Girl of the Thaw
Chapter Information
Season 1
Volume Abominable Snowgirl
Chapter 19
Arc Anti-Schoolers: A Cold Welcome
Previous A New Semester
Next Corrosion
Rosario + Vampire Manga Chapter 019

Title- Girl of the Thaw

Date- ?

Volume 05

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Next Chapter → 020


After Tsukune's rejection of Mizore, the Newpaper Club believes everything is finally back to normal. Elsewhere, two male students walking back to their Dorm at night encounter Mizore Shirayuki crying while looking at her scrapbook of Tsukune's newpaper articles. The 2 students ask Mizore why she is crying, only to be frozen by Mizore in a fit of rage. Then Mizore goes back to crying over her rejection by Tsukune.

The next day, Shizuka Nekonome asks Moka and Tsukune to go to Mizore's dorm room and get her to attend class, because she cannot afford to be absent for any more classes. The two are hesitant to visit Mizore, seeing as she is most likely angry at Moka and Tsukune for the events of the last chapter. However Tsukune is the class manager (ironically thanks to Mizore) and has to convince her to attend her classes again. Before Moka and Tsukune leave, the gym teacher, Kotsubo Okuto, tells Nekonome that Mizore has frozen two of his soccer students, who were rescued by Kotsubo himself just before they were about to die, and are the two are in the hospital recovering. Kotsubo suggests that Mizore be expelled from the Academy, because this is her second time causing trouble, and because of her repeat absences. Ririko Kagome, the math teacher, warns Tsukune and Moka of Kotsubo, who had dated the female students and was very possessive of them, going so far as to suspend the students he dated after the relationship was over.

Moka and Tsukune tell Kurumu and Yukari about Mizore’s potential expulsion, Kurumu and Yukari are unsympathetic to Mizore’s plight due to her actions in the previous chapter. Tsukune feels partially responsible for being so harsh when he rejected Mizore, believing her to be acting in such a way out of loneliness. Kotsubo approaches the group and informs them that Mizore’s scrapbook was found near the frozen students; proof that she was the attacker. Kotsubo says Mizore was in love with a Teacher the last semester, and that she froze him after he rejected her. Kotsubo states it would be best if Mizore was expelled, Tsukune realizes that Kotsubo was the teacher that Mizore froze, Kotsubo admits to this, saying he will do anything to get her out of the academy.

Tsukune shows up to Mizore’s room, Moka does not show up because she does not want to put Mizore in a bad mood with her presence. Tsukune tells Mizore that he is sorry for hurting Mizore’s feelings, and asks for forgiveness. Mizore uses her ice powers to destroy the door, almost hitting Tsukune. Tsukune tells her that he only wants to help, Tsukune tells Mizore that the Teachers plan to expel her for almost killing those 2 students. Tsukune says he believes that she did not do it on purpose, and that if Mizore apologizes she may be excused. Mizore is shocked to hear this, saying she while she did freeze the students, she unfroze them right after, so they shouldn’t be injured. Mizore says that Tsukune was the only person she wished to understand her, and because Tsukune didn’t trust her, he had crossed the line. Mizore, now depressed, runs away from Tsukune. From the shadows, Kotsubo is revealed to have been eavesdropping on their conversation.

Mizore is at a cliff looking out at the sea. Kotsubo approaches her, saying he knew she would be here because she always goes to the Cliffside when she is depressed. Kotsubo says that if Mizore were to fall off the cliff, it would look like an accident because it is so windy. Now that her life had been threatened, Mizore pushes Kotsubo off the cliff in her struggle to escape. Kotsubo survives because he is a Kraken, he says he wasn’t seriously planning to kill her, but now that she pushed him off the edge, he will kill her. His tentacles grab Mizore and pull her off the cliff. Mizore desperately holds unto a thorny stem of a plant to avoid falling. While she does this, Kotsubo says that Mizore had loved him during the first semester, and shouldn’t have froze him. Mizore defends herself saying that she only froze him because he attempted to rape her and her actions were in self defense, to which Kotsubo responds that he had the right to use her body however he liked because she loved him. Kotsubo says Mizore was too clingy, and that he did not love her back. Mizore loses her grip on the branch, as she is falling; she insults herself for being stupid enough to trust other people. Before she can fall; Tsukune, who had just arrived, grabs her hand and tries to pull her up. Kotsubo responds by wrapping a tentacle around Tsukune’s neck and choking him. Moka injects Tsukune with her blood. Tsukune uses the vampire strength to pull up Mizore and defeats Kotsubo in a one-sided fight.

Two weeks later, it is relevealed that Kotsubo is in the hospital and that Mizore has been proven innocent. Mizore cuts her hair to a shorter look, which both Moka and Tsukune think looks good on her, Mizore says she feels less burdened now.

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Okuto Kotsubo

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  • Tsukune seems perfectly fine at the end of the chapter. Did the bite marks from Moka injecting her blood temporarily heal and reopen?

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