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Season 1
Volume Ghouls
Chapter 24
Arc Anti-Schoolers: Going from Bad to Worse
Previous Ghoul
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Rosario + Vampire Manga Chapter 024

Title- Nightmare

Date- ?

Volume 06

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Inner Moka apologizes to Tsukune, saying that it's not his fault; he should have never came to Yokai Academy. She then thrusts her hand through his chest and out his back.

The scene shifts to a hospital room, where Tsukune wakes up screaming. It was all a dream; seems his time as a Ghoul was retained by his subconscious. The Exorcist asks Tsukune what he was dreaming, already knowing it was about Moka killing him. Tsukune asks were they are, only to be informed by Ruby, who was sitting on the bed next him with a sleepy Kurumu and Yukari. Kurumu hugs him, explaining the first with the Monstrels was four days ago.

Tsukune learns about his new Ghoulish nature, which is being suppressed with a Holy Lock. The Exorcist explains Tsukune is doomed if it ever comes off, going on to say he saved Tsukune as a favor to the Bus Driver. Moka listens outside, being advised by Inner Moka to stay away from Tsukune as they could end up in the same situation again.

Elsewhere, Midi is badly injured by the Monstrel "cleaner".

The next day, Tsukune has his bandages taken off. His doctor tells him that he's healed in one night what would should have taken a month; a few more days and Tsukune can be discharged. Each girl vows to protect him from the Monstrels, even Mizore, who was hiding in the room the entire time. Moka listens outside, glad their friends can protect Tsukune in her place. Tsukune opens the door and finds Moka, who tells him she doesn't want to hurt him again and is haunted by the memory of nearly killing him.

Moka is later stopped by Tsukune's doctor, who informs her that the Monstrels have tArgeted her. He attacks her, but is subdued with a vase to the head. Moka informs the nurse, who restrains her and stabs Moka in the neck with a transformed finger; the nurse is the Monstrel cleaner. The cleaner explAins she brainwashed the doctor with the very toxin that she's injecting Ingo Moka.

Tsukune wanders the halls, searching for Moka. She walks up to him with a scalpel...

Referbacks Edit

Kurumu describes how Inner Moka tried to kill Tsukune in the previous chapter when he turned into a Ghoul.


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Mako Yakumaru

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Unanswered QuestionsEdit

Mido is the only one of the Monsterls that Tsukune (as a Ghoul) pummeled half to death. Is is unknown if the others are recieving medical treatment or if they all died beforehand.

Also, Mako seems to be acting on her own accord to kill Tsukune instead of on orders, possible out of their group's motto.

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