Back to the Beginning
Chapter Information
Volume Abominable Snowgirl ]
Chapter 17
Arc Witch's Knoll
Previous Witch's Knoll
Next A New Semester
Rosario + Vampire Manga Chapter 017

Title- Back to the Beginning

Date- ?

Volume 05

Previous Chapter → 016

Next Chapter → 018


Master fuses herself with all of her plant monsters and uses her new powers to absorb Moka, Kurumu, Mizore and Ruby. She fuses with the girls, making them part of her plant creature to increase her power and destroy all humans. Moka eventually separates herself from Oyakata and defeats her, releasing her friends. The witch explodes with her spell ended and Gin arrives just in time to save Ruby from the explosion.

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  • Oyakata captures Kurumu by spraying her with a special spore that makes her breasts grow to the point that she can't walk. When she fuses with Kurumu, the first vines that merge with her attach themselves to her gigantic breasts.

(When did this happen? Kurumu was flying Tsukune and Yukari away at the time.)


  • "We are now one!" - Moka and Lady Oyakata in unison after Moka fuses with Oyakata and her plants.
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