Bad Blood
Chapter Information
Season 1
Volume Ghouls
Chapter 21
Arc Anti-Schoolers: Going from Bad to Worse
Previous Corrosion
Next A Kiss
Rosario + Vampire Manga Chapter 021

Title- Bad Blood

Date- ?

Volume 06

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Next Chapter → 022


Saizo is being beaten to death by the Monstrels under Mido's command, being told it was his own fault for making an unauthorized attack. Mido decides not to tell his bosses about the incident as he wants to take down Tsukune.

Tsukune shows up to the Newspaper Club meeting with bandages around his neck. After explaining how the Monstrels came after him for no reason, Yukari explains that these monsters have banded together and considered any pure-blood monster to be an enemy. Moka and Tsukune vaguely talk about Saizo's attack on them, prompting Kurumu to declare that she'll never forgive Moka if she caused harm to Tsukune.

Returning back to the dorms, Moka attempts to get Tsukune to comply with letting her examine the wound on his neck, but it fought off when she attempts to force him to comply. Tsukune tells her its none of her business, leaving her stunned as he walks off. Watching from near-by Mido observes, saying that killing a vampire would make a great trophy. He orders that Moka be taken hostage. At the same time, Moka attempts asking her Inner self about Tsukune's condition, only to be warned too late about her kidnapper.

The next day, Tsukune wonders where Moka is. Kurumu tells him she's figured out Moka is responsible for his injury, going on to explain that she would rather die that hurt him. Realizing that he hurt Moka's feelings, Tsukune runs off to find her; Mido confronts him, taking Tsukune to the Monstrel's lair. Moka warns Tsukune to leave as he attempts to run toward her. Mido slaps Tsukune down, telling him to fight them for Moka. Mido, mistaking Tsukune for a pure-blood, declares he hates rich little brats from pure lines.

Moka goads Mido into attacking her, but Tsukune rushes to rescue her. As a result, the punctures on his neck fully open and blood oozes out. He removes the rosario, telling Moka that he's grateful to her. Inner Moka knocks out Mido and begins explaining what will happen to Tsukune's body if he gets another injection of her blood.

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