†Rosario and Family and a Vampire
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Episode Information
Kanji 十字架と家族とバンパイア
Rōmanji Jūjika to Kazoku to Banpaia
Season 2
Episode No. 13 (26 overall)
Air date December 24, 2008 (Japan)
Opening None
Ending Discotheque
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Seal and a Vampire
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† Rosario and Family and a Vampire (十字架と家族とバンパイア, Jūjika to Kazoku to Banpaia) is the thirteenth and final episode of Season Two and the twenty sixth overall. It aired on December 24, 2008 in Japan.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Tsukune arrives in the Northern Barrier, looking for the castle of the Dark Lord who created the rosary for Moka and the Great Barrier. He


is then attacked by Kou and a flock of bats. He yells at them to leave him alone as he'll get to the castle and get Outer Moka back; his eyes glow red, scaring the bats off as he headbutts Kou into the horizon. Kokoa watches from behind a tree, asking herself why Kou failed. Deciding it's up to her, Kokoa steps out to follow Tsukune. However, she is knocked away by Tsurara and a charging army of Snow Women.

Continuing onto the castle, Tsukune comments about how the Northern Barrier is appropiately cold. He is then stopped by Tsurara and her army of Snow Women. A brief blast of snow and Tsukune is caught by Mr. Shirayuki, who is in his Yeti costume. Tsurara says it's time to take him back to the village and marry him to Mizore. Tsukune is unwilling to let this happen, making his objection to it clear.

Mizore arrives and blocks her mother, telling her father to let Tsukune go. Tsurara ask Mizore if she's given up, which Mizore she hasn't; if she's going to be his wife, she must help Tsukune fullfil his wishes, even if it means Outer Moka coming back. Mizore then questions her mother as to if she has any faith in her being able to win Tsukune's heart. Annoyed, Tsurara has her accomplices create a snowstorm to

Help has arrived

keep Tsukune from leaving. However, washtubs fall on them. Yukari arrives with her parents, they're going to help Tsukune as well because Yukari wants Outer Moka back too. Yukari prepares to cast as spell for multiple washtubs, but her mother uses a more powerful spell that rains them down on the foes from an orbital assault. Tsukune is sent on ahead while Mizore fights her mother personally.

Tsukune arrives at the bridge, seeing he cannot cross it (as it is operated from the other side). He is then caught by Ms. Kurono, who flies him off to get him married to Kurumu. Tsukune wonders why everyone is trying to marry him to their daughter. Ageha then wonders if Tsukune would prefer being in a relationship with multiple girls (which is what he's currently in), but Tsukune keeps changing the subject on her. This forces Ageha to use Charm to put him in a trance. Luckily for Tsukune, Kurumu arrives and knocks her mother into the abyss below the gap where the bridge goes. Tsukune grabs onto Kurumu as she passes by; he's accidentally groping her.

Though she doesn't mind, Kurumu takes him to bridge. Kurumu explains that since Outer Moka vanished, she thought she had a better chance of winning his heart. However, Outer Moka has an even tighter grip on Tsukune's heart since she vanished. Tsukune tries apologizing, but Kurumu tells him not to as it would mean her efforts would have been in vain. Ageha returns, asking Kurumu is that is how she's supposed to treat her mother. Kurumu tells Tsukune to hurry and get a new rosary from the Dark Lord. He runs inside, leaving Kurumu to cry about what a jerk he is.

Elsewhere, Mizore continues fighting her mother, while Yukari fights the extra Snow Fairies. Blown away by a blast of snow, Yukari is caught by Mr. Shirayuki, who she screams at in terror. Kurumu continues fighting her mother. The Dark Lord observes all of them fighting from a balcony of his castle; he's holding a rosary (presumably created to replace the broken one in the previous episode at the Director's request)

Tsukune searches the castle until he comes to doors leading to a throne room. Kokoa stops him, asking if he actually knows who lives in the castle. When Tsukune explains he only knows it's a Dark Lord, Kokoa explains the Dark Lord is her and Moka's father (Issa Shuzen); it now makes sense as to where Moka got hers from now. Kokoa warns Tsukune to leave as her father hates humans. However, Tsukune thanks Kokoa for her concern and enters the throne room. Kokoa is left stunned at Tsukune's thanks and determination.

Upon noticing Issa at the far end of the room, Tsukune greets him and asks for the rosary he's holding. However, Issa tells the human filth that entered his castle without permission to get out. Tsukune continues towards him, seeing a rosary, asking for it. He is then slammed into a wall by Issa through pure power. Issa claims that it was a mistake to give Moka her rosary to begin with. Tsukune recovers from the blow, making Issa surprised that he survived it. Issa again says it was a mistake to give Moka her rosary to begin with, thinking it ridiculous that the person who can remove it from her is a human. Tsukune asks Issa why he hates humans so much. Issa tells him it's because of how humans fear and hate monsters; Tsukune says he never treated Moka like that. However, Issa points out that Tsukune feared Moka the first time they met. When Tsukune says that he loves her now, Issa hits him into a column. Kokoa sees this from outside, preparing to go help him, but is stopped by Moka.

Rosario others 0269.jpg

Issa explains to Tsukune that he gave Moka a chance to live in peace in the Human World, turning her aggressive personality into a kind and gentle one, saying Tsukune took advantage of it. Tsukune asks Issa how he could transform his own daughter; Issa believes Moka is to be protected how he sees fit. Picking himself up, Tsukune says Outer Moka and he made a promise to see each other again. Issa points out that Tsukune hasn't been listening; the Moka he's fallen for is an illusion created by the rosary.

Angered by Issa calling his love an illusion, Tsukune eyes glow red as begins glowing with a red aura. This momentarily shocks Issa, who wonders how he can have this power, then remembering Moka gave some of her blood to him. Tsukune tells Issa that he doesn't care Moka has

Tsukune's anger draws out the power within him

two souls, the hand he touched was the same; he cares for both Mokas and doesn't want to be without either one. Tsukune charges at Issa, determined to take the rosary from him. However, Issa keeps him at bay easily. When he catches a glimpse of Moka and Kokoa looking into the room, he loses focus, letting Tsukune land a punch to his face. Issa knocks Tsukune away, only for Moka to grab him.

Moka says the show Issa has been putting on has gone on long enough; if Issa was serious, Tsukune would have died after the first hit. She then says Tsukune won their showdown. Issa, in disbelief, notices that Tsukune has the rosary. When questioned if she's okay with being sealed again, Moka says it's not up to her. Issa gives in, saying Tsukune may use the rosary how he sees fit. However, he adds that he is not giving Moka's hand to him, something he had better remember; he then vanishes. Tsukune tries to give Moka the rosary, but Kokoa steals it; if Moka seals herself, it's back to square one. However, as Kokoa and Tsukune fight each other for the rosary, Moka warns them they had better take the fight outside. The castle begins rumbling as Kou explains Issa destroys any castle of his that someone infiltrates.

At dusk, Kurumu, Yukari and Mizore, having lost the excess articles of clothing of their outfits from their fights, arrive at the castle ruins. They find Tsukune and Moka alive and fine. Moka asks Tsukune if he really prefers Outer Moka to her. However, the girls interrupt them, telling Tsukune to pick one of them. However, Tsukune tells them that he can't pick the one he wants to spend his life with yet, which is why he wanted to bring Outer Moka back. However, Inner Moka claims he's making up an excuse to string them along and kicks him away, making Tsukune land where Kokoa is, knocking her away. After landing, Tsukune states that he knows his place.

Inner Moka then says she's tired of being out all the time, saying she wants to do that "thing" with him. She leans in and bites Tsukune, sucking his blood. Tsukune yells that Inner Moka's bite hurts worse than Outer Moka's as she seals herself. In a flash of light, Outer Moka is back. She and Tsukune share a loving gaze with each other, angering the other girls, who tell them to embrace. Kurumu cries, saying she's allowing this because it's a special occasion.

Tsukune and Moka hug, but Moka nearly breaks his spine in half. He asks Moka if she's mad at him for some reason; Moka at first dodges the question then she confesses that she's jealous that Inner Moka was getting all lovey-dovey with him. She then says he can make it up to her and sucks his blood. Tsukune complains about this happening twice in one day. However, Moka seems to be sucking too much as Tsukune lost his color and is starting to look like "beef jerky". Kurumu stops Moka as Tsukune collapses. Moka apologizes for going overboard as Mizore and Yukari move in to kiss the barely alive Tsukune, angering Kurumu. They prepare to fight for the right to kiss him, but the sound of a horn stops them.

They look off into the distance

Ruby explains Ageha and Tsurara are "tied up"

to see the Yokai Academy bus arriving with Ms. Nekonome and Ruby in it with Tsurara and Ageha tied up with their mouths gagged with tape, they kept arguing over which one's daughter would marry Tsukune. Ruby explains that it's a long story, but they finally managed to subdue their parents. Ms. Nekonome takes notice of Moka being back to normal; it's thanks to Tsukune. She then says it's time to head back to Yokai Academy.

As everyone leaves in the bus, Kokoa watches. She says Tsukune better enjoy having Outer Moka around while he can as she's planning to launch another plot to get Inner Moka back real soon. She is then shocked to find Issa behind her. He revelas that he found out she was responsible for setting up the chain of events that lead everyone there; despite Kokoa's attempt to deny this he pummels her as punishment.

As everyone is heading back, the Bus Driver thinks to himself how shocking it is that Issa allowed a human to come back from his castle; he must be placing his hopes for the future in Tsukune. He says it's a future where monsters and humans live together in peace, and the place that teaches this is Yokai Acamemy.

Once at the Academy, Tsukune and Moka run into the auditorium to dance. However, Kurumu, Mizore and Yukari follow, knocking her away. They're joined by G

Here we go again...

in, Ruby, Saizo, Kasahara, Taira, Nagai and Keito. Yukari sees Mizore and Kurumu dancing and wants to try herself. However, because she's too small, Kurumu laughs at her. Moka then bumps into them with Ruby; they dance in synch. Outside, Kokoa is spying in, having stolen Lillith's Mirror again. She runs in and uses the light to split Moka apart. Tsukune tries to run, but is caught by all the girls (including Inner Moka).

Adapted From[edit | edit source]

Manga Chapter this episode is adapted from. (Non-Existent)

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

Tsukune reveals that he can't make a decision about the future if even one of his good friends is absent. This suggests that he needs them all present for counsel for proper focus.

New Characters[edit | edit source]

Cultural References[edit | edit source]

"easter eggs"

  • When attacked by MIzore's father Tsukune says "Get your paws off me, you damn, dirty yeti!" an obvious reference to Planet of the Apes.

Memorable Moments[edit | edit source]

  • Tsukune kept his promise to the Outer Moka that they would meet each other again.
  • Tsukune and the Inner Moka had their moment together near the ending of the show.
  • Tsukune's vampiric power manifested partially and then fully when he got angry.
  • Tsukune got the power of a vampire.
  • Moka's father let Tsukune have the Rosario and told him to not to let go of her.
  • Kokoa was trying to save Tsukune's life by trying to talk him out of it.
  • Kurumu shared her little moment with Tsukune by explaining her feelings for him.
  • Mizore, Yukari, and Kurumu help out Tsukune to get to the Dark Lord's castle.
  • Kokoa gets spanked by her father Issa.

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