The Art of the Birthday
Āto na Bāsudi
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Season Rosario + Vampire
Volume Witches
Chapter 006
Arc Freshman Year Arc
Previous Love is a Witch
Next Deadline!


Six days before Tsukune's birthday Moka tells him that she will not be able to see him after school for a week due to the art teacher Ishigami asking her to be a model. Despite Tsukune's hints and attempts to invite her Moka appears to have completely forgotten his birthday. Soon after Gin announces that the newspaper club will be investigating the disappearance of several (hot) girls. On his last chance to talk to Moka the day before his birthday, Tsukune attempts to speak to her before she starts modeling. In the art room, he discovers a strange crying statue. Before he can inspect it further Moka and Ishigami enter and Moka tries to get him to leave out of embarrassment. Tsukune misunderstands and runs out of the room believing Moka no longer cares about him. Upon arriving at the club room Kurumu shows Tsukune a picture of the eighth missing girl, who is the statue in the art room. Realizing Moka will be the next victim Tsukune hurries back to the art room and removes Moka's Rosario allowing her to defeat Ishigami, who turns out to be a Medusa. It is revealed that the entire reason Moka was modeling for Ishigami was to learn to paint a good picture of Tsukune as a gift for his birthday.

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Ms. Ishigami's definition of art plainly states that she's mentally disturbed.

Before realizing that Moka was the next girl on Ishigami's abuction list, Tsukune recalls her brief lapse in concealing her true form.

New CharactersEdit

Hitomi Ishigami: Yokai Academy Art teacher, a medusa who turns attractive girls to stone by biting them with her hair (which takes the form of snakes).

Cultural ReferencesEdit

"easter eggs"

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Memorable MomentsEdit

Moka's attempt to keep Tsukune in the dark about her time with Ms. Ishigami gives Tsukune the mistaken idea that Moka doesn't care about him at all.

Yukari senses "a dread energy" clinging to Moka and Tsukune, realizing they're both in danger. (Her crystal ball shows images of the art teacher's hair in snake status)

Ms. Ishigami doesn't realize why Moka's energy is spiking so powerfully until Tsukune shows that he removed her Rosario, smiling darkly because Ishigami must face Inner Moka's wrath.

Tsukune's selfless act of plunging his hand into Ishigami's snake hair to save Moka is the first time Tsukune impresses Inner Moka, who thinks "Tsukune...what a guy."

Outer Moka unveils her picture of Tsukune, stating that he means so much to her (she loves him).


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