ahead of them. ("What do you think you're doing, huh?" - Yukari.  "Well, look who decided to come a little premature." - Kurumu.  "Can't leave them alone for a minute." - Mizore.)

Tsukune and Moka, who had climbed down from the tree, laugh nervously.  Ms, Nekonome arrives with the bus and Bus Driver, greeting them. Tsukune wonders where's Gin is, prompting Yukari to explain he failed too many subjects (no doubt because he spends the time he should be in class taking photos.) Gin is then shown completing his make up exams under Ms. Ririko's watchful eye, saying: "Shit! I'll join you guys as soon as I can". Kurumu laughs at Gin's plight until Yukari points out she's in the same boat; Kurumu failed her math final. However, Kurumu rushes Yukari into the bus, saying that she finished her make up exam. Mizore then bets Kurumu "managed to SKIP OUT on them". Kurumu gulps as the bus takes off, but then says "maybe... Yahoo!"

The bus arrives in the human world without a hitch. Tsukune sees the familiar surroundings, promptly shouting that he's back home. Moka reacts in shock to his outburst because this could make the rest of their friends realize that he isn't a monster. Kurumu asks Tsukune why he's acting so happy; it's like he's a human. Mizore and Yukari agree with Kurumu. Moka quickly lies, saying that Tsukune used to live in the Human World before going to Yōkai Academy. Tsukune agrees with Moka, saying that he feels attached to the Human World. Kurumu agrees; "I guess that can happen". However, though Mizore gives a smile of agreement, Yukari seems rather suspicious, still.

At the beach, everyone plays with a ball. Yukari passes it to Tsukune, asking him if he's really not afraid of the Human World. Obviously not, he's human, Tsukune tells Yukari that he's not afraid; he finds Yōkai Academy WAY scarier. Hearing this, Yukari calls him brave; a rather unnecessary flattering compliment. Moka dives after a shot, ended up lightly scratching herself. Tsukune wonders if she's okay. Moka's fine, but got "a pile of sand" in her swimsuit. Tsukune seems to drool at this, daydreaming, but is hit by a shot from Mizore; she promptly apologizes. Kurumu is relieved to hear that Tsukune is just "comfortable" in the Human World as she was beginning to suspect Tsukune was human. Tsukune and Moka fear she's onto him for a moment. Moka quickly decides to change the subject as Kurumu and Yukari get in fight over her stealing her shots with the ball. Tsukune has to jump in the fray to prevent her from using magic as there are other humans on the beach. Yukari apologizes for her behavior.

A short time later, Tsukune is sitting on the beach with Moka, admiring the ocean's beauty. They both lean in to kiss, but Kurumu calls out Tsukune. They miss again, with Moka noticeably annoyed. Kurumu invites Tsukune to join her, Yukari and Mizore in the water. Tsukune tries to get Moka to come along, but remembers vampires can't go in water (See Episode Five or Chapter 3), deciding to stay on the beach with her. Moka is shocked Tsukune is saying he can't have fun without her and once more leans in to kiss him. However, Kurumu thinks she was trying to suck his blood and yells for her to stop. Moka says she can't help herself because Tsukune smells delicious; he now thinks she was after his blood. Kurumu, Yukari and Mizore get in an argument over who would care for Tsukune if he collapses from blood loss. Moka offers to help, unifying the other three in yelling "No! You'd be the cause of it you big dummy!"

Tsukune notices a field of sunflowers on the cliff above them, and everyone decides to go investigate. They wonder why a sunflower field is on a hill near the beach, admiring it's beauty. Unbeknownst to them, an unknown figure is watching them. Near-by a couple has arrived on the same hill, but the girl tells her boyfriend that they had better leave as people have gone missing there; a witch is supposedly behind the abductions due to feeling angry over a development plan that would destroy the hill and sunflowers.

"What would a kid like you know?"

Yukari notices the couple talking as they leave, wondering if there is truly another witch in the area. Having also overheard the couple, Kurumu tells Yukari that it's mean of her "relatives" to abduct people. Yukari calls her an idiot that believes everything she hears. Kurumu, in return, tells Yukari that witches get on her nerves. Yukari then yells that she dislikes succubi whose only redeeming feature is being a sexpot. Kurumu is embarrassed by what Yukari said, but wonders what she actually knows. In anger, Yukari drops a tub on her, surprising the figure hidden in the sunflowers. Kurumu demands to know why Yukari did that, but Yukari just drops another washtub on Kurumu.

The mysterious girl

The rest of the club find Kurumu and Yukari mid-argument. Kurumu complains to Tsukune about Yukari's behavior, but is told to calm down. The group heads back to the beach, thinking that Ms. Nekoname might start getting worried about them if they stay any longer. After everyone leaves, the unknown figure comes out of the flowers, revealing herself to be a girl around the same age as the rest of the Newspaper Club members. She says another witch's presence must be reported to "Her Ladyship".

It's evening and Ms. Nekonome goes out to procure fish for them to eat despite the protests of the club as they already have a cooler full of food. Ms, Nekoname says since they're staying by the ocean, they should have fish, claiming Human World fish is the best. Moka then wonders if that's the reason she had this trip planned, Embarrassed, Ms Nekoname races off, but not before being reminded to hide her tail. Yukari offers to help Tsukune move the cooler, but is turned down as he is concerned she might get hurt lifting it; Kurumu helps Tsukune despite his protests. She then tries asking Moka if she needs help cutting vegetables, but is turned away out of concern Yukari may cut herself. She next tries asking Mizore if she needs help setting up the tent, but is turned away before being able to ask.

Hurt, Yukari sits on a rock near-by, feeling sad that her friends won't let her help them. She then notices a presence back on the hill and goes to investigate; she wonders if there really is another witch there. The moon comes out and illuminates the hill enough for Yukari to see someone in the shadow of a tree. Yukari demands to know who it is, and the witch who had been spying on them earlier, Ruby, presents herself. After introductions, Ruby asks Yukari if they can be friends. Yukari accepts the proposal of friendship and is hugged quickly by her new friend.

Back on the beach, Ms. Nekonome opens the cooler and examines the fish she got, but becomes shocked when Moka tells her that her tail appeared again. Worried, Ms. Nekoname starts coming up with an excuse, saying that she was just counting the fish. While everyone laughs, Tsukune notices that Yukari has disappeared.

Back on the hill, Ruby tells Yukari about how witches have lived on the hill for generations and that Her Ladyship will soon enact her plan to wipe out humans to protect it; Yukari is shocked. Tsukune then arrives, asking Yukari who her new friend is. Yukari tries to conduct introductions, but Ruby assumes Tsukune is there to defile Witch Hill and summons monster plants to kill him. However, Yukari slays them, telling Ruby that she won't let her kill one of her friends. Seeing that bonds between witches should be stronger than anything else, Ruby snaps, tying up Yukari and having more plant monsters try eating Tsukune. Spurred on by Kurumu's insults, Yukari summons more powerful tarot cards and makes a salad out of the plants. The bat doesn't announce the fight time as Inner Moka wasn't involved.

Everyone else then arrives, having become concerned about Tsukune and Yukari, to find the aftermath of the battle. Yukari apologizes to Ruby, saying they can't be friends and leaves with Kurumu and Mizore. Kurumu tells Yukari to quit being so proud and let her carry her down the hill; Yukari is adamant, claiming witches heal fast. Moka then realizes she and Tsukune are alone for the first since Summer Break started and tries to kiss him. However, Tsukune is injured (Seemingly Killed at the time) by Ruby, who plans on taking Yukari with her as Her Ladyship commanded it. Distraught, Moka screams and the seal gets disrupted, allowing Inner Moka to come out. Yukari is horrified asking Ruby what she's done. She turns to find Mizore freezing everything around her as Kurumu transforms and flies at Ruby.

An explosion erupts from Witch Hill.

New Characters[]

Adapted From:[]


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  • Kurumu and Yukari are shown to own more than one swimsuit; they wore different ones in Episode 5.
  • Ruby is shown to be overexcited when she forms a friendship with Yukari, which follows the manga. However, she becomes the mellow one and Yukari the hyper one as the story continues.
  • Outer Moka's emotional distress at Tsukune being wounded likely caused Inner Moka to forcefully bypass the seal. She became infuriated seeing Tsukune bleeding.
  • Mizore's snarls with a furious expression as her eyes glow light blue before the nearby vegetation freezes. Kurumu's eyes glow a light purple as she assumes her true form. Moka herself is surrounded by a red glow (likely her aura) as she rises up. The glow likely reflects their riled emotions at Tsukune's apparent death.
  • Yukari knew Ruby made a terrible mistake when she saw Moka angry about Tsukune being hurt, then she saw that not only was Moka angry, but so were Kurumu and Mizore. Plainly speaking, though Ruby was a powerful Witch she had a furious Vampire, Yuki-Onna, and Succubus out to get her.

Cultural References[]

"Easter eggs"

Unanswered Questions:[]

  • Did Ruby's magic cause the explosion of energy at the end of the episode?

Memorable Moments:[]

  • At three, this makes the most attempts Moka has made to kiss Tsukune in an episode, showing she returns his affections.


  • Kou: If you wanna know about this? Go watch episode fine.

  • Kurumu: Hold it right there!

  • Moka: Well, uh, I help, too.
  • All: No! You can glass you big dummy!

  • Tsukune: Hey, where Yukari go?

  • Tsukune: Hey! Oh, Yukari, there you are. Glad I found you.

Kurumu: (To Ruby after Tsukune was wounded) "How dare you!?"

  • Yukari: You've got it all wrong!