Succubus and a Vampire
Rosario + Vampire Episode 2 Title Card
Episode Information
Kanji 夢魔とバンパイア
Rōmanji Muma to Banpaia
Season 1
Episode No. 02
Air date January 10, 2008 (Japan)
Opening Cosmic Love
Ending Dancing in the Velvet Moon
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New Life and a Vampire
Witchling and a Vampire

Succubus and a Vampire (夢魔とバンパイア, Muma to Banpaia) is the second episode of Season One and the second overall episode of Rosario + Vampire. It aired on January 10, 2008 in Japan.


During the month-long delay between bus trips between the human and yōkai worlds, Tsukune tries not to draw any attention to himself. Unfortunately for him, Moka is having other ideas as she yearns for perpetual proximity to Tsukune which incites the jealousy of the male students. Tsukune's fortunes deteriorate further when the popular succubus Kurumu Kurono declares Moka as her rival and attempts to seduce him. Tsukune is put in a trance by Kurumu and ends up hurting Moka's feelings by saying she only uses him as beverage. Kurumu manages to get Tsukune alone, planning to turn him into her first slave as part of her plan to make the male students into her personal harem; Tsukune manages to break the spell. Enraged, Kurumu tries to kill him, but Moka arrives and saves him; Tsukune unleashes the other Moka and Kurumu is beat up. The next day, Tsukune is shocked to see Kurumu has fallen in love with him for keeping "Inner Moka" from killing her, much to his horror.

Long SummaryEdit

Part OneEdit

The episode begins with Tsukune narrating part of a letter to his parents
Rosario youkai 0011

Keeping a human form is tougher than it looks

about Yōkai; to his relief he has found that the students receive a room each at the dorms, something that is of great relief to him. He wakes up that morning to find some of the students in the male dorm have had trouble keeping their humans forms during sleep as he gets water from the sink near his room, mulling over Yōkai.

Tsukune leaves for school that day to see three boys drooling over how gorgeous Moka is as she walks towards them. She quickly grabs Tsukune by the arm and greets him, much to his joy/surprise. The boys become enraged that Tsukune is still getting attention from Moka, but despite looking like a wimp, they've heard he beat up Saizo Komiya (not Inner Moka); Tsukune is shocked that the story is so distorted. Moka sees Tsukune is spacing out and grabs him by the hand, pulling him along. The boys become jealous and pine over not being the one Moka fawns over, not knowing someone has been watching behind a tree.

Alone, Moka tells Tsukune that if there is anything she can do for him since he is a human, he can ask her. Tsukune thanks Moka for her kindness, seeing how different she is compared to the Moka that beat Saizo, wondering which one of them is the real her. Moka swoons and Tsukune catches her, asking what's wrong. She explains that she overslept and didn't have time for breakfast. Apologizing, Moka bites his neck and sucks some of his blood. Once Moka has had her fill, Tsukune reacts frantically, running around. Holding his neck where she bit him, Tsukune tells Moka that he's not her breakfast and runs off. Moka says she is sorry.

At the pond near the
Th kurono-kurumu-1

Tsukune is introduced to Kurumu.

school, Tsukune examines his neck, which has lipstick on it from Moka's bite, commenting that she doesn't leave a scar on him, but it still hurts, He then worries what will happen if she keeps sucking his blood and about the other students at the school. He then notices a girl has collapsed near by, and blushes at her beauty. The girl asks him to help her up, and Tsukune does so. Tsukune asks her if she is all right, and in response the girl presses her big breasts against his chest, which shocks him. Tsukune agrees to take the girl to the Nurse's Office. The girl thanks him, but as Tsukune leads her away, she smirks to herself.

On the school rooftop, Moka feels awful for biting Tsukune like that and decides to apologize for doing so.

Below her, Tsukune has walked the girl to the vending machine as she reminds him that she is in the same class as him (she sits behind Saizo if you paid attention to Episode One), even breaking the Fourth Wall by thinking Tsukune would see a clip showing she is telling the truth. Tsukune notes that while this girl is cute, she's a monster just like everyone else at the school. The girl falls forward again, and he catches her. Tsukune inquires as to what's wrong, and the girl says her breasts fell like they're cramping up. She then begins rubbing her breasts against him, which shocks Tsukune as he finds the sensation surprisingly enjoyable. However, he mentally yells at himself for thinking such a thing.

Introducing herself as Kurumu, the girl has Tsukune look into her eyes, which causes Tsukune to fall into a trance. In said trance, Tsukune begins hugging her just as Moka arrives. Kurumu explains who she is and begins walking off with the dazed Tsukune. Moka tries to get Tsukune to stop and wait for her, but Tsukune, still in a trace, tells her that he won't as he is tired of being used like a beverage to her, hurting Moka's feelings. As she walks away, Tsukune wonders why he was so mean.

In class, Tsukune has broken free of the spell and wonders why he said such hurtful things. Behind him, Moka and Kurumu glare at each other; Moka wonders what Kurumu is to Tsukune, while Kurumu is laughing that she is winning. Right after class ends, Tsukune tries to apologize to Moka, but finds that she is gone. Outside, in the hallway, Moka begins drinking tomato juice, wondering who Kurumu


Kurumu introduces herself to Moka.

is. Kurumu jumps from the stairs, introducing herself. Three boys voice their praises for her big breasts as well as her white undergarments, but Moka wonders what she is up to. Kurumu explains she plans to turn all the boys in Yōkai into her personal harem; as a Succubus, it is easy for her.

Moka chides her for revealing her true nature as Kurumu reveals that she is angry that all the boys are falling for Moka instead of her. Tsukune finds them and tries to apologize to Moka, but Kurumu hypnotizes him again, getting him to say hurtful things to Moka about her sucking his blood again. Moka tries to reason with Tsukune just as Kurumu tells her she has noticed Tsukune smells like a human. With a final traced insult from a hypnosis-dazed Tsukune, Moka runs away, crying. Kurumu laughs over her victory.

Part TwoEdit

For unexplained reasons, Kurumu is taken to the Nurse's Office by Tsukune, where she gloats to herself while Tsukune feels awful for hurting Moka again. Kurumu decides it is time to put Tsukune permanently under her spell and hugs him, smothering him with her breasts. The Announcer Bat tells the audience that they have to change the scene due to things becoming too Adult for the broadcast, so the scene changes to Moka, feeling sad and wondering if she truly is only friends with Tsukune just to suck his blood. The voice of Inner Moka comes from the Rosario, telling Outer Moka that Tsukune fell victim to Succubus magic, "Charm", and that his life may be in danger if Kurumu plans to suck his life force out or turn him into her slave. Moka is then told to find Tsukune and prevent this. Moka tries to get Inner Moka to tell her where to go, but Inner Moka has stopped talking, which increases Moka's desperation to save Tsukune

Back in the Nurse's Office, Kurumu has pinned Tsukune down, planning to make him her slave, hypnotizing him again. As she prepares to kiss him, Tsukune uses all his strength

Kurumu prepares to enslave Tsukune.

to break free from the trance and hug Kurumu, telling her that he cannot go through with this. Baffled, Kurumu tries to break his grasp to use another hypnosis bid. Kurumu then freezes her action as Tsukune says he loves someone else and that he can't leave the hurtful words between them. Kurumu sees she had been defeated and decides to kill him instead as turning him into her slave is out of the question now, transforming into her true form. Moka arrives and pushes her out the window and into the distance. Tsukune wonders what is going on and Moka explains that Kurumu's a Succubus, and that a Succubus can bewitch men just by looking at them, which allows Tsukune to realize why he said those awful things.

Kurumu flies back and uses her tail to grab Tsukune by the throat dragging him outside, with Moka, who had grabbed onto him; they are accidentally dropped as Kurumu could not carry the weight of two people. As they recover, Kurumu finds it to be the perfect opportunity to kill the both and elongates her nails, flying past them and slicing through the trees like butter. Moka tries to have Tsukune remove her Rosario, but it doesn't work. Kurumu yells that she will kill them both, but Moka tells her to spare Tsukune as he is first friend she has had; she will die for him. Tsukune realizes that he feels the same way and pulls on the Rosario, freeing Inner Moka.

With Inner Moka out, Kurumu becomes frightened, but explains that she is on an important mission; her kind are few in number, so she must find her "Mate of Fate" in order to continue her species. Inner Moka finds the reason for wanting to enslave the males selfish, deciding to put Kurumu in her place by kicking her through the trees. Kurumu apologizes, saying she will stop. However, Inner Moka doesn't want to take chances, deciding to remove Kurumu's wings and tail. Terrified at the thought of being permanently maimed, Kurumu begs her not to in a small, terror-stricken voice. Tsukune gets in front of Moka, telling her that Kurumu explained she wasn't doing this to be mean and that she seems to be a nice person, deep down. Kurumu bawls in frightened relief. Inner Moka explains that she saved him to keep his blood around, unlike the other Moka, she doesn't consider him her friend; she then seals herself.

The next day, Tsukune apologizes to Moka about the things he said while under Kurumu's spell, but finds that she doesn't mind. They begin looking at each other lovingly, but are interrupted when Kurumu greets them, showing Tsukune that she has baked cookies for him. Tsukune wonders why she has baked cookies for him and learns, much to his horror that, she has decided on him as her Mate of Fate. Kurumu and Moka begin tugging on him, which leads to Moka biting him.

New Characters Edit

Kurumu Kurono (1st time as a main character, but made a cameo in previous episode)

Adapted FromEdit

Refer backsEdit

Kurumu briefly appeared in Episode 1 in a non-speaking role as a member of Tsukune's class. Kurumu refers to this when Tsukune asks how she knew his name, having not told her yet.


In the anime, Inner Moka said she would remove Kurumu's wings and tail as she closed in. In the manga she said that Kurumu wouldn't get any older, indicating the intent to kill her.

Though Kurumu has made all the guys like her, she only used her succubus powers on Tsukune, suggesting the other guys just simply fell for her beauty.. and her ridiculously huge breasts.

Kurumu fell in love with Tsukune after he saved her, but it's believed she may have already liked him, since she looked furious in the first episode when Moka tackled Tsukune in class.

This is the only episode in the Anime where Tsukune purposefully tries to take off Moka's Rosary, all other times, it at least appears to be on accident or unintentional.

Cultural References:Edit

  • Moka*

Unanswered QuestionsEdit

  • Why was Kurumu taken to the Nurse's office? She didn't fake fainting like she did in the Manga.

Memorable MomentsEdit

  • A character is introduced in this episode, Kurumu Kurono, a succubus who intended on turning the whole school into her own personal love harem for the sake of finding her Mate of Fate.
  • Kurumu has the biggest breasts (among the student body) at Yōkai Academy, and she tries to seduce Tsukune by repeatedly rubbing her breasts against him.
  • Kurumu falls in love with Tsukune and chooses him to be her Mate of Fate.
  • Kurumu mentions that Succubi are few in number, tallying with the manga having Kurumu saying that the race of Succubi is dying out, leaving every surviving Succubus with a very important task, to find a male worthy of being her "Mate of Fate" (anime dub calls them "Destined Ones").


  • Teen: Aw, man! What the hell is that about?

  • Kou: Hey, these bothertory dialogue it's my job!

Kurumu: (under the threat of having her wings and tail pulled off)"Please, don't do that! I beg you!"

(Student referring to Kurumu): "Damn, those are fantastic tits"

  • Moka: Don't do it!

  • Moka: Get away!

  • Moka: Go, before she recovers from that!
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