Rosario + Vampire Chapter 023
Chapter Information
Season 1
Volume Ghouls
Chapter 23
Arc Anti-Schoolers: Going from Bad to Worse
Previous A Kiss
Next Nightmare
Rosario + Vampire Manga Chapter 023

Title- Ghoul

Date- ?

Volume 06

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Next Chapter → 024


Mizore leads Kurumu and Yukari to the Monstrels HQ.

Inside, Mido takes note that Tsukune is unaffected by the sprinklers. Tsukune's wounds begin healing rapidly, such as the shrapnel in his should being spat out and flesh quickly growing back over the wound. Mido likes the idea of having such fun prey; however, Moka warns against attacking him right now. Tsukune lands a powerful blow to Mido's gut, crushing several of his organs.

Kurumu, Yukari and Mizore arrive at the scene, shocked to find Tsukune pummeling the now comatose Mido. The other Monstrels step in to stop him, but are easily beaten back. Kurumu stares in horror, as Yukari goes to shut off the hydrant supplying the spinklers. Inner Moka explains that its her fault for cursing him with such a fate; Tsukune has turned into a mindless Ghoul, which will seek blood and flesh.

With the water off, Moka approuches Tsukune, asking why he didn't listen to her and leave. She jabs at him with a knife-hand move, piercing some concrete. However, Moka notices that giving Tsukune her blood and the shock from the water have severely weakened her. Kurumu tells her to stop, but Moka explains that Tsukune would want to go on like this; she has to put him down. Kurumu, Mizore and Yukari stand in front of Tsukune as a shield, trying to reason with Moka. However, Tsukune slashes Kurumu with his fingers, drawing blood.

Yukari and Mizore see that Moka is right, getting out of her way; however, Kurumu begs them to save Tsukune. Moka pummels Tsukune, saddened because she hoped for a much better future together. Right before she can land a fatal blow, she is stopped by two cloaked figures; one has her tied up in feathers. The second uses a rosary to force her blood to recede in Tsukune, reverting him back to himself. The first cloaked figure reveals herself to be Ruby, who has come to repay her debt to them.

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  • Ironically, Ruby shows up to help Tsukune after too much vampire blood is put in him. She is partially to blame as she nearly killed him and forced his third injection of vampire blood in Witch's Knoll Arc.

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Tenmei Mikogami ake "The Exorcist"

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Tsukune is nearly killed by Inner Moka, but is saved by the Headmaster and Ruby.