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Farewell and a Vampire
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Episode Information
Kanji さよならとバンパイア
Rōmanji Sayonara to Banpaia
Season 1
Episode No. 04
Air date January 24, 2008 (Japan)
Opening Cosmic Love
Ending Dancing in the Velvet Moon
Episode Guide
Witchling and Vampire
School Swimsuits and a Vampire

Farewell and a Vampire (さよならとバンパイア, Sayonara to Banpaia) is the fourth episode of Season One and the fourth overall episode of Rosario + Vampire. It aired on January 24, 2008 in Japan.


As three fanboys for Moka, Kurumu, and Yukari with the sentiment that Tsukune is the reason why the three girls do not pay them any attention, they decide death for Tsukune, who is despondent over the fact that he cannot protect the girls the way that they protect him due to his lack of strength. Given how he conducts himself, the argument could be plausibly made that Tsukune is planning to leave the school because of this inadequacy. After Moka reads him the riot act for being so obtuse, they learn that Tsukune only wanted the bus driver to deliver the letters he wrote to his family. Tsukune learns that the bus will come once a day now and that phones in the student lobby can reach the human world.

Long Summary[]

Part One[]

Nearly a month has passed since Tsukune started his high school days at Yōkai Academy. He is still having a rough time adapting to this lifestyle while keeping his identity a secret from his school and without being able to contact his parents and tell them about his new life, his life becomes that much harder. He explains this in a voice over as Moka and Kurumu pull on him in their usual tug-a-war while Yukari clings onto him from behind. During class, he is thinking about what he should do, but reacts to being called on in class to read a page with "What the hell should I do?". Ms Necknome tells him to simply read the page, much to Tsukune's embarrassment.

Later, on the rooftop, Moka wonders why Tsukune was acting weird in class; Tsukune lies, saying it was just being sleepy. Moka and Tsukune begin looking at each other lovingly until Moka says he smell nice, which cues Tsukune to what she's thinking about doing. Moka prepares to bite him until Kurumu arrives and yells at Moka for apparently sucking too much of Tsukune's blood. Despite the comical appearance of being withered from a lack of blood, Tsukune insists that it is not the reason and he doesn't mind is because Moka needs to ingest blood to be healthy. Kurumu decides to take advantage of this and says she has "needs", too, hypnotizing him with Charm and rubbing his chest with her breasts. Moka stops her as Kurumu has forgotten that if she kisses him, Tsukune with become her slave.

Tsukune later ponders about how weird it is to be friends with a vampire, succubus and witch as he takes his trash to be burned. However, upon arrival at the furnace, he is confronted by three students who declare he's their number one enemy, introducing themselves as the presidents of The Fan Club Coalition - a group consisting of Kozo Kasahara, Kubasaki Nagi and Bosaburo Taira, that idolizes Moka, Yukari and Kurumu - who start beating him up for spending time with their idols. They notice how much of a wimp he is and compare him to being a regular human as Tsukune's trash can floats above them and begins dumping trash on them. Two of them think Tsukune is doing something, but the third realizes that it must be Yukari's magic causing this; he is right. Yukari runs at them, warning the three to get away from Tsukune just as Kurumu and Moka arrive; all three are overjoyed to see their idols. Yukari explains what's happened and decides to punish the boys by having the near-by cleaning supplies attacking them. However, a bucket accidentally hits Tsukune, knocking him down and allowing the boys to flee. Kurumu tries to go after them, but Tsukune stops her.

That night, Tsukune treats his wounds and wonders if he should really stay at Yōkai Academy as he is a weakling who needs protection from girls. He talks to his cellphone, wondering if there is anyone on the other end, asking if they know what he should do; there is no answer obviously. Tsukune is then left to ponder if he should leave when the bus arrives, and go back to his normal life in the Human World. Also, Kozo, Kubasaki and Bosaburo meet in their club room; Kubasaki and Bosaburo fawn over pictures of their idols. Kozo decides that they need to get rid of "that parasite Aono" so the girls can be all theirs. The announcer bat, hanging from a beam above them, only laughs at the idea.

At lunch the next day, Kurumu and Yukari explain two of the weirdos from yesterday have been hanging around them, either taking pictures (Kubasaki) or stalking (Bosaburo). Moka, who seems to have not had the same experience, agrees with them. Kurumu points out that they can kick their butts if they try anything; the real problem is Tsukune because he won't fight back. She decides that they should be his bodyguards, so that they can take out the creeps when they try attacking him; Kurumu gets the expression "Two birds with one stone" wrong, only for Yukari to correct her. Tsukune is against the idea, but Moka says he's not that strong; immediately realizing her mistake, Moka then says he might be stronger in his monster form. Tsukune finishes lunch and walks out, but is pursued by Moka, who apologizes for her goof. Tsukune tells her it's not because she almost told them he was human that he's upset. He runs off without telling her why.

Part Two[]

It's evening at Yōkai Academy and Tsukune has just left his dorm room, which has been cleaned up. A letter is seen on his desk, with the self note "No-one will read this one either". Elsewhere, Yukari is joyously cleaning up the school grounds with her magic; she notices Tsukune passing by the fence with a serious expression. On the roof, Moka is wondering if Tsukune is still mad at her for earlier. Yukari arrives, telling Moka that Tsukune passed by with a bag and a serious expression on his face. Shocked, Moka immediately comes to the conclusion that Tsukune is planning to leave.

Tsukune has arrived at the Bus Stop, awaiting the bus to come. Upon mentioni

Rosario youkai 0017.jpg

ng Moka's name, Tsukune is shocked to see The Fan Club Coalition had snuck up behind him; Kozo is angry that Tsukune has said the name of one of the group's "sacred godesses" so casually. Though they don't know where Tsukune is

Rosario youkai 0018.jpg

planning to go, the club know that since they are off school grounds, they can unleash their true forms. Upon doing so, Tsukune sees that they're far below par in intimidation; they misunderstand Tsu

Rosario youkai 0019.jpg

kune's reaction to them, thinking he thinks they are lame like the other students do. Tsukune is left speechless as he cannot think of anything to help improve their self-esteem.

The reason they've been idolizing the girls is because they think they cannot get girls of their own due to them going for "flashy, badass monsters"; they hate Tsukune because he gets girls without actually trying. (as far as the trio is concerned) They begin pummeling him for real with Tsukune unable to defend himself due to being human.

Moka cries for them to stop and they look up into the sky to see all three of the girls (being flown by Kurumu). Kurumu asks why she has to get stuck flying them everywhere; Yukari appologizes as she forgot the spell for flying. Moka reminds them that now isn't the time for this. Kurumu drops them off on the ground and kicks Kubasaki, freeing Tsukune from his neck. Yukari produces a chair with magic, for Tsukune to land on. Moka rushes over to Tsukune to see if he's alright, but he only laments he had to be saved by them again. Moka slaps him, calling him a moron for not knowing that friends are there for each other; Tsukune had saved, Moka, Kurumu and Yukari from different kinds of trouble himself, making them even.

The Fan Club trio become upset that Tsukune is receiving affection from their "godesses", drawing attention back to them; the girls decide to take care of them. Yukari runs in terror from Kubasaki as he weirds her out, Kurumu is unable to lands any solid blows to Bosaburo's blobby body and Moka is not exactly combative like her other personality. Tsukune sees that there is only one way to get these weirdos to stop pestering the girls; he calls them creepy stalkers. They take this hard, even adding other terrible things they think about themselves, showing low self-esteem amongst them.

They decide to teach Tsukune a lesson once and for all; they combine their lame and powerless monsters forms into a powerful amalgamated giant that easily knocks Tsukune away. Moka runs over to Tsukune to help him up and he accidentally pulls of the rosario, allowing Inner Moka to come out. The trio fawn in awe over Inner Moka, claiming they have been waiting to worship her. On Inner Moka's orders, Kurumu kicks the amalgamated giant from behind and Yukari trips it with a rock, allowing Inner Moka to kick it far away, causing it to turn back into the human forms of the trio. They decide to become the Vampire Fan Club now in honor of their new admiration of Inner Moka before fainting.

Inner Moka tells Tsukune that his leaving Yokai Academy doesn't work for her as without him, she won't have food and Outer Moka will be crying her eyes out. Kurumu says Moka not biting him would be a good thing as she and Yukari hug him, begging him not to go; Tsukune asks who told them he was leaving. Yukari points out that he has a packed bag, which Tsukune reveals is full of letters he wrote and wants the Bus Driver to mail for him on the other side. Kurumu and Yukari realizes Outer Moka jumped to conclusions just as the bus arrives. The Bus Driver easily accepts Tsukune's request, telling him that it's commendable to stay in touch with his parents.

As the bus leaves, Inner Moka says Tsukune is a confusing person and seals herself, allowing Outer Moka to fall into Tsukune's arms. A half-asleep Outer Moka begs Tsukune not to leave. Tsukune thinks to himself that he won't and tells himself that until he does, it's time to say good-bye to his useless phone, turning it off. As the Bus Driver drives off, he thinks to himself that Tsukune choosing this path is admirable, but it's the long and twisted path as well.

The next day, Ms Nekonome reveals to the class that the student dormitories now have payphones that link to the human world; the bus schedule has also been increased from once a month to once a day due to overwhelming demands. Tsukune yelps in shock. Moka asks Tsukune what he thinks and the both gaze at each other; Moka ends up biting him right in the middle of class, much to Tsukune's embarrassment and pain.

New Characters:[]

  • Kozo Kasahara.
  • Kubasaki Nagai
  • Bosaburo Taira

Adapted From:[]

  • This episode was an anime-only episode, so it wasn't adapted from any manga chapter.


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  • In the original version, the Fan Club leaders wanted Tsukune gone so they could take pictures of Moka, Yukari and Kurumu undisturbed. In the English Dub, it is changed to them wanted the girls for themselves, perhaps to be less creepy.
  • Tsukune got annoyed about the Fan Club leaders harassing Moka, Kurumu, and Yukari calling them "nothing but a bunch of creepy stalkers!" They looked stunned about an argument they couldn't call a lie.
  • After Tsukune called them on being creepy stalkers, the Fan Club leaders added more insults to Tsukune's, accusing him of thinking what they added, which plainly says that they have painfully low self-esteem.

Cultural References:[]

"easter eggs"

Unanswered Questions:[]

  • Was Tsukune just upset about the girls continually saving him, or was he thinking that only spoken actions without physical backup a mark of shame on his honor?

Memorable Moments:[]

  • The school gets phones so that they can communicate with the outside world and the bus schedule is changed from once a month to once a day at the end of the episode.
  • With seeing the monster forms of the Fan Club leaders, it's made obvious that some monsters look very strange instead of terrifying.


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