Kurumu of Black Dreams
Kuroi Yume no Kurumu
Rosario + Vampire Manga Chapter 002
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Season Rosario + Vampire
Volume Vampires
Chapter 002
Arc Freshman Year Arc
Previous The School Vampire
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Kurumu of Black Dreams (黒い夢のくるむ, Kuroi Yume no Kurumu) is the second chapter of the Vampires volume and second chapter of Rosario + Vampire.


During the month-long delay between bus trips between the human and youkai world, Tsukune tries not to draw any attention to himself. Unfortunately for him, Moka is having other ideas as she yearns for perpetual proximity to Tsukune which incites the jealousy of the male students. Tsukune's fortunes only deteriorate further when the popular succubus Kurumu Kurono declares Moka as her rival and attempts to seduce Tsukune.

Long SummaryEdit

Having accepted his life in Yokai Academy, Tsukune, being a human, tries to avoid drawing attention to himself. However, Moka's friendly disposition towards Tsukune incites the jealousy of other male students.

Being a human, Moka thinks that Tsukune must feel lonely and assures him that she will be there for him when he needs anything, but she claims she's doing it for his blood. She sucks on his neck, making Tsukune overreact and run away from her.

Taking a walk on school grounds, Tsukune ponders on his relationship with Moka when he suddenly comes across a girl asking for help. He decides to help her and takes her to the infirmary. On the way, the girl starts to seduce Tsukune with her chest. She introduces herself as Kurumu Kurono and charms him, putting him under her control. Suddenly, Tsukune unconsciously starts affectionately holding her. His actions go unnoticed as Moka sees him from a distance.

Inside the school, Moka thinks about what she just saw and thinks about her tendency to suck Tsukune's blood. Out of nowhere, Kurumu appears and speaks out her thought that Moka is a vampire. She introduces herself to Moka and tells her that she's a succubus. She reveals her plan to get every male in Yokai Academy to be her slave. Seeing Moka as a threat to her plan, Kurumu challenges Moka by planning to "steal" Tsukune from her. She also tells Moka that Tsukune smells like a human, and she assumes that Moka is only using Tsukune as "food." Suddenly, Tsukune comes and tries to talk to Moka, but Kurumu clings on him and asks to bring her to the infirmary, claiming to feel dizzy again. Tsukune tries to sway Kurumu off, but she charms him again, putting him under her influence. Moka tries to convince Tsukune to get away from Kurumu, but the charm makes Tsukune respond by saying that Moka is the one trying to suck his blood. Hearing his response, Moka is dismayed and breaks to tears, snapping Tsukune out of the charm. Moka runs away, but Tsukune doesn't chase after her.

After bringing Kurumu to the infirmary, Tsukune wonders about his previous actions. A jubilant Kurumu plans to make Tsukune her slave and starts seducing him.

Somewhere outside, Moka is having thoughts about his relationship to Tsukune. A voice from her rosario starts speaking to her and explains that Tsukune is only being charmed by Kurumu. She also reveals that a male who receives a kiss from a succubus will eternally enslave him.

Under her charm, Tsukune tries to resist Kurumu's advance to kiss him. He is able to grab him from her back and say that he doesn't want to betray Moka. This angers Kurumu and causes her to transform to her true form. She tries to attack Tsukune, but Moka arrives on time to save Tsukune, pushing Kurumu out the window. Moka tells Tsukune about Kurumu's true form. Outside, Kurumu taunts the two to come out so she can kill them. They come outside, and Moka asks Tsukune to take off her rosary. While trying to avoid Kurumu's attacks, Tsukune tries to remove her rosary but to no avail. Diving for another attack, Moka puts herself in front of Tsukune and speaks out her feelings being Tsukune's friend. Tsukune hears it and enables him to remove Moka's rosary, transforming her into her true form. Kurumu stands her ground and reveals her true intentions, which is to save her species by finding their "Destined One" from a number of men. She charges towards Moka with all her might, but Moka stands formidable and defeats her with ease. Just as Moka is about to "make sure Kurumu can't stand against her again," Tsukune puts himself in between them to stop Moka. He explains that Kurumu doesn't have malicious intentions and that they could get along like Moka and himself. Moka claims that he misunderstands and that she only protected Tsukune for his blood. She grabs the rosary and reverts back to her outer form.

On their way in a usual day in Yokai Academy, Moka explains to Tsukune that the rosary spoke to her and assumes that the seal is weakening. Tsukune assures Moka that he will still like her even if the seal doesn't work anymore. Suddenly, Kurumu comes across the two and asks Tsukune to eat with her some cookies that she baked. When he asked why, Kurumu explains that she declared him to be her Destined One after rescuing her from Moka.

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