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School Swimsuits and a Vampire
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Episode Information
Kanji スクール水着とバンパイア
Rōmanji Sukūru Mizugi to Banpaia
Season 1
Episode No. 05
Air date January 31, 2008 (Japan)
Opening Cosmic Love
Ending Dancing in the Velvet Moon
Episode Guide
Farewell and a Vampire
Newspaper Club and a Vampire

School Swimsuits and a Vampire (スクール水着とバンパイア, Sukūru Mizugi to Banpaia) is the fifth episode of Season One and the fifth overall episode of Rosario + Vampire. It aired on January 31, 2008 in Japan.


The students learn that they are to choose a school activity and Tsukune is having a hard time choosing when he comes across the swimming club with Moka, who is a bit reluctant to investigate because pure water has a damaging effect on vampires and drains their powers. As Kurumu and Yukari try to garner the most attention through events, Tamao Ichinose, the head of the swim club, tries to isolate Tsukune for herself. After she teaches Tamao and the mermaids the error of their ways, Inner Moka reprimands Tsukune for not understanding Outer Moka. Miss Nekonome then recommends the four of them join her News Club, which they agree to.

Long Summary:[]

Part One[]

The episode opens with Tsukune winning a soccer game, earning admiration from all the girls at Yōkai. In private, Moka asks Tsukune if "it's okay" and he tells her it is. They lean in to kiss each other, but Moka says that it is the first time that Tsukune has willingly let her suck his blood. It is then revealed that Tsukune was having a daydream and he screams in pain again. Moka thanks Tsukune for letting her suck his blood, collecting her bag and walking off. Tsukune wonders to himself if Moka knows why he lets her suck his blood. When Moka calls after Tsukune to hurry to class, he guesses that she doesn't. Moka thinks to herself about how yummy Tsukune's blood is.

In class, Ms Nekonome tells the students that they all must join clubs to help them better understand humans and keep their transformations in differing situations. One male student then points out that Ms Nekonome's tail is evident, in her embarrassment Nekonome uses her claws to scratch his face. Tsukune hears this and remembers his daydream, quietly chuckling to himself as Saizo, Moka and Kurumu look at him in confusion.

Tsukune and Moka go to the area where the clubs have set up booths to acce

"Come join the Swim Club"

pt new members; Moka says they should join the same club. However, the first four clubs they try are too spooky for them (Ghost Photography, Acupuncture, Mummy, and a Science Club, who want Moka to test love potions). Tsukune then notices that the Swim Club appears normal, having another daydream about him and Moka at the pool. Right as his daydream gets to the part where they kiss, Tsukune is snapped out of it by Moka as he was actually trying to kiss her. Tsukune tells Moka that they should give the club a try as it appears safe. Moka tries telling Tsukune something, but the club president, Tamao Ichinose, tries charming Tsukune into forgetting her and joining. Annoyed, Mo

Moka grows envious

ka tells Tamao that they're both joining the Swim Club.

At the pool, three perverted boys sneak up to the fence to spy on the girls. They notice Moka cowering next to the fence and wonder if she's going to swim as well. Moka doesn't notice them, instead she focuses on Tsukune, who is becoming flustered by Tamao getting too close to him while showing him how to swim. Seeing that Moka is getting angry by how she's acting, Tamao presses against Tsukune, causing Moka to snap. She yells at Tsukune, thinking he only joined the club to meet girls. Tsukune tries to explain himself, but Tamao splashes water on Moka, causing her to flee.

Tsukune tries to go after Moka, but Kurumu jumps in and lands crotch-first on Tsukune's face, forcing him to fall backwards into the pool; she has joined the club as well. Tsukune manages to get back up just as Yukari jumps in, landing on Tsukune as well, causing him to fall again. The boys at the fence begin crying at the sight of them. Kurumu presses her breasts against Tsukune's arm and asks him to teach her to swim but Tsukune is too flustered by Kurumu's breasts being too close to him. Kurumu undoes part of her top, trying to show him her breasts, but Tsukune looks away. Kurumu ties her top back on and tells Tsukune that she's feeling squeezed, saying her suit may be too small. Yukari then grabs Tsukune, asking him to teach her to swim. Kurumu then grabs Tsukune and they begin pulling on him. Yukari tells Kurumu that "bigger isn't always better", promoting her to tell Yukari that when she was her age, her breasts were nearly as big as they are now. Yukari simply tells her that big breasts sag faster. Angry, Kurumu begins fighting with Yukari. Tsukune tries stopping them, but they tell him to stay out of it. Tsukune can then only watch in exasperation as they fight.

Elsewhere, Moka has entered an alley and has begun to show sparks as electrical arcs surges through her. Inner Moka speaks through the rosario, telling Outer Moka that she's a fool for even getting that close to water; vampires are weakened by pure water, but herbs can neutralize it as Moka needs water to bathe. Moka feels sad, but Inner Moka tells her that she shouldn't even bother going back to the pool and to end her relationship with Tsukune as he appears to not even care about her. Outer Moka denies Tsukune could ever be that heartless and begins lamenting her situation.

Part Two[]

The swim club opens up a celebration, called the All Girls Swimming Event, in which Kurumu is the leader of Red team and Yukari is the leader of the White Team. Kurumu jumps on stage and sings first during the event (the song is based on her relationship with Tsukune). The event consists of an obstacle race, in which all of the girls try to race through a tunnel on the pool, but they have trouble getting through. However, Yukari is able to make it through but cries on the way to the finish line because her small stature is what allowed her to win. The next event is a limbo on water, where Kurumu tries to limbo while floating on a barrel, but falls off - a disadvantage of her breasts, again. Yukari makes it but cries again because she was small enough. The next event is a push and shove game, where all of the girls try to shove each other off a floating mat on the pool. Yukari gets stuck in the middle, and Kurumu kicks her off; "This sucks!".

Yukari take

Yukari sings

s the stage and sings her song (about her relationship with Tsukune as well). The new event is a race on water, in which the girls race on water mats. Kurumu and several other girls race through while many guys blast water on them, and Kurumu gets first place. The next event is a ball tossing game on water, in which they try to get rubber balls in a basket. Yukari has a hard throwing the balls because of her head being stuck under Kurumu's breasts. The final event is a horseback fight, in which two girls lift up another girl and the teams try to take the caps on their heads for points. Yukari tries to take Kurumu's cap but Kurumu smothers her between her breasts and then takes Yukari's cap first. During the end of the events, Yukari manages to take Kurumu's bikini's top.

In the alley, Moka has stopped sparking, apparently having dried off, and decides to go back to the pool no matter what Inner Moka says.

Back at the pool, Tsukune is practicing swimming with Tamao, but finds that he cannot enjoy himself; he decides to search for Moka. However, Tamao grabs him and tells him that he cannot leav


e. He then notices that the other girls originally in the club are biting the guys and turning them into withered husks. Kurumu and Yukari, who had been fighting again, notice this and head to the pool to help Tsukune. It is revealed the other girls are mermaids and Tsukune is next on the menu. Tamao tells Tsukune that she has been waiting to snack on him since the opening ceremony because of his human-like scent; Kurumu and Yukari are busy fighting the other mermaids. Moka arrives and sees Tsukune is in danger. Despite knowing it can kill her, Moka jumps into the pool, causing a large amount of her shorted-out power to spark around her. Having the weakness against pure water, Moka does not know how to swim and began struggling for her life. Tsukune cannot reach her as Tamao still has him, so he watches as Moka sinks below the wat

The mermaids splash Moka with water

er. Luckily, Kurumu transforms and holds Tamao back, allowing Tsukune to swim after Moka, releasing the rosario seal. Inner Moka floats back above the water, sparkling, intimidating Tamao and the others with her power. However, they know if they keep her wet, she'll be too weak to fight them; they keep splashing her. Kurumu kicks some of them down while the others are hit by Yukari's washtubs. Inner Moka tells them that she doesn't need their help and insults Tamao, tricking her into jumping out of the water after her, allowing a mid-air kick that knocks her into a basket.

Tsukune goes over to see how Moka is, but is slapped for not considering the other Moka, who was "crying her eyes out." Inner Moka takes the rosario and walks off. The next day, it is raining, leaving Tsukune to guess Moka isn't coming because of it; Ms. Nekonome is ironically giving a lecture on Mermaids and how their strength is opposite of that of a vampire about water.

The day after that, Tsukune meets Moka outside the pool and apologizes for not considering her feelings. Though Moka is willing to just cheer from the sidelines, Tsukune is adamant about not joining the Swim Club. Lounging above them, Ms. Nekonome recommends they join the Newspaper Club instead. They both agree just as Kurumu and Yukari arrive, saying that they will join the club as well. Overjoyed to have four applicants, Ms Nekonome jumps in the pool. Happy that she and Tsukune joined the same Club, Moka bites Tsukune again.

New Characters[]

Adapted From[]


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  • Curiously, Kurumu is missing her bikini bottom in the acene where she unknowingly blocks Yukari's throws. The waistline should havr been visible above water.
  • Tsukune's lack of understanding about Vampire's water weakness can be explained by the fact he's seen Moka in sunlight and he likely knows her rosario is made of silver. Vampire legends have stated that sunlight is fatal to vampires and that silver causes severe burning pain. Since Moka had "disproven" two vampiric weaknesses, he didn't know if the third was real or another myth.
  • Tsukune was very remorseful about his self-centered plans causing Moka pain & heartache.

Cultural References[]

"easter eggs"

Unanswered Questions[]

  • Why would Kurumu wait until Moka jumped into the pool to transform and fly to help Tsukune? Is she just THAT dense?

Memorable Moments[]

  • We learn that Moka, and all Vampires, are highly vulnerable to water due to it's purifying effects.
  • Tsukune, Moka, Kurumu, and Yukari all join the Newspaper Club.


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