Can't We All just get Along?
Chapter Information
Volume Monster Plants
Chapter 15
Arc Witch's Knoll Arc
Previous City of Humans
Next Witch's Knoll
Rosario + Vampire Manga Chapter 015

Title- Can't we all just get along?

Date- ?

Volume 04

Previous Chapter → 014

Next Chapter → 016


Ruby wakes up and reveals that her hatred of humans is due to her parents dying in a car crash, and that she has a master at the sunflower field. She then runs away from the newspaper club and returns home. The group go to help Ruby and save the city from her master and get into a fight with the master. Ruby ends up saving Tsukune from her masters plant monster and her master stabs her in the chest.

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"easter eggs"

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* Tsukune manages to win over Ruby, but angers Oyakata.


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