The School Vampire
Gakuen no Banpaia
Chapter cover art
Chapter Information
Season Rosario + Vampire
Volume Vampires
Chapter 001
Arc Freshman Year Arc
Previous None
Next Kurumu of Black Dreams


Tsukune Aono, a subpar student both academically and physically, is accepted into a mysterious high school. His first day of school is defined by his encounter with Moka Akashiya, a vampire that is enchanted by the scent of his human blood. Having quickly discovered that his new school is a school for monsters that have a mortal intolerance for humans, Tsukune tries to find a way to escape from the school. Upon his attempt to runaway from the school, Tsukune has a confrontation with Moka. A fight with a delinquent student quickly complicates and endangers Tsukune's life – right before he accidentally removes the cross on Moka's neck.

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