Rosario + Vampire Chapter 018
Chapter Information
Volume Abominable Snowgirl
Chapter 18
Arc Anti-Schoolers: A Cold Welcome
Previous Back to the Beginning
Next Girl of the Thaw
Rosario + Vampire Manga Chapter 018

Title- A New Semester

Date- ?

Volume 05

Previous Chapter → 017

Next Chapter → 019


As Tsukune and the others from the Newspaper Club hand out the paper to the students, a girl named Mizore Shirayuki appears and takes an immediate liking to Tsukune. Seeing him as a lonely kindred spirit that needs companionship, Mizore tries to isolate Tsukune for herself and finds herself in danger of expulsion because of a teacher that accuses her of attacking him without cause. It falls upon Tsukune to set things straight with the despondent Mizore if he can keep the inner Moka from committing cold-blooded murder.

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  • As if this chapter, Tsukune goes without the jacket to his uniform for the rest of Season 1.
  • Mizore was intended to be a guest character but Akihisa Ikeda grew fond of her and made Mizore part of the main cast.
  • This also marks the last time Moka drinks Tsukune's blood until Chapter 27.

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Mizore Shirayuki

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