Snow Girl and a Vampire
Rosario + Vampire Episode 7 Title Card
Episode Information
Kanji 雪女とバンパイア
Rōmanji Yuki-onna to Banpaia
Season 1
Episode No. 07
Air date February 14, 2008 (Japan)
Opening Cosmic Love
Ending Dancing in the Velvet Moon
Episode Guide
Newspaper Club and a Vampire
Math and a Vampire

Snow Girl and a Vampire (雪女とバンパイア, Yuki-onna to Banpaia) is the seventh episode of Season One and the seventh overall episode of Rosario + Vampire. It aired on February 14, 2008 in Japan.


As Tsukune and the others from the Newspaper Club hand out the paper to the students, a girl named Mizore Shirayuki appears and takes an immediate liking to Tsukune. Seeing him as a lonely kindred spirit that needs companionship, Mizore tries to isolate Tsukune for herself and finds herself in danger of expulsion because of a teacher that accuses her of attacking him without cause. It falls upon Tsukune to set things straight with the despondent Mizore if he hopes to keep her from being expelled. Gin ends up clearing Mizore's name by showing everyone photos he took of Mr Kotsubo trying to take advantage of Mizore; he is beaten up when it turns out he got the photos by pure luck on one of his peeping outings.

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Part One:Edit

The Newspaper Club has successfully sold all their newspapers for the day, much to their expectancy. Moka decides that they should celebrate. Kurumu, Yukari and Tsukune agree. However, Tsukune then wonders where Gin vanished to as he was with them until a minute ago. Kurumu tells him to forget about Gin as he's probably off hitting on girls or taking pictures of them; he's not invited. Yukari agrees with Kurumu, calling Gin the Enemy of All Women. Gin is next seen walking with two girls, saying that the Newspaper Club is looking for models while he gropes one of them. The Announced Bat then says Kurumu was "right on the money, squee!"

While deciding what to bring, everyone notices a quiet girl out of uniform, talking about how she doesn't understand friendship. They wonder what she wants and she asks for a newspaper; Tsukune hands her one he had in his pocket. Upon taking the newspaper, the girl takes a long look at Tsukune, saying that he's cuter than she expected before leaving. The girls wonder if Tsukune knew her; he doesn't. Tsukune gets them to get their minds off the idea by saying they'll throw the party of their lives after school, prompting cheers.

In class, Ms Nekonome is taking roll call, only to find a Ms. Shirayuki is still absent from class. Much to Tsukune, Kurumu and Moka's shock, they find the girl they met this morning come into the classroom and take the last empty seat. Ms. Nekonome reacts with joy and tells the class that she's Mizore Shirayuki, who had not been coming to school due to unforeseen circumstances. Moka and Tsukune scream with shock.


"You feel the same lonliness as me, Tsukune"

After class, Tsukune, Kurumu and Moka talk about what to bring to the party. Kurumu begins rubbing against Tsukune again, talking about a homemade treat she has for him, but Moka pulls her away with her. Once they're gone, Tsukune notices that someone is watching him. Much to his surprise, he finds Mizore behind him. Asking if there is somethign he can help her with, Tsukune learns Mizore is a fan of his work for the Yokai Gazzette and that Ms. Nekonome brought issues of it to her while she was still out of school. Mizore shows Tsukune a scrapbook she made of his articles, mentioning that she put some of her thoughts and ideas into it. Tsukune feels flattered, but soon becomes frightened when he sees the comments in Mizore's book are obsessive affection for him - "What the Hell!?" Mizore tells him how she noticed he writes from the view of the weak and helpless, something she can relate to, thinking that he's as lonely as her.

Elsewhere, in the Faculty Lounge, Ms. Nekonome is approached by the P.E. teacher, Mr. Kotsubo, who has just learned about Mizore finally attending class; she had refused to come to class for a while could be a serious matter. The math teacher, Ms. Ririko supports Mr. Kotsubo, saying that Mizore has a very unusual personality and that she caused lots of trouble in Junior High School. They both tell her to keep a close eye on her and make sure she doesn't cause trouble. With a sad expression, Ms. Nekonome agrees to keep on eye on Mizore.

At the pond, Mizore skips a stone nine times, happily cheering for herself. Tsukune congratulates her, but says that he has to go; Mizore grabs him. Tsukune begins crying, knowing that he is missing the party and sees that Mizore has now taken a more serious tone, saying that she doesn't know what might happen to Moka if he doesn't stay with her. Mizore tells Tsukune that all he has to do is be hers and hers alone. Cold gusts of wind begin surrounding them.

Elsewhere, at the Newspaper Club room, Moka has brought her share of the snacks and is awaiting everyone else, wondering where Tsukune is. She hears the door open, but instead of her friends, Mizore is there. She tells Moka that she can wait all day, but Tsukune will not come; water drips from her. She begins choking Moka, saying that getting rid of her is the only way to make Tsukune hers. Moka slaps Mizore, shattering the upper right part of her head. Mizore tells Moka that she is actually a puppet made of ice, asking if she thinks she did a good job. The puppet turns its right arm into an ice blade and tells Moka that it's time for her to die. Moka screams for Tsukune to help her.

Back at the pond, it has frozen over and Tsukune has been thrown onto it.

Mizore corners Tsukune

Tsukune wonders what Mizore is and learns that she is a Snow Fairy, able to bend ice to her will; ice traps Tsukune's legs. Mizore tells Tsukune that she's lonely and that she senses that he is as well, hoping that they'll warm each other's frozen hearts. Tsukune can only shiver and fear for the worse until he hears Moka's voice calling out to him. Mizore turns around, shocked to see Moka being carried by Kurumu towards them. This leaves Mizore confused; she ordered her puppet to kill Moka. Kurumu had saved Moka from the ice puppet by smashing her love-potion-laced cake onto it, earning Mizore her anger. Mizore tries blocking them with ice, but Kurumu ends up crashing Moka right into Tsukune, freeing him from the ice.

Mizore tries moving in to kill Moka, but Tsukune blocks her, telling Mizore that he is not lonely. Mizore thinks that Tsukune is rejecting her feelings for him and screams in anguish, vanishing in a tornado of snow. Kurumu then notices that the ice can't hold their weight now that Mizore's magic isn't sustaining it, and everyone crashes into the water.

Part Two:Edit

Mr. Kotsubo bids two female students good-bye for the day at the track; they walk off, thinking about going shopping. Watching them leave, Mr. Kotsubo mumbles to himself that students develop "way too frickin fast" before wandering off to take his mind of the matter. He finds Mizore crying near by, and asks her what's wrong. He then realizes who she is. Mizore looks back...

Back in the Newspaper Club room, Moka, Tsukune and Kurumu are wrapped up in blankets to warm themselves up after their encounter with Mizore. Kurumu can only lament that her cake was ruined by "frosty the snow-skank". Yukari comments that they're acting like a bunch of old people before noticing there's a commotion going on outside. Upon opening the door, they find Ms. Nekonome in a panic, saying that Mizore has gotten into big trouble.

In the Faculty Lounge, they learn that Mr. Kotsubo has been hospitalized after being attacked by Mizore. Tsukune wonders if there's any proof that she did it. Ms. Ririko tells them that Mr. Kotsubo identified his attacker as Mizore and the rest of the teachers are out combing the grounds for her; she's to be expelled once she's found. Kurumu and Yukari think she went ballistic because she was rejected, something that is very likely due to her personality type. Feeling responsible for the chaos, Tsukune decides to find her as there is something he didn't get to tell her in their last meeting, against the suggestions of his friends. Tsukune passes Gin on the way out, paying him no mind. The girls are less than happy to see Gin, but he tells them he has photos for an awesome new scoop.

At the cliffs, Mizore is looking out to the ocean just as Tsukune arrives. He explains that Mr. Kotsubo is in the hospital and that the teachers are looking to expel her for injuring him, asking if she got carried away with lashing out. Tsukune goes on to say that if she comes with him and apologizes right away, she won't get expelled. Mizore shakes and slowly becomes hysterical, telling Tsukune that she thought that he would be the one who understood her, but she now thinks none will ever understand her, calling up a flurry of snow around her.

Moka, Kurumu and Yukari arrive, showing Tsukune Gin's photos. They show that Mr. Kotsubo was trying to molest Mizore when he found her, using his monster form to prevent her escape, she was only defending herself. Tsukune now feels terrible for what he said and asks Mizore if she can forgive him. Instead, she screams for him to leave her alone and to stay away, summoning a snow storm. She laughs manically, crying, as ice puppets form, each saying something born from the despair deep in her heart. The cliff Mizore is on collapses, but Tsukune grabs her. Mizore tells him to let her go, but he tells her that he is not lonely because of his friends; he wants her to be one of his friends as well. However, the ice puppets, having been created by her negative emotions, believe that Tsukune is lying; if he was a real friend, he would die for her. Mizore apologizes, explaining that she no longer controls them; they are acting of their own accord.

Moka rushes over to pull Tsukune and Mizore up, but he pulls off her rosary instead. With Inner Moka free, the ice puppets threaten her next, but she simply tells them that THEY will be the ones to disappear; they shatter into pieces of ice. Yukari explains to a shocked Kurumu that Moka's monster energy is much stronger than Mizore's, which created the ice dolls, so it makes sense they exploded. Inner Moka pulls Tsukune and Mizore up, grumbling about Tsukune calling her out for such a problem. Mizore gets to her feet and refuses to thank her. In response to Mizore's cold attitude, Inner Moka uses a light kick, knocking Mizore away. She goes on to explain that before Mizore talks about dying, she should at least try living her life. Mizore accepts the advice, and before passing out; she states that she thought the kick would kill her.

Later, everyone, but Gin is covered with a blanket in the Newspaper Club room as Ms. Nekonome thanks them for saving Mizore. They then notice it suddenly got colder; Mizore is at the door. Tsukune freaks out while Moka notices Mizore has cut her hair. Mizore explains that she felt reborn and decided to cut her hair as part of her change. Gin tells her that she is photogenic and takes her picture. Tsukune thanks Gin for getting the photos, as they proved Mizore's innocence. Gin says it's all in a day's work for a dedicated reporter, but more photos fall out of his pocket. Kurumu picks them up and examines them with Moka and Yukari, immediately scowling; they're of girls changing clothes (again). Kurumu and Yukari proceed to pummel Gin for once again peeping on girls, telling him that he should have saved Mizore instead of taking photos. Moka then tells Tsukune that she's feeling thirsty and proceeds to bite him as Mizore looks on from the door.

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Unanswered questions:Edit

What didn't Gin save Mizore instead of taking pictures? Even "he" knows what Mr. Kotsubo did was wrong.

There wasn't a moon out, so Gin wouldn't have been particularly strong. His best course of action was to take pictures to make sure he doesn't go unpunished.

Memorable Moments:Edit

  • Mizore, a Yuki-Onna, begins to stalk Tsukune.
  • Mizore explains that a Yuki-Onna can lose control of her ice puppets.
  • Near the end of the episode, Mizore cuts her hair shorter and joins the Newspaper Club.

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Coming soon.

Cultural References:Edit

"Easter eggs"


  • In the English Dub, Mizore is referred to by her first name and not as Shirayuki.
  • Mizore only displays her emotions when she with or seeing Tsukune. When Ms. Nekonome addresses her, she nods with her usual gloomy expression. But when she is with Tsukune by the pond she's smiling and her voice is more cheerful.
  • Yuki-Onna translates as "Snow Woman", not Snow Fairy.

Quotes:*(Mizore, to Moka): "Those who hinder the love between me and Tsukune should just disappear. Especially you, Akashiya Moka, you're the only one I can't..."

  • (Mizore, to Tsukune): "You're too much, Tsukune. I thought you only would be able to understand me... Nobody... Nobody understands me..."
  • (Tsukune, to Mizore): "I'm not alone anymore. But that's because I made precious friends! That's why... Be my friend, Shirayuki-san! If you died, there is no way we could be friends anymore."


  • Tsukune: That's a great idea.

  • Moka: What are you doing here? Where's...

  • Moka: Tsukune! Just hold on!

  • Kurumu: You stay out of our way!

  • Moka: Tsukune!
  • Tsukune: Moka, are you alright?

  • Moka: Don't worry! We're coming for you!

  • Kurumu: Hey, what's this?
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