Chapter Information
Season 1
Volume Abominable Snowgirl
Chapter 20
Arc Anti-Schoolers: Going from Bad to Worse
Previous Girl of the Thaw
Next Bad Blood
Rosario + Vampire Manga Chapter 020

Title- Corrosion 

Date- ?

Volume 05

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Next Chapter → 021


Tsukune wakes up in the middle of the night due to feeling pain in his neck. He rubs where Moka last injected her blood into him, wondering if the punctures had become injected as it never hurt this much after she bit him.

The next morning, Moka is waiting for him by what looks to be a graveyard. She greets him with her usual smile and they start talking about how they're going to elect a new class manager during homeroom. She finds that her bite marks haven't disappeared yet, and claims that they should have healed and not leave any traces. As usual, Tsukune becomes embarrassed and backs away. Moka is about to confess something, but Mizore Shirayuki uses one of her ice darts and cuts the air between them, so they separate. Mizore asks to be called by her first name instead of Shirayuki, which Tsukune complies with; Mizore leaves happily.

Unfortunately, Tsukune is elected as the new class manager with Moka in second place, as his vice manager. Tsukune is extremely flustered, and denies it vehemently - in his head. Just then, Saizou walks into homeroom and finds out Tsukune, a person he has deemed extraordinarily weak, is class manager. He is pissed at Tsukune, and threatens that he can't do anything without Moka's help. The class believes Saizou is only against Tsukune because he was beat by him, but Tsukune is left in an almost paralyzed state due to his statements.

Tsukune goes to the bathroom, and realizes that the bite marks still have not receded. In fact, they're more swollen than ever - and they hurt him.

At lunch, Kurumu greets him in her usual way, pressing him to her considerable bosom, and Yukari is saddened by this, always wanting a threesome between Moka, Tsukune, and herself. They're eating, and Kurumu realizes he is sitting more stiffly than usual. They start talking about the marks on his neck. However, they stop and forget about the whole thing when Moka herself arrives; Tsukune doesn't want to worry her more than he needs to.

The outcast ayashi, including Saizou himself, are watching them, unbeknownst to Tsukune and the others. Saizou remarks that Tsukune is weak, and talks to Midou, their apparent 'leader'. He says they "have to win" no matter what because that was why they formed a team. Another of the group brings up Tsukune's condition, citing that if he's not well now, it's the perfect time to attack him. Saizo explains that he'll come up with the plan...

Meanwhile, Tsukune has collapsed due to the pain in his neck caused by Moka's bite marks. Inner Moka says that the vampire blood injected into Tsukune is consuming his human part, as a "side effect". Tsukune feels like his body is shattering into a million pieces. At this very inopportune time, Saizou comes in to fight Tsukune. He gets an X-shaped scar on his body due to one of the outcast ayashi slashing him when he was weak. Saizou transforms, and Moka is left in a hard situation, since Tsukune is thus far the only one who can pull of her rosario to reveal Inner Moka. Saizou tears open Moka's shirt, leaving her bra the only clothes other than her torn shirt on the top. She yells in her mind for Tsukune to help her. It's almost as if he heard her, because miraculously, he grabs one of the outcast ayashi and hurls him away. The other ayashi, which charged him, is given the same fate. Saizou notices he has red pupils, and denies that he is also a vampire like Moka is. In result, he gets punched away much the same way the other two outcast ayashi were. Kusabi Midou watches on the roof, musing that "this" was Tsukune Aono... and that he had made an enemy out of all the outcast ayashi.

That, and vampires are truly S-class monsters. The chapter ends with the traditional Rosario+Vampire chapter ending, a fade to black with Rosario+Vampire on the right side.

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Komiya Saizou tells Tsukune that he can't do anything without Moka's help, a possible reference to the first chapter of the series.


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Kusabi Midou

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  • This is another time that a kind of telepathic bond is shown between Moka and Tsukune. Each seems to know when the other is in danger (even when they're not around) and does what they can to help.


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