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Newspaper Club and a Vampire
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Episode Information
Kanji 新聞部とバンパイア
Rōmanji Shinbunbu to Banpaia
Season 1
Episode No. 06
Air date February 7, 2008 (Japan)
Opening Cosmic Love
Ending Dancing in the Velvet Moon
Episode Guide
School Swimsuits and a Vampire
Snow Girl and a Vampire

Newspaper Club and a Vampire (新聞部とバンパイア, Shinbunbu to Banpaia) is the sixth episode of Season One and the sixth overall episode of Rosario + Vampire. It aired on February 7, 2008 in Japan.


During the first meeting of the Newspaper Club, Tsukune and company are introduced to Ginei Morioka, whose superficial charm is to crowd out Tsukune, framing him as the mysterious peeper who's been looking at the girls around school. As Kurumu and Yukari work to illuminate the real culprit and clear Tsukune's name, Moka ponders who Tsukune truly is in her heart. Gin arrives and tries making a move on Moka, but Yukari and Kurumu arrive as well and point out several flaws in Gin's story, proving he is the culprit. During a battle with Inner Moka, Ginei shows his true colors and form but finds that his powers do not enable him to outrun and outwit the consequences for his voyeurism and general lecherous conduct. The next day, they put out fliers exposing Gin as the peeping tom and clearing Tsukune's name. Moka kicks Tsukune after he nearly looks up her skirt again and ends up sucking his blood.

Long summary[]

Part One[]

The episode opens at nighttime, Yōkai Academy, where a full moon lights the sky and an unknown figure peeps on a girl dressing herself in the pool locker room. However, right as she notices his presence, the peeper leaves. Another girl is seen putting on her pajamas and the shadow of the peeper comes into her room. She notices and looks behind her, letting out a scream of terror.

The next day, Moka asks Tsukune if she can suck his blood; Tsukune is unable to give a reply as she immediately bites him and sucks his blood. With blood coming out of his neck, Tsukune collapses, thinking that if Moka keeps sucking his blood so much, he'll die from anemia; the Newsclub might make his death a headline. Recovering, Tsukune is then greeted by Kurumu, who hugs him (unintentionally smothering him with her breasts) and glares at Moka. Tsukune thinks to himself "Help!!! Need aiiiiiir!" as he hears Yukari's voice. Yukari tries to grab Tsukune, but Kurumu moves out of the way. Tsukune tries flailing to get their attention, but he finally passes out from mild oxygen deprivation coupled with anemia. As Moka and Kurumu glare at each other, Yukari exclaims Tsukune's condition in shock. Kurumu begins shaking Tsukune to wake him as Moka and Yukari panic. (Surprisingly this daily routine hasn't killed Tsukune ALREADY.)

At the Newspaper Club everyone is surprised that they are the only ones there. Ms. Nekonome assures them that they aren't the only members. The door opens and a young man named Ginei "Gin" Morioka enters, giving a bouquet of flowers to both Kurumu and Moka

Gin is introduced

; Yukari receives one from Kurumu's bouquet. Ms. Nekonome explains that Gin is the oldest, making him the de facto president of the club before leaving for a faculty meeting. Gin explains that the Newspaper Club involves putting yourself in harm's way to get a story, but then tells them that it is mostly common stuff they have to report on. While thinking of ideas for a story, Kurumu remembers about the peeper and decides that they should use the paper to find the creep. Gin concurs with the idea, telling them that have to find informants first.

Following the first rule of journalism, they put up fliers asking for information on the peeper in the school entrance. Tsukune wonders to himself what kind of man Gin is, given his displays of silliness and bravado. Yukari offers to help put up fliers, but Gin says she is too small to help. Tsukune brings in more fliers as Gin tells Moka and Kurumu to put the fliers up higher as he squats down. Tsukune wonders what he is up to and looks for himself, seeing that Gin is looking up the girls skirts. He yells for Gin to stop, but the girls don't seem to hear to what he is saying, as Tsukune clearly says Gin was looking up their skirts. Gin decides to turn the tables and says Tsukune was the one who was looking up their skirts. Tsukune tries to explain, but slips up, getting slapped by both Kurumu and Moka. Though Kurumu apologizes, Moka leaves in a huff after Kurumu and Yukari do. Gin calls Tsukune an idiot as now their club activities are done for the day and leaves as well. Tsukune only cries Moka's name.

Moka goes to the restroom in the meantime and thinks over what has happened. Thinking that If Tsukune did look up her skirt, Moka goes to check to see what she is wearing today. Inner Moka's voice comes from the rosario and questions what Moka is doing; honestly, WHY would she do this, unless she feels the same way Tsukune feels about her. Though Moka screams in shock of being caught doing this, Inner Moka simply tells her other self that she must be careful around Gin; this new guy is hiding a dangerous power.

That night, Gin stands on the school roof, looking into the sleeping Moka's dorm room, saying that she is more beautiful than the moon. A howl then pierces the night.

The next day, Tsukune tries apologizing to Moka about the incident, but Moka decides to give him the silent treatment as revenge for peeping at her underwear. In reality, she thinks he's innocent.

Elsewhere, Gin is watching two girls change in the locker room and overhears them talking about the possibility of Tsukune and Moka being a couple as she is usually seen kissing him on the neck (which is actually just Moka sucking his blood). Gin screams out in terror at the idea, drawing attention to himself. However, he quickly vanishes just as Tsukune walks by. The Narrator Bat mentions the fact that Tsukune got the "wrong time, wrong place squee." The girls decide he was peeping on him without any further thought as Tsukune defends himself, stating he was just walking by. Gin, who is sitting on the roof, decides to strike while the iron's hot as he now knows a sure way to get Tsukune away from Moka.

Part Two[]

Tsukune is stared at by Moka and Kurumu in the classroom as he tries defending himself; they don't believe him. While Kurumu appears to be angry (as it wasn't her he was looking at), Moka looks at him with a sad expression (showing she may hold mutual romantic feelings for Tsukune). Tsukune leaves for the hallway and finds Gin waiting for him. Gin says that he believes Tsukune, earning his trust. Being a "nice guy", Gin offers to help Tsukune change things between himself and Moka.

Tsukune is then led to the side of a building, where Gin tells him to use a drum to look into a window. Gin tells Tsukune that he is infatuated with Moka and wants her to be his girl. Tsukune wonders why Gin is telling him this and realizes that the window belongs to the girl's locker room. Gin takes an instant picture and threatens to show it to Moka if Tsukune breathes a word of what happened. Tsukune is then knocked out by a can of hairspray from inside the locker room. The girls find him and accuse him of being the peeper; Tsukune tries to defend himself when Moka arrives and hears what happened, but slips up again. The girls then proceed to pummel him unconscious.

News of the peeping reach Kurumu and Yukari; Yukari doesn't believe Tsukune would do this while Kurumu is upset as she believes Tsukune would only look at her. Receiving a glare from Yukari for her comment, Kurumu decides that the two of them will investigate the problem and see if Tsukune was framed..

That night, Moka is on the school roof, wondering what is going on with Tsukune just as Gin arrives. Gin tells her that he can help her forget about Tsukune and tries kissing her. Moka pushes him away and Gin decides to show her the picture he took, saying it has been going around the campus. Moka's shocked reaction seems to awaken Tsukune, who was still unconscious outside the locker room. Gin tells Moka that Tsukune is such a desperate peeper, he moved a drum just to look inside. Kurumu and Yukari (dressed as detectives) arrive and point out the drum Tsukune is supposedly standing on is not in the picture as well as there been eyewitness reports of him moving drums to the window prior to the incident; the girls removed them afterwards to prevent a repeat performance. In desperation to frame Tsukune good Gin blew multiple holes in his framejob and his own brittle alibi. With all the evidence pointing it out, Kurumu and Yukari accurately declare Gin the true peeper. Gin moves back in shock at having been discovered, dropping several pictures he took while peeping.

Gin's true form

Seeing there is no other way to make Moka his girl, Gin transforms into his werewolf form. The Narrator Bat appears and explains if it wasn't obvious from all the hints given in the episode, Gin's true nature is that of a werewolf; though they normally appear the same as Humans, werewolf's normally transform during a full moon, but can change form at will. Gin lunges for Moka just as Tsukune arrives to see this. Tsukune runs over to protect Moka despite Kurumu's warning that Werewolves are S-Class just like vampires. Before he can reach Moka, Tsukune is tripped by Gin, causing Tsukune to pull off the Rosario seal and land away from her. Stomping on Tsukune, Gin gives him fair warning to stay away from Moka just as bats descend from the moon and begin Moka's transformation.

Gin is overjoyed to see how beautiful Moka's monster form is, but decides he better show her "who the pack leader is". Inner Moka tries to hit him, but Gin moves out of the way; the full moon gives him a major boost in his powerful speed. Gin moves around to confuse Moka, but is soon caught by the wrist; the moon had gone behind the clouds (comical reactions come from Tsukune, Kurumu and Yukari). Moka tightens her grip as Gin calms down still thinking he can show Moka who's in charge. After Gin tells her to be his "she-wolf" or else he'll hurt her, Enraged that Gin thinks he has a chance with her, Moka kicks him to the guardrail. Gin lands horizontally, ready to launch himself again, but the rail breaks and he falls over the edge and into the abyss below.

The next day, the Newspaper Club puts out fliers that clear Tsukune's name while putting all the blame on the correct culprit, Gin; the girls are currently chasing him to get revenge. Tsukune tries to talk to Moka about the oddness of their first story, but is soon kicked in the face when he almost looks up her skirt again. Moka tries to apologize to Tsukune, but becomes intoxicated by his scent. Kurumu and Yukari mutually agree that Moka shouldn't suck Tsukune's blood, but the vampire can't help herself and does so.

New Characters:[]

Adapted From[]


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  • This episode shows Vampires have reflections in this reality; Moka was looking in a mirror and she had a reflection.
  • The girls chasing Gin are doubly angry that he's the true peeper and that he tricked some of them into beating up Tsukune, the freshman he framed in a set-up scheme.
  • Gin didn't let Yukari put up posters when he had Moka and Kurumu do it. When one factors in his peeping tom habits this says while he is perverted, he doesn't gawk at little girls, showing he has lines he won't cross.
    • Additionally, Gin seems to avoid taking pictures of girls nude when they're changing; desire being a pevert, Gin does have some sense of decency.
  • The English Dub is full of wolf-related puns to clue in the viewers as to what Gin is: a werewolf.

Cultural References[]

"easter eggs"

Unanswered Questions[]

  • Why didn't Moka and Kurumu hear Tsukune telling Gin to stop (looking up their skirts) and his berating Gin for it? He was next to them; they should have been able to hear him clearly.
  • Shouldn't it have been a bit more obvious Gin was tricking them, when they were putting up the fliers? They were a bit too far away for anyone to read.

Memorable Moments[]

  • Ginei Morioka's true form is a werewolf who specializes in Speed.


  • Tsukane: Hey, what are they doing?

  • Tsukane: Gin, what the hell are you think you're doing? Cut it out!
  • Ginei: Huh? What do you mean?
  • Tsukane: You know what I'm mean?

  • Moka: Hey, what's going on?
  • Ginei: Oh, nothing. It's just Tsukane here he saids something other around looking at your panties.
  • Moka & Kurumu: What?!
  • Tsukane: Hey, you we're looking at them first, Gin!
  • Moka & Kurumu: Tsukane!
  • Tsukane: No girls wait. Listen. I can explain. But that's all because I...

  • Yurikari: You asked me.

  • Moka: What are you doing?

  • Girl: So Moka and Tsukune are going out or something?
  • Girl: Huh. I don't really know them that well.
  • Girl: But then again I did hear the other somebody who they say Moka kissing Tsukune on the neck.
  • Girl: Whoa. Seriously.
  • Ginei: What kissing him on the neck?!

  • Ginei: Ahh! No way! You gotta be freaking kidding me!!!!
  • Girl: Who's out there?
  • Kou: (refering to Girl's outburst) Wrong place, wrong time we.
  • Tsukune: Eh, heh, heh.
  • Girl: You were peeping on us? You slime ball!
  • Tsukune: No. I swear. I was just passing by.
  • Gin: Looks like I better hurry while the iron's hot. Especially since now I know how to drag a wedge between Tsukune and Moka.
  • Moka: I hate perverts.
  • (At Newspaper Club)
  • Tsukune: Look it was all just big coincidence I was passing by right when they looked out. They don't buy it. Why would everyone believe me?
  • Ginei: Well, I for one believe you, Tsukane.
  • Tsukane: Huh? Really?
  • Ginei: Yeah, I got your back, bro.
  • Tsukane: Ha. Thank you, Gin.
  • Ginei: So, what's bothering you? You're worried Moka doesn't like you anymore, huh?
  • Tsukkane: Exactly, no matter what I say she's completely perv.
  • Ginei: Hey, you see that? Climb up and take a peek.
  • Tsukane: What for?
  • Ginei: To change things with Moka. Why else? Use the drum over there to climb up. Dude I don't have to tell you that Moka's smoking hot. I was howling first time I saw her. And I said to myself I definitely want her to join my pack.
  • Tsukane: Wait, Gin, what are you talking about? Aah! What the hell? The girls locker room?
  • Gin: You know no one likes the peeping tom, Tsukune. Poor Moka what do you think she do when you do I full you're doing just that. I told you this just things with Moka.
  • Tsukune: Hey, you set me up, you skunk bag!
  • Girl: Hey, did you guys see that? The window!
  • Girls: (Screaming)
  • Girl: Pervert!
  • Girls: (Screaming)
  • Tsukune: Argh!
  • Girl: Look is him!
  • Girl: Creep! Let's kick his ass! Hey, sicko! You're not getting away with this!
  • Girl: You're the peeping tom, huh?
  • Girl: Fess up you, sneeseball!
  • Tsukane: No. You've got it all wrong. I'm not the peeper. I swear.
  • Girl: No? Then, what are you doing in the window?
  • Girl: That sure look like peeping to me!
  • Tsukane: Well, you see...
  • Moka: Tsukane?
  • Tsukane: Moka?
  • Moka: It's that true? You peeped on them?
  • Tsukane: This is all just a big misunderstanding! I did look at them. But that's just...
  • Girl: Just confessed!
  • Tsukane: Oh, no. Not again. Wait, Moka!
  • Girls: So you are the peeper aren't you?
  • Girl: Even admit it!
  • Girl: You fifthy pervert!
  • (Girls beats Tsukane up)

  • Kurumu: What? Tsukane?
  • Yukari: Yeah, he was seen peeping in a girls locker room in campus.

  • Kou: This episode by--

  • Moka: Don't look when I'm up here.

  • Girls: Get back here, you creep! You filthy pervert!

  • Kurumu: Don't do it, Moka.