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'''Kurumu: '''"Crap! Now I have to go to summer school!"
'''Yukari:''' "And after all that tutoring I gave you..."
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[[Category:Rosario + Vampire Season 1]]

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Rosario + Vampire
Episode #
Episdoe Title
Math and a Vampire ("Sūgaku to Banpaia", 数学とバンパイア)
Japanese air date
February 21, 2008
Japanese Opening
Cosmic Love
Japanese ending
Dancing in the Velvet Moon

Math and a Vampire ("Sūgaku to Banpaia", 数学とバンパイア) is the eighth episode of Rosario + Vampire. The previous episode was Snow Girl and a Vampire while the next episode is Summer Break and a Vampire


Every guy in school notices the math teacher Ririko Kagome and admires her beauty. Unfortunately, Tsukune is falling behind the others in math and it is summer school for him if he fails the midterms. Yukari and Moka try to help Tsukune with his math in their own way only to find that their efforts have drawn the attention of Ririko, who insists upon extra lessons with her and her alone. Unfortunately, Tsukune's newfound proficiency in math from these lessons comes at the cost of his personality, and a bit of investigating reveals there is more to Ririko than meets the eye, as she is a lamia, and a battle with Inner Moka later, Tsukune is back to normal. It turns out that all of that artificial knowledge was not necessary for Tsukune to pass the midterm. Mizore barely gets by while Kurumu fails miserably.

Long Summary:

Part One:

It's morning at Yōkai Academy and the male students are noticing the math teacher, Ms. Ririko Kagome, who they find extremely hot. A wind blows, causing her skirt to temporarily lift up, much to joy of the male students. Once the wind stops, Ms. Ririko notices that the boys are out-cold and laughs shyly.

In math class, Tsukune is called on to solve a math problem, but he has no idea how. Ms. Ririko scolds him for not paying attention in class, reminding him that final exams are coming up; Tsukune freaks out.

Later, on the roof, Tsukune asks Moka to tutor him in math as all his energy and time has been spent on getting used to the school and all the crazy mix-ups they've been in. Moka asks Tsukune to come to her dorm room that night to study and help him with any other subjects he is having trouble with. Tsukune, instead freaks out in his mind, knowing that he won't be able to study with Moka because he would be too distracted. Moka tells Tsukune that she is always willing to help him because... he always lets her suck his blood; she then bites him. Kurumu barges through the door, saying that she can help Tsukune study. Yukari lands on her via flying on a broom and says (which makes perfect sense) that Tsukune will study better with her as she's genius. Mizore appears from behind the door, shutting it, and says that she needs help studying too as she missed a lot of school. Tsukune tries to say Moka and himself are studying together, but Moka tells them it's an excellent idea to have all of them study together.

At the Newspaper Club room, Yukari gives a lecture on the subject, which Moka and Tsukune seem to grasp, but Kurumu doesn't; Mizore is simply writing Tsukune's name over and over in her notebook. Moka offers to copy her notes down for Tsukune, but he recommends making a photocopy of them instead of writing; the school probably doesn't have anything like that. Moka tells him she doesn't mind and they gaze at each other. Kurumu interrupts them, asking Tsukune to be her tutor. Mizore asks how integrals and derivatives are any different than addition and subtraction, which shocks Yukari speechless.

At 10 minutes to the school building closing, Tsukune and Moka are getting their shoes changed. Ms. Ririko arrives, asking if Tsukune had club activities, but learns that they were having a study session. She finds this to be bad news as students mostly goof off instead of focusing on studying. Moka tells her that they truthfully were studying and getting the hang of it. However, Ms. Ririko begs to differ, saying that only teachers are capable of teaching a subject, not students. Tsukune is then told by Ms. Ririko to meet her for tutoring sessions the next day.

The following day, Tsukune has told the rest of his friends about what happened. Kurumu
43594045 mizore

"No, share a snowcone with me as we watch the sunrise"

explains that Ms Ririko is overly passionate about math and majorly tends to go overboard; she's jealous that her breasts are smaller than her's. Hearing Kurumu's remark, Moka gazes at her breasts, then Mizore glances at her own breasts, blushing as she sees her build. Yukari points out how childish it is for Kurumu to be jealous of such a thing and ends up in another arguement. Listening to the two of them arguing, Tsukune is reminded that there is a summer break after finals, fantasizing about the girls in swimsuits at the beach. Much to Moka's shock, Tsukune tells her that he will work hard and pass math so they can do something fun for the summer. However, each of the girls interjects with one of their own ideas.

Tsukune goes to the tutoring room, only to be shocked to find Ms. Ririko in a S&M outfit. She explains that she is wearing it to give Tsukune motivation to study harder. However, Tsukune tells her that it's weird as he's a student and she's his teacher. Ms Ririko concurs with him, saying that she is a teacher and that she notices he has a luscious human scent. Tsukune tries to get off the subject and Ms. Ririko tells him her private sessions are intense. Tsukune screams as the sound of a transformation is heard outside the tutoring room.

Elsewhere, Moka decides to continue compiling notes for Tsukune as it is the only thing she sees she can do to help.

Part Two:

The next day, gym class is over and Moka is asking the other students if they're ready for finals; most aren't. Kurumu tells Yukari that she needs to be tutored in math, but Yukari refuses, prompting Kurmu to tie her up and drag her along. They bump into Tsukune, who only mumbles math formulas, which they haven't gotten in class yet. Kurumu is overjoyed Tsukune is learning and asks him to tutor her, but falls on her face when he moves away.

Moka next meets Tsukune in the hall, telling him that she has finished her math notes for him. However, she notices something is wrong with him as well, but before she can try talking to him, Ms. Ririko arrives and examines the notebook. She is annoyed Moka is trying to undermine her and comes to the conclusion that Moka must be the reason Tsukune is having trouble focusing in class. She takes Tsukune away to continue tutoring him.

Moka wonders if she truly is what's causing Tsukune to fail, but decides to continue writing notes for Tsukune to study for his other finals. Over a song by Moka as she writes the notes, a montage shows Tsukune is not responding to Kurumu, Yukari and Mizore's attempts to talk to him, continuing to show that something is wrong.

Later, Tsukune is being tutored by Ms. Ririko and he utters "Where's Moka?", prompting her to knock him down. She tells him that he is studying well and he should try harder; his human scent gets her worked up to teach. Deciding that Tsukune needs to have more learning "pumped" into him, the sound of her changing is heard outside the tutoring room as Tsukune screams.

Moka hears his scream from the shoe lockers and runs to see what's happening to Tsukune.

61517- gx st rosario vampire 82

Ms Ririko implants more knowledge in Tsukune

in the tutoring room, it is revealed Ms Ririko is a Lamia, who is using the flower-like appendage at the end of her tail to implant knowledge into Tsukune while shocking him into solely focusing on his studies. Tsukune begins babbling math formulas as Moka opens the door to see what is happening. Ms. Ririko calls Moka a pest and knocks her outside, telling Tsukune they best return to his studying. Mizore pops in from the ceiling, shocking Ms. Ririko. Disgusted with Ms. Ririko for her methods, Mizore decides to cool her down by releasing a blast of cold air. However, Ms. Ririko knocks candles over at Mizore, blocking her from helping.

Moka hits Ms. Ririko with a candle, causing Ms Ririko to pin her to a wall in anger while Moka's notes fall all over the room. Tsukune notices Moka's notes and snaps out of his trance, he keeps Ms. Ririko from affecting Moka, thanking her for the notebook which he plans to use in gratitude for her hard work. He ignores Ms. Ririko's angry ranting as he does this. Before Ms. Ririko could use her powers on both of them, Tsukune pulls off Moka's Rosario, releasing Inner Moka. Ms. Ririko tells Moka that she's a bad student, but Inner Moka tells her that she's doing the teaching by teaching Ms Ririko her place. Dazed, Ms. Ririko thanks Inner Moka for her guidance right before Mizore freezes her solid.

On the day of the final, Tsukune is stressing out, but thanks Moka for tutoring him the few days prior. She bites him happily and sucks his blood. (Tsukune had scored 89% in math) As for Mizore, she got 56% (marginally passing), Yukari got 100% (flawless scoring) and Kurumu got 46%, meaning she has to got to summer school for make up classes.

New Characters:

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Cultural References:

"easter eggs"

Unanswered Questions:

  • Mizore's name wasn't on her test. It said Bunzemon Mayazumi, not Mizore Shirayuki. Why was that? Editing error?

Memorable Moments:

  • Ms. Ririko controlled Tsukune by shocking him on the head.
  • Moka discovers that Ms. Ririko controls people using her emotion-draining, knowlege-implanting powers.
  • Tsukune was very angry when Ms. Ririko tore up the math notes that Moka had copied for him day and night. The notebook was repaired before the exams.
  • Inner Moka calls Ms. Ririko a "small minded narcissist". Narcissists have differing degrees to their self-centered natures.
  • Ms. Ririko becomes agitated when Tsukune speaks of Moka as she tutors him, proving that her power isn't flawless, and that Moka is deep in Tsukune's heart.


Kurumu: "Crap! Now I have to go to summer school!"

Yukari: "And after all that tutoring I gave you..."

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