Witchling and Vampire
Rosario + Vampire Episode 3 Title Card
Episode Information
Kanji 魔女っ子とバンパイア
Rōmanji Majokko to Banpaia
Season 1
Episode No. 03
Air date January 17, 2008 (Japan)
Opening Cosmic Love
Ending Dancing in the Velvet Moon
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Farewell and a Vampire

Witchling and Vampire (魔女っ子とバンパイア, Majokko to Banpaia) is the third episode of Season One and the third overall episode of Rosario + Vampire. It aired on January 17, 2008 in Japan.


The crush that the young witch Yukari Sendo has on Moka drives her to endeavor to isolate her from Tsukune through various and often humorous pranks, including trying to make Moka believe that Tsukune is making sexual advances on Kurumu (who does not seem to care whether it is a prank or not). During a confrontation by a trio of lizardmen who are violently intolerant of witches, Yukari quickly finds that Tsukune is a true friend and vows to turn over a new leaf. Unfortunately, it means she now loves both Tsukune and Moka.

Long Summary:Edit

Part One:Edit

The episode opens with Tsukune narrating part of a letter he is writing to his family about the midterms at Yōkai, which are taken a lot earlier than he expected, leaving him to score 128th in the Freshmen class. In spite of his falling exactly in the middle of the standings, he hears three male students (who all seem to have human form difficulties) expressing delight at being nearly 100 places behind Tsukune. Much to his shock, he finds that Moka has scored 13th. Male students comment on how Moka's not only beautiful but also really smart. Tsukune congratulates her, but Moka insists her score was a fluke. Moka then offers to help Tsukune study the next time they have a test. They both gaze at each other lovingly as the male students writhe in anger of how lucky Tsukune is to study with Moka.

Unbeknownst to them, Yukari Sendo, the smartest girl (and youngest due to skipping four grades, even placing first in all the school) in their grade is watching them from close by, infatuated with Moka's beauty. Yukari is complimented by her Class President on being the smartest in their school, but tells her not to push her luck. Wondering what they mean, Yukari is told that her Witch outfit is

Tsukune notices Moka defending Yukari

against that school rules (as it reveals her true nature) and that she should just do as she's told as her just being in the school gives him enough of a headache. In retaliation, Yukari drops washtubs on his head and those of his two companions. Yukari finds it hilarious, but becomes frightened when the Class President moves in to attack her. Moka gets in front of Yukari, telling the Class President that he shouldn't hit girls, prompting him to leave as too much attention is being drawn to him. Tsukune notices and goes over to hear the Class President sneering at Yukari as he walks away.

Later in the cafeteria, Yukari thanks Moka for stepping in and defending her; Moka and Tsukune compliment Yukari on being a genius, but Yukari explains that she doesn't think so and express a love for Moka by pouncing on her and squeezing her breasts, Tsukune holds back a nosebleed as Yukari asks Moka to be her girlfriend; Moka tells Yukari that they can be girl friends, which Yukari misinterprets.

While walking through the halls, Yukari continues squeezing Moka, much to the jealousy of the boys they pass; Moka tries to get Yukari to stop, but doesn't know what to say to spare her feelings. Tsukune runs up to them to get them to stop, but Yukari puts Tsukune down by insulting his completely average self and how she wants Moka all to herself. Deciding that a beating will get Tsukune to stay away, Yukari uses her magic wand to manipulate cleaning supplies into tormenting Tsukune, revealing her true nature. Unknown to her, the Class President and his posse are hiding near by and now have a perfect reason for going after her now.

Later, Tsukune is be

Kurumu tries seducing Tsukune (again)

ing treated for his wounds in the Nurse's office by Kurumu (who is pissed off that the show didn't let her show up sooner), who learns that Yukari is keeping Moka away from Tsukune. Deciding now is the best time, Kurumu tries seducing Tsukune by showing him sympathy for his situation and informing him about how Yukari's classmates don't like her either. Outside, Yukari is still scheming to get Tsukune away from Moka. She uses a voodoo doll to take control of Tsukune's body:first she has him punch himself twice and then makes him begin to grope and feel up a pleased Kurumu, who gladly allows him to have his way with her body. However, Moka enters the nurse's office after losi
Yukari With Voodoo Doll

Yukari torments Tsukune with her voodoo doll

ng Yukari previously and finds a controlled Tsukune playing with Kurumu's breasts. Kurumu gets off the bed (with Tsukune's hands still firmly squeezing her breasts) and explains that she didn't hypnotize Tsukune just as Yukari makes Tsukune pull her underwear down, just for him to see her naked bottom half, and he gets a nosebleed. Though Moka is angry, they notice Yukari laughing outside the window, clearing up why Tsukune was acting odd.

They take her to the classroom, where Tsukune tries having Moka and Kurumu do something about Yukari's behavior, even telling her that if she keeps on pulling pranks like is doing, she will never make any friends. Kurumu blushes as she says Yuakri isn't bothering her. Yukari is initially shocked by Tsukune words, but then becomes arrogant about being smart, saying that if people are not as bright as her, she doesn't want to make friends with them. Yukari then comments on how she's always been alone. Tsukune now sees how lonely Yukari truly is and tries reaching out to help her, but several items fall on his head. Yukari laughs that Tsukune fell for her acting and runs out of the classroom. Tsukune prepares to follow after her, but Moka stops him, saying that he shouldn't be so cross with a little kid.

All the while, Yukari keeps laughing as she reflects on her life at Yōkai; nobody in her class likes her because she's a witch and they think she cheats with magic to get good grades. Because of this, Yukari began pulling pranks as revenge for her mistreatment. She is bumped into by the Class President and his posse, whom she tries to shoo away, but finds they are there to teach her a lesson about disobeying the school's primary rule.

Part Two:Edit

Back in the classroom, Moka is still trying to get Tsukune to see Yukari is hurting and needs friends to ease her loneliness; Tsukune see Moka is saying Yukari's situation is similar to his own, but is too mad from Yukari's constant pranks to really pay any mind. Moka tells him that she is going after Yukari and runs out. Kurumu says that Yukari doesn't mind being well liked, which is typical of a witch. Tsukune is shocked by this and wonders why. Kurumu explains that Witches are not considered actual monsters OR humans, but somewhere in-between (based on the fact most monsters can be told apart from humans by their true form, but witches are only distinguished by their magic), so other monsters are prejudice against them; obviously humans hated them more because of all the witch trials and witch hunts. Tsukune now sees he was wrong.

Elsewhere, Yukari has been dragged to the pond near the school by the Class President as he and his posse transform into their true forms, Lizardmen. They plot to eat her to be rid of her annoying antics; Yukari's wand is eaten by the Class President, leaving her defenseless. Moka arrives an
Rosario youkai 0015

"What are we? Chopped liver?"

d, ignoring the danger, begins telling Yukari that if she is alone and doesn't want to be anymore, she only needs to say so; Moka herself was alone until she met Tsukune, so she can understand the pain Yukari is going through. Yukari cries and hugs Moka. The Lizardmen become shocked that they were just forgotten and now plan to eat them both. Yukari bites the Class President's tail and is swiped at by him; Tsukune takes the blow to his black, pushing Yukari away. Yukari is shocked he saved her and learns that he, too, knows what it's like to be alone. Yukari lightly hits Tsukune calling him a liar until he flinches harshly from the claw wounds to his back which makes Yukari realize that while he saved her, he didn't get away unscathed. They are both saved by Kurumu when the minions try eating them. Tsukune stands in front of his friends, planning to protect them; Kurumu becomes infatuated with the thought of Tsukune being her protector. However, Tsukune loses his balance due to his injury and removes the Rosario.

Inner Moka is released, but instead of fearing her, the Class President becomes distressed that Moka has broken the rule about dying her hair and that her skirt is too short. HIs two minions try to attack Moka, but are quickly knocked into the trees with Moka's kicks. The Class President roars that having such strength is against the School Rules (what fool amended his Rule Book or did he just make that up?), but is then kicked into the pond by Moka who advises him to cool his head; he promises to cool it and sinks to the bottom. Yukari wonders why they helped her and Tsukune reminds her that they are there for her because they are friends. Yukari breaks down and cries again.

A few days later, Yukari has cleaned up her act; she apologized to everyone in her class for the pranks she pulled, earning apologies from them for how they treated her, they also felt guilty about their snide remarks. Moka and Kurumu discuss this as they take supplies to their classroom, thinking that Yukari has matured. To their shock, they find Yukari is in their classroom, hugging Tsukune. Yukari tells them that since her classroom is next door, she'll be coming over to "play" often as she now loves Tsukune as much as she loves Moka. Kurumu becomes angered and begins pulling on Tsukune with Yukari in a tug-a-war. Moka tells them that they are wasting their time as Tsukune is hers; she bites him again. Tsukune yells in pain, telling Moka she'll suck him dry at the rate she drinks his blood.

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  • Among the countless "Witch hunts/Witch Trials" alluded to are the infamous Salem Witch Trials and the European witch hunts in which several people were executed such as drowning, hanging, or burned at the stake. Such insane methods were used due to the fact they thought that a witch would float in spite of being bound. In later years some people concluded that the first victims of the Witch Trials were brought up on false charges due to envious people coveting their land. When a whole family was falsely convicted of witchcraft, (which included allegiance to the forces of evil) their lands were auctioned to the public.

As indicated in R.L. Stine's Book "Fear Street Saga Book 1: The Betrayal" every hiccup in lighting, weather and even the appearance of nocturnal animals like a bat were used to solidify the accused's supposed pact with the Devil. This simply adds to the theory that contaminated crops were eaten/inhaled which induced extreme paranoia, which fueled the hysterical madness of the witch trials.

  • The lizardmen sate Moka's skirt is too short; however, it's not really her fault; the increase of her hip size makes it look shorter.

Cultural References:Edit

"easter eggs"

Unanswered Questions:Edit

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Memorable Moments:Edit

  • Yukari, a young and brilliant witch, is introduced into the series.
  • Yukari falls in love with Moka and Tsukune.

Quotes (Translated into English):Edit

  • Kurumu: (races from bed in infirmary; shows angry look at the audience) "Hey, what the hell is this? I just debuted on the previous episode, can't you let me appear earlier?"
  • Kou: (refering to Kurumu's outburst) "Hey, who are you talking to?"


  • Teen Boy: Did you guys hear that?

  • Kurumu: (races from bed in infirmary; shows angry look at the audience) Hey, what's the big deal, huh? Here we are on the very next episode right after my big debut and you guys can't get around to me sooner than this?!
  • Kou: (referring to Kurumu's outburst) Who are you talking to?

  • Moka: Hey, what are you two think you're doing?

  • Moka: Then, what's going on?

  • Yukari: (Laughs) I did it! (Laughs)
  • Moka: It's Yukari!
  • Yukari: Aah.
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