Wish upon the Moon
Tsuki ni Negai o
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Season Rosario + Vampire
Volume Witches
Chapter 008
Arc Security Committee Arc
Previous Deadline!
Next The Secret


The day to hand out the newspapers has finally come. After a quick lunch with Moka Tsukune goes to hand out the newspapers with the rest of the club. The newspaper is a huge success, mostly due to Moka and Kurumu handing it out (Yukari’s lolicon fans help out a bit too!). The newspaper attracts its share of negative attention as well. The Academy Public Safety Commission come and order the club to shut down for not having their newspaper reviewed. When they kick the stand over Kurumu moves to attack and one member Keito reveals her ability to spit webbing. Gin explains that they should burn the newspapers in order to avoid conflict with them. Kurumu refuses to do so and goes to hand the newspapers out with Tsukune. Keito stops them and informs them that the newspaper club had criticized the safety Commission the previous year and where nearly destroyed. Keito then burns the newspaper, captures Tsukune and Kurumu and reveals her identity as a Jorougumo (a type of spider woman). When Moka interferes Tsukune uses his own body to protect her and remove her rosario. After Keito’s defeat the art teacher Ishigami tells the Public Safety Commission Tsukune is a human.

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"easter eggs"

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  • The title seemingly has nothing to do with the chapter.

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