The Same Wish
Chapter Information
Season 1
Volume Monster Mamas
Chapter 34
Arc Anti-Schoolers: Peace Restored
Previous The Reason
Next School Festival
Rosario + Vampire Manga Chapter 034

Title- The Same Wish

Date- ?

Volume 09

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Next Chapter → 035


Hokuto has been defeated, and Tsukune is left saddened that the only other human at the school was his enemy. Moka pities Hokuto, noting he was human like Tsukune, until some monster gave Hokuto their blood. The power of that blood ran wild in Hokuto, and he let it; something Tsukune hasn't gone through yet.

Smirking, Hokuto tells them that their efforts were wasting. The barrier control starts sparking more, which cues Moka in on that the fight was just to by time for the barrier to fall apart. In the human world, a swirling illusion of Yokai Academy appears in the sky, scaring humans. Back at the barrier control, Kurumu, Yukari, Rubi and Mizore arrive, having been freed by the Headmaster. Yukari examines the controls and tells the rest of group that it's half-way depleted of energy; if they give their energy to the barrier, it should be restored. Moka tells Tsukune that he's too weak from fighting Hokuto, attempting to give energy will kill him.

Hokuto watches, laughing to himself about what a horrible life he had; a father that didn't want him, and a dead mother. By chance, a flier for Yokai Academy fell into his hands one day; her left his father behind for good. However, once at the school, he saw he also didn't fit it. After gaining monster power, he decided that since he didn't fit in in either world, the best thing to do was to destroy both of them and build a new on their ashes.

The girls notice that there is not enough power in them to restore the barrier; they are almost there, but lack enough energy. All collapse one-by-one. Moka is about to fall, but is caught by Tsukune, who plans to give his life to restore the barrier; he believes that Hokuto's words to him about making the school a better place were true, deep down in his heart.

Hokuto joins him, telling Tsukune that the situation is just like the last time they met. Asking if Hokuto remembers the promise he made, Tsukune faints, telling him that he still believes he can make that come true. Hokuto grabs his hand over the barrier, giving some of his energy to it and Tsukune. Hokuto realizes it was never dumb luck that let Tsukune survive Yokai Academy. Giving him the rosary of judegement back, Hokuto tells Tsukune that they could have been friends under different circumstances.

Days pass, with Hokuto now in a coma and under watch. Kiria rescues him, awakening Hokuto with some of his blood; Kiria is jealous that the cold-hearted Hokuto opened up to Tsukune. They leave the school, never to return. News of this reaches the Newspaper Club, who decide to take it in stride and enjoy the festival. As a bonus, the Headmaster repaired the rosario, restoring Outer Moka.

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  • Hokuto saw something in Tsukune that made him help restore the barrier.
    • He realized it wad never dumb luck that allowed Tsukune to survive Yokai Academy, but rather Tsukune's undying desire to bring peace and treat everyone equally regardless if they're human or monster.
  • Kiria is implied to have killed the guards outside Hokuto's hospital room, given his arm is in its scythe form.
  • A transfusion of monster blood can wake someone in a coma.
    • Chimera blood seems more lethal as Hokuto is later confined to a wheelchair.
  • It's possible the Headmaster orchestrated Hokuto's enrollment, just like Tsukune's.
  • Moka mentions Hokuto's monster blood ran wild in him, which Tsukune hasn't gone through yet. This happens in Season II, when Touhou Fuhai attempts modifying Tsukune's body to allow him the ability to cast spells.

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Tsukune manages to win over Hokuto and save Yokai Academy.


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