A Kiss
Chapter Information
Volume Ghouls
Chapter 22
Arc Anti-Schoolers: Going from Bad to Worse
Previous Bad Blood
Next Ghoul
Rosario + Vampire Manga Chapter 022

Title- A Kiss

Date- ?

Volume 06

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Inner Moka explains that Tsukune's human body can't handle anymore of her monster blood; the amount in him is already breaking down his body. If he got another transfusion, he would be killed by the power of her blood instead of healed. She tells him to go to Human World and never return, stating that Outer Moka is the one he really would miss. At that moment, Mido emerges from the rubble and attacks them.

Back at the school, Kurumu notices the rumbling from Mido's attack; she and Yukari can't figure out what happened to Moka and Tsukune. Mizore aprouches them, citing that it's an emergency. Monsterls have kidnapped Tsukune, and the one who lead the kidnapping has a cold, brutal energy to him.

Back at the Monstrels' hideout, Moka and Tsukune have landed in a pile of rubble with a shard of concrete jammed in Tsukune's shoulder. Mido, who has transformed further, laughs that Moka could have dodged the attack is Tsukune hadn't tried to protect her. Moka scolds Tsukune, citing again that her blood can't heal him this time; she tells him to stay still, so she can take him to get medical attention later. Mido then wonders if Tsukune is Moka's familiar as he's proven too weak to be a vampire. Enraged, Moka gives Mido a sound beating. On Mido's cue a sprinkler system is activated, drenching Moka; like at the pool, her powers are shorted out, leaving her vulnerable.

Tsukune takes a death blow meant for her, begging Moka to give him more of her blood; he wants to protect her, even if it means his life. Moka thinks to herself that he's so foolish; she pushed him away because she didn't want him to die. Moka bites him, injecting more blood into him. Tsukune seems to not recover. Moka begins fainting, but is caught by Tsukune, who gently lies her down. She wonders what's going on as her blood should have killed him; then she guesses a more horribel truth.

Tsukune stares forward with a blank expression, which black flame marks coming from his bite mark.

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Tsukune turns into a Ghoul after being given too much of Moka's blood.