I Promise
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Season 1
Volume Exorcist
Chapter 27
Arc Anti-Schoolers: Bonds Renewed
Previous True Feelings
Next The Choice
Rosario + Vampire Manga Chapter 027

Title- I Promise

Date- ?

Volume 07

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Next Chapter → 028


Tsukune is downing multiple bottles of water to quench his thirst, but finds it isn't working very well. However, as a positive, the Monstrels have stopped trying to attack him and the rest of the Newspaper Club. When Moka trips and scrapes her knee, Tsukune becomes mesmerized by the sight of her blood; he's left to wonder what's wrong with himself. He later finds Moka almost fainting outside of the school. Examining her, Tsukune finds that she's become pale enough for him to see her veins; he becomes hypnotized by the sight of them and moves to bite her neck. However, Moka feels uncomfortable with him being so close and pushes him away, asking what's wrong with him. Tsukune becomes frightened, wondering what he was about to do to Moka. Moka faints and is taken to the nurse's office, where she is revealed to be suffering from anemia.

Tsukune continues drinking bottles of water, only realize that reason that he's not able to quench his thrist is because he's thristing for blood, and Moka's on top of that. Hyakushiki, a centipedia monster graduate of Yokai, attacks Tsukune, having been told he was a "free meal"; Hyakushiki loves to eat humans, but is slowly going mad from having to curb his cravings. He says that Tsukune is just like him because he wants to devour a girl he likes, calling them kindred spirits. Moka arrives, but gets captured and faints again when Hyakushiki slashes her and tosses her blood around to make Tsukune admit he wants to drain her blood. However, though the vampire nature of the blood within Tsukune makes him lose conciousness, he actualy only defeats Hyakushiki.

Moka awakens to find Tsukune carrying her back to the dorms. Tsukune explains that when he came to Hyakushiki was gone. He then wonders why Moka has been trying to avoid all the time, making her hug him. Moka explains that she doesn't want to stay away from him, but the overwhelming desire to drink his blood would get the better of her if they spend too much time together. Tsukune realises she was only being kind, not wanting to hurt him again; he tells Moka she can drink his blood, though should warn him before hand. He promises himself that he will never harm Moka, no matter how much he craves her blood.

Mikogami watches from the trees above, holding Hyakushiki, saying it was a good idea to have sent him after Tsukune, to help him master the vampire blood within in him.

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  • The nurse says Moka is anemic; in the first chapter, Moka herself said she was anemic, but the reason is due to not consuming blood on a regular basis.


  • Hyakushiki says Tsukune is like himself because they both want to devour girls they like. However, he is only partly right; while Tsukune now thirsts for blood, he loves Moka and doesn't want to harm her at all.
  • If one had done the math between this chapter and Mizore's appearance, it's been 14 days since Moka drank Tsukune's blood.

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It's revealed Moka needs to consume Tsukune's blood on a regular basis to stay healthy or she will get anemic.

Tsukune developed a taste for blood due to the vampire blood in him and nearly bites Moka. However, Tsukune promises to hold himself back and never hurt Moka out of his love for her.


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