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Volume Trolls
Chapter 11
Arc Security Committee arc
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Title: Blood


Volume 03

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Tsukune wakes up in his room with no memory of his time under the influence of Moka's blood. Moka tries to hide those events from him but Gin explains it to him when Tsukune is attacked be a random student in the bathroom. Tsukune is troubled by the idea of transforming into a vampire and pushes Moka away because of it. The random student from the bathroom then returns and attacks Tsukune in troll form. Moka then injects her blood into Tsukune on the instructions of her inner self, allowing Tsukune to defeat the troll. Moka then explains that the transformation is purely temporary and once the blood is used up he looses the vampiric power.

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  • Tsukune says that he'd be willing to become a vampire if it meant being able to save Moka. In Chaper 66.3 of the second serialization, he actualy does this so he can inject blood into Moka to save her life.

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"easter eggs"

Unanswered QuestionsEdit

  • Couldn't Rinkishi take the hint that Tsukune wasn't interested in fighting him?

Memorable MomentsEdit

Tsukune is given Moka's blood for a second time to save them from Rinkishi