Shimekiri o Mamorō!
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Chapter Information
Season Rosario + Vampire
Volume Witches
Chapter 007
Arc Freshman Year Arc
Previous The Art of the Birthday
Next Wish upon the Moon


With only two days remaining until the newspaper is printed, the club (except Gin) is working nonstop the get it ready on time. Kurumu receives a letter from an unfamiliar yokai named Nagare; about to toss it aside, Kurumu realizes that it is full of pictures of her showing her underwear. Under threat of the pictures being made public she agrees to go out with Nagare, abandoning the newspaper club. Even when Nagare begins taking perverted pictures of her, Kurumu refuses to use her charming abilities due to a promise to Tsukune. When Kurumu refuses to continue into the next day so she can help the newspaper club, Nagare steals the newspaper to ensure her compliance. Kurumu goes by herself to get the newspaper back but will not tell the other members where she is going. Tsukune, having faith in Kurumu goes looking for her to talk convince her to rejoin them while Moka follows. Before Tskune and Moka leave, Yukari finds the envelope with the blackmail pictures in it, and the gang figure out why Kurumu ran off. Meanwhile Kurumu decides to fight Nagare over the school newspaper and Nagare reveals his yokai form as a slug monster. When the Tsukune and Moka find Kurumu and Nagare fighting they are both paralyzed by Nagare's poison. Kurumu defeats Nagare and defends them using her powers of illusion as a succubus. With Kurumu's help the newspaper is completed on time.

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Nagare Kono - a slug monster that only appears in this chapter.

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"easter eggs"

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