Seal and a Vampire
Rosario + Vampire Episode 25 Title Card
Episode Information
Kanji 封印とバンパイア
Rōmanji Fūin to Banpaia
Season 2
Episode No. 12 (25 overall)
Air date December 17, 2008 (Japan)
Opening Discotheque
Ending Trinity Cross
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Lilith's Mirror and a Vampire
†Rosario and Family and a Vampire

Seal and a Vampire (封印とバンパイア, Fūin to Banpaia) is the twelfth episode of Season Two and the twenty fifth overall episode of Rosario + Vampire. It aired on December 17, 2008 in Japan.


Kasumi Aono is watching a television program, which is talking about disastrous weather that can occur. A rumbling then shakes the house, making her go outside to see what's going on. Much to her shock and confusion, she see Yokai Academy upside down through a fracture in the sky.

Back in the Monster World, all the students are looking up to the sky in horror. Kurumu wonders what's going on and Ruby returns, explaining that the Great Barrier is breaking apart. However, this only confuses everyone; didn't they seal Lillith's mirror to prevent this from happening? Ruby then explains the rosary that regulates the barrier couldn't handle the massive amount of monster energy, which caused it to break. Moka hears this and holds her rosary, thinking. Kyoko asks what will happen if the barrier breaks. Ruby explains the monster energy pouring into the Human World, which will call forth an army of savage beasts. This freaks Kyoko out, making yell that she shouldn't have trusted them as she, Tsukune and Kasumi are going to be eaten. Moka runs off, making Ruby realize what she's been thinking.

Moka arrives at the room where the control for the Great Barrier is and realizes the broken rosary is just like hers. Tsukune, Kurumu, Ruby, Kyoko, Yukari and Mizore arrive. Moka asks for help, explaining she'll replace the broken rosary with hers, even if it means Inner Moka will permanently take her place; she's willing to do this to protect Tsukune, Kyoko and the rest of humanity. She leans into Tsukune's arms and has him pull off the rosary, Moka puts it in place of the broken one, repairing the damage done to the Great Barrier and saving everyone. Even though her body has changed to Inner Moka's, Outer Moka's personality and eyes remain; she says she fought just as hard as her other self would, and vows to see Tsukune again. Tsukune yells to her as he reaches out.

A month passes; Kyoko managed to get back to the Human World just fine. And everything at school is back to normal. Well, not EVERYTHING.

Ms. Nekonome takes roll call and Inner Moka barely responds when she's called on; she was reading a magazine about fighting. Tsukune feels awkward with Inner Moka in place of Outer Moka, not bothering to look behind himself, at her. After class, Yukari and Kurumu wonder what they should make their next article in the Yokai Gazette be, thinking they should try for questions that would be on the mid terms. When they ask Inner Moka for her opinion, she suggests an article of different kinds of kicks; Tsukune thinks it may be a good idea as some students may want to exercise to lose a few pounds.

At the start of gym class, Kurumu complains to Yukari and Mizore about having to have the class in the morning. Yukari calls her lazy. They then notice Tsukune; the boys and girls are inside today for gym. Kurumu tells Tsukune to watch her, rubbing against him. Mizore, angered by Kurumu, decides to do them same. Though she's flat, Yukari decides to give it a go herself. Inner Moka catches them and asks what they're doing. They wonder if she wants them to stop, but Inner Moka says she doesn't; she wants to do the same thing, even asking them if for tips. This only weirds Tsukune out even more.

At lunch, Inner Moka catches sight of Tsukune and tries going after him. However, she's stopped by fan girls, who want to have lunch with her. Kokoa arrives and stops them, saying that since she finally has her real sister back, she's got dibs on her popularity. Annoyed, the fan girls leave, calling Kokoa stingy. Kokoa turns to Moka, saying now they can share lunch together. However, Moka's gone.

On the roof, Tsukune is having lunch. Inner Moka finds him and sits down next to him. Tsukune offers her some of his lunch, but she asks him if they should gaze at each other like he and her other self used to. He agrees and they do, but Tsukune only sees Outer Moka when it goes on long enough. Inner Moka realises she was right; even though Outer Moka is gone, Tsukune can't stop thinking about her.

Kurumu, Yukari and Mizore arrive on the roof, talking to each other about how much Inner Moka creeps them out. MIzore comments that she has a talent for not being able to take a hint, but Inner Moka trumps her in that factor. Yukari tells her that it's not a talent. They then see Tsukune and Moka talking to each other.

Inner Moka explains to Tsukune that when she was little, how she is now is what she looked like; the Moka he loves is nothing more than an illusion created by the rosary. Even so, she points out that they share the same body, so the same hand he touches belongs to Outer Moka as well. Inner offers to suck his blood in Outer's place, but the other girls order her to stop. She obliges and tells Tsukune to remember what she said. Kurumu, Yukari and Mizore realize they have to do something to cheer Tsukune up. Unbeknownst to them, Kokoa is watching from not to far away, deciding to keep an eye on Tsukune because he may be willing to do anything in such a state of desperation.

That night, Ruby checks on the Great Barrier, finding no problems with the replacement rosary. She tells this to the Director, who is grateful for Moka giving up her Outer personality to save everyone. Ruby then questions him about the old rosary and Moka's; they're both identical. The Director says it's very simple; they were both crafted by the same person. He then tells Ruby that what he has next to say must remain between them.

In class the next day, Ms. Nekonome reminds everyone about the Future Paths session taking place tomorrow. Reading his notice, Tsukune decides to call his mother that evening. Kasumi says there was an earthquake and a storm early (caused by the Great Barrier nearly falling apart) and that Kyoko has been crying about having done something terrible to Moka on her visit to Yokai. Tsukune says Kyoko doesn't need to worry about it.

Ruby, who is sweeping at the gate, notices Tsukune walking out of the school, deciding to follow him. Tsukune comes to the place where he first met Moka, thinking about the day the met. The pain from losing her finally proves too much for him to keep buried and Tsukune cries, saying he wants to see her one more time. Ruby hears this and realizes she has to tell him what she learned from the Director.

That night, Tsukune is still mourning and looks over to Moka's now dark window. He hears a rock hit his window and looks down to find Ruby. Meeting up with her, Tsukune wonders why she's there. Ruby explains that she may get in trouble for telling him this, but there IS a way to bring back Outer Moka.

The next day, Mr. and Mrs. Shirayuki, Ms. (Mrs.?) Kurono and Mr. and Mrs. Sendo arrive for the Future Paths session. Almost immediately, Tsurara and Ageha get into an argument again. However, Yukari's mute mother steps in to stop them. They misinterpret what she's trying to say, but put it aside to continue on with why the came to visit.

They meet up with Kurumu, Mizore and Yukari, who are surprised their parents got there so early. Tsurara explains Mizore phoned her about Tsukune, deciding to prepare a wedding for them. Kurumu yells at Mizore for doing this, saying SHE'll be the one to marry Tsukune because she was there longer than them, always trying to get his attention. Ageha compliments Kurumu for standing up for herself, which prompts Tsurara to start another fight between them.
Rosario others 0245

Even Yukari's mother is willing to fight for her daughter's right to be Tsukune's girlfriend

Shockingly, Mrs. Sendo joins in the fight, threatening the other mothers with her broom (held like a war sword). Yukari wonders what she is doing, but then correctly guesses that her mother is willing to fight to protect Yukari's claim to Tsukune.

It would seem the fathers are the only level-headed parents.(no kidding)

The husbands give a glance at their wives, then to themselves and sigh; they know it's just like their wives to act like this
Rosario others 0246

The only level-headed parents

. Yukari then begs everyone to stop; none of them have considered Tsukune's feelings about the matter, because she doesn't want him to end up in a loveless relationship. The mothers calm down upon hearing this, feeling embarrassed for how they reacted. Ageha and Tsurara decide to look for Tsukune, calling out to him and claiming to be his future mother-in-law. In the Human World, Kasumi is watching a program about terrible mother and daughter-in-laws (ironic), getting a chill up her spine.

Ageha and Tsurara look for Tsukune, only for Yukari to mention she hasn't seen him today. Kou arrives, looking for Kokoa, saying Tsukune is up to something. Ageha pins Kou with her claw-nails, demanding to know what information he has about Tsukune, while Tsurara threatens him with a hammer made of ice.

In the meantime, Tsukune has mounted his bike and is riding off. He is stopped by Moka, who tells him they have to go to the Future Paths session and that she was hoping to go to the News Club with him afterwards. Tsukune apologizes and takes off; Moka realizes that she cannot take her other self's place and knows Tsukune is trying to bring her back.

A flashback shows Ruby explaining that she was taken in by the Director and has been watching the Great Barrier for him; she feels like she failed because Moka had to give up her rosary. The Director is also one of the Three Dark Lords, who found Yokai Academy; the very same person who made the rosary for the Great Barrier, made Moka's as well, so they could get a new one. However, those who even venture near his castle are in danger of never coming back. Little did they know, Kokoa was listening to them from above.

In the present, Tsukune rides to the Bus Stop, where the Driver asks him where he's going; to the Northern Barrier, which is where Ruby said the Dark Lord resided. The Bus Driver offers to give Tsukune a lift, but he politely refuses, instead getting instructions on how to get there. As Tsukune heads into the tunnel, the driver asks if he regrets coming to Yokai; Tsukune doesn't. The driver then thinks to himself what a good answer Tsukune gave, but thinks Tsukune may not come back from the castle alive.

Riding into the dimensional tunnel, Tsukune thinks to himself that he will get Moka a new rosary. Having watched from above the tunnel, Kokoa says she won't let Tsukune ruin the result of all her planning to get Inner Moka back. Kou begs for death in the meantime, having been severely beaten by the mothers.

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  • Given an image of the Director appeared above Ruby and Tsukune, with his hands out as if manipulating a puppet, this could symbolize that he actually tricked Ruby; people tend to do something when told not to.

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"easter eggs" 

Unanswered QuestionsEdit

Can't anyone understand that Tsukune can't "look to the future" without all of his present-day friends to talk to?

Memorable MomentsEdit

-Inner Moka rubs her "chest" against Tsukune.

-Inner Moka and Tsukune have their first and only "face to face," with comical results.

-Tsukune sets out to find the creator of Moka's Rosario.


  • Mizore's Mom: What's that? Did you just say duty calls?

  • Kurumu's Mom: What did you just call me?!

  • Kurumu's Mom: And what do you mean by that?

  • Kurumu's Mom: Hey, what does that mean?!
  • Mizore's Mom: What do you think?

  • All: Call of their wedding?!
  • Yukari: Now, wait a second. You actually getting married?

  • Kurumu: In that case I'll married Tsukune as well.

  • Mizore's Mom: Do you really think?

  • Yukari: Mom, what are you doing? Huh? You're saying to fight to protect Tsukane?

  • Mizore's Mom & Kurumu's Mom: What did you just say?!

  • Kurmu's Mom: Start talking, Bat! What do you know about Tsukane?
  • Mizore's Mom: You'd better tell us!
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