School Festival
Chapter Information
Season 1
Volume Monster Mamas
Chapter 35
Arc School Festival
Previous The Same Wish
Next The Visitor
Rosario + Vampire Manga Chapter 035

Title- School Festival

Date- ?

Volume 09

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Next Chapter → 036


It's October 29th, the first night of the school festival. And Moka is in charge of the goldfish scoop for her class. Surrounded by numerous fans, she i saved by Tsukune, who asked someone else to watch the booth.

Moka asks Tsukune to spend the night with her, but Mizore and Kurumu ruin things by having lied to their mothers (who both showed up for the festival and are met separately) that Tsukune was their guy. Both mothers arrange to have dinner. Moka runs off when Yukari approaches with her parents; however, she wanted to introduce Moka instead.

Mizore, seeing that she has caused trouble for Tsukune, tells him that she'll sort things out. He tracks Moka to the roof, where knocks a Yokai allum off the roof; the allum was attempting to molest Moka. As for Mizore and Kurumu, they attempt to pass off ice dolls of Tsukune, but end up meeting each other. Their mothers are angry for the lies.

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* Hokuto is seen in a small flashback, when Tsukune thinks back to how he described the school festival as - "a celebration and reunion all in one."

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  • What Moka had in mind for her evening with Tsukune is left up to debate, given her personality. When he vaguely asks if she wants to do goldfish scooping, she blushes with a smile. However, upon learning what he meant, she seems somewhat disappointed.

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