Lilith's Mirror and a Vampire
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Episode Information
Kanji リリスの鏡とバンパイア
Rōmanji Ririsu no Kagami to Banpaia
Season 2
Episode No. 11 (24 overall)
Air date December 10, 2008 (Japan)
Opening Discotheque
Ending Trinity Cross
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Seal and a Vampire

Lilith's Mirror and a Vampire (リリスの鏡とバンパイア, Ririsu no Kagami to Banpaia) is the eleventh episode of Season Two and the twenty fourth overall episode of Rosario + Vampire. It aired on December 10, 2008 in Japan.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Suspicious of what kind of school Yokai Academy is, Kyoko has arrived in the monster world, reluctantly carrying rice balls Kasumi asked her to deliver to Tsukune. She becomes scared by bats, but decides she has to find out more about the school for the safety of her cousin. She then hears a bike approaching, turning to find Kokoa heading towards her. Kokoa crashes into her, knocking them both down; their packages (which are wrapped the same) are switched. Angered by how someone could be stupid enough to stand in the middle of the road, Kokoa snaps at Kyoko before Kou tells her they have to go; Kokoa has a plan on how to get her sister back. Kokoa takes off as Kyoko remembers having met her before. Kyoko gets to the school, commenting on how spooky and gothic it looks instead of modern.

Spotting Tsukune and Moka walking, Kyoko runs after them. However, she stops when Kurumu runs up and grabs Tsukune; she's wearing a maid outfit because she heard they're popular in the Human World. Yukari floats into the scene, knocking Kurumu out with a washtub. However, Mizore arrives as well, freezing Yukari solid. They fight like usual. Kyoko watches this from the corner, wondering why a school would allow girls to fawn over Tsukune out in the open. She then comes to the wrong conclusion that Yokai trains girls in the sex trade, believing it to be the only logical explanation; she doesn't seem to have much faith in Tsukune. A voice asks Kyoko if she's it's new master. Kyoko says not to call her that, then thinks she'd looker better in a maid outfit than the girls.

However, she then notices the voice is coming from the package

The trouble starts now

an opens it to find a mirror in place of the rice balls, wondering "How did auntie's rice balls turn into a mirror!?" At the same time, Kokoa discovers they switched packages; she has the rice balls. Kou says the rice balls are the most delicious he's ever tasted, but is smacked by an angry Kokoa. Back to Kyoko, she's still wondering how this could have happened as a flash of green light comes from the mirror. A tiny pixie emerges from the mirror, introducing herself as Lillith, the spirit of the mirror.

However, Kyoko runs off into the forest, shouting that it's like she's on some kind of TV show for pranking others, deciding that it's just that; her thick-headed mind cannot process the truth it seems. Lillith realizes Kyoko is human, deciding to show her other monsters to prove Kyoko's mistaken. Finding the Fan Club Coalition, who are drooling over getting another video of Inner Moka, Lilith has them look at her mirror. Reverted to their monsters forms, they freak out about being suspended for breaking the first rule of the academy.


Lillith hears Kyoko's "wish"

explains to Kyoko that her mirror undoes the transformation magic any monster use to disguise themselves as a human. However, Kyoko says that was the coolest special effects she's ever scene; could she be anymore dense? Deciding that students dressing up as monsters makes Yokai Academy even more suspicious, Kyoko says that her cousin goes to this school and she has to find out what it's about. Lillith takes this as a wish, saying she'll grant it, with a wicked smirk on her face.

Elsewhere, it's after school and Kurumu and Yukari are carrying boxes to the News Club room. Yukari asks Kurumu why she bought so many ingredients, which she says is because she wants to make a yummy cake for Tsukune. They then hear students screaming in the distance. They then watch Lillith fly past them, wondering who she is as neither of them have seen her before. Catching sight of them, Lillith has shines the mirror's light on Kurumu and Yukari as they both scream. Kurumu and Yukari are then seen with glowing red eyes and manic grins.

In the News Club, Tsukune is wondering where Kurumu and Yukari are. Moka tells him that they went shopping and will be back soon, while she puts supplies back on the shelf. Tsukune comments that leaves Mizore and someone else (Gin), who they can't seem to remember. Tsukune offers to put the supplies back for Moka, but she refuses. Moka ends up falling and Tsukune breaks her fall by having her land on him. Moka apologizes, saying she must be heavy. However, Tsukune says she's actually very light. They share another moment, but Moka ends up biting him like usual.

They are then shocked to find Ruby has entered the room, dressed as security guard.

Ruby asks for help

Ruby explains it's another long story, but the Director assigned her to patrol for an artifact stolen from his treasure trove; she's there to ask them for help. However, before she can explain further, a howling is heard. Gin (in werewolf form) breaks the door down, knocking Ruby away and shouting "Panties!". He notices Moka is "wearing white ones today", rolling and taking pictures as she begs him to stop. Tsukune tries pulling Gin away, saying that he's acting worse than usual. Ruby asks him if he looked into mirror, which he says he'll answer if she lets him takes pictures of her panties too. Fed up with Gin, Moka slams a cabinet on him, then worries if she killed him; he's not dead, just stunned. Shocked by this, Ruby runs out of the room, followed by Tsukune and Moka.

Seeing several students out of their human forms, Tsukune wonders if they all decided to break the school rules. However, Ruby explains that it is not the case; the all looked into Lillith's mirror. She goes onto explain that the mirror reveals the true form of a monster along with the true nature (what they desire or who they really are on the inside). When asked if they know who stole the mirror, Ruby gives a description of Kokoa, who Tsukune and Moka accept that Kokoa would be the cause of this trouble. A horrifying fact is that if they can't contain the monster energy being released by Lillith, the Great Barrier could collapse. Tsukune decides to go find the others. One of Ruby's crows arrive and tells her a human girl has been seen with Lilith's mirror, making Moka worry for the girl's safety.

At the pool, Kyoko is shaking with terror from seeing several people turned into monsters. Because there is no way someone can make costume big as the giant monsters she's seen, and the fact everyone who looks in it transforms, Kyoko finally accepts that monsters are real. She asks Lillith to stop, but Lillith says she is going to keep granting her wish to see what Yokai academy is about, taking off. Kyoko then hears a woman say she smells a delicious human girl, turning to find Ms Ririko in her true form. She screams in terror.


Kurumu bares herself under the influence of Lillith's mirror.

Elsewhere, Tsukune spots Lilith flying around. He then hears Kurumu calling him; Tsukune is happy to see she's still in human form. Kurumu, is flushed and breathing raggedly. Kurumu says she feels hot as she transforms and takes off her top before smothering him in her bare breasts and making him grope her. Yukari arrives and knocks Kurumu away. She the grabs onto Tsukune knocking him down, telling him her breasts are better. Tsukune tells her they're getting dangerously close to kiddie porn. Mizore then arrives and freezes Yukari. She flashes Tsukune before being knocked away by Kurumu, starting a fight between the three of them. Tsukune realizes the mirror's power has removed his friends disguises and self-restraint, causing them to go berserk. Ruby arrives in her normal outfit, asking Tsukune what she can do for him; Lillith got to her as well. Asking for a command, Ruby begins exposing herself (beginning to open her top & spread her legs). Hoping to stall Ruby's action, Tsukune commands her to tell him what happened. Ruby tells Tsukune she and Moka split up. Tsukune then worries which Moka is her true nature. Ruby asks Tsukune if he has another command yet. The four girls then gang up on him and attempt to smother him in their breasts.

Back at the pool, Ms. Ririko prepares to eat Kyoko, but is knocked away by Moka. Kyoko is shocked to see Moka, who is relieved she's okay. However, when Moka takes her hand to lead her away, Kyoko pulls it back, saying she's not fooled anymore; Moka's a monster as well. Moka tries to explain things as Ms. Ririko recovers, expressing her surprise at running into Moka. Ms. Ririko calls in male students Lillith changed, saying she's going to feed Moka to them. Noticing Lillith by Ms. Ririko, Moka asks Kyoko to get the mirror for her. Kyoko is unwilling to help, which has Moka explaining that she IS a monster, but one who cares for Tsukune from the bottom of her heart. Reassured, Kyoko holds onto Moka as she jumps off the ground and, using Ms. Ririko's face as a place of take off, Moka grabs Lillith while Kyoko snags the mirror. Moka uses the mirror to bring out Inner Moka, who pummels Ms. Ririko and the students into submission.

Inner Moka compliments her other self, calling her clever for using the mirror to bring her out because Tsukune wasn't around to remove the rosary. She then prepares to deal with Lillith, asking her what right she has to reveal everyone's

The Mokas meet face to face

true natures. Lillith then shines the mirror's light on Moka; it splits Moka into both Outer and Inner. Both are shocked to be meeting each other face to face; because Moka has TWO true natures, the mirror brought them both out. Kyoko is visibly disturbed by this; two of the same person? Outer Moka feels weak and crumples to her knees, prompting Inner Moka to keep fighting. Outer Moka protests but Inner Moka says she can trust Tsukune all she wants, but that she alone isn't strong enough to protect him. However, Lilith uses the mirror on herself, releasing her powers. After Lillith does this, Inner Moka asks her what are you, to which Lilith states she is an ancient artifact spirit. Using another blast of light, Lillith corners both Mokas; because they are split in two, their strength is divided as well.

Luckily Tsukune arrives with everyone else; they are shocked to see both Mokas at the same time. Tsukune then becomes shocked to see his cousin. Lillith wonders how the girls broke free of her mirror's spell. Kurumu explains Tsukune brought them back to their senses by explaining that they can't replace Moka and they cannot be replaced either. Lillith decides to use a stronger light to keep them occupied, but the girls put on blindfolds. However, they then wonder how they are going to fight; they never thought about this part. Kyoko gives them the angle and range, which they use to pull off a joint attack, saying Inner Moka's line "Learn Your Place". Lillith is knocked down, wondering why learning her place hurts so much before succumbing to the knockout attack.

Tsukune asks Kyoko if she's alright, which she says is because of Moka. Kokoa arrives and beg

Kyoko accepts Yokai Acadmey's secret

ins hugging Inner Moka, happy to have her real sister back. Ruby explains that if they wrap up Lillith's mirror, they can reverse all the mayhem it caused. Inner Moka seconds this, Outer Moka tries to stall the action to find out what her Inner self meant about the remark Inner made while they were attacked by Lillith. Inner Moka closes her eyes, explaining to her Outer self that she'll know why some day. Once done, all the students and teacher are reverted to their human forms. Kokoa then yells in anger at Ruby for ruining her plans. However, this rant exposes her as the thief, making Ruby drag her off for punishment. Kyoko asks Tsukune if he likes going to Yokai, which he says he does because of all the wonderful friends he's made. However, this only prompts the girls to start another fight over who's his girlfriend, which culminates with Kurumu giving Yukari a spanking. After wondering about Inner Moka's words about Tsukune, Moka then realizes her Inner self loves Tsukune as well.

A rumbling then shakes the school grounds. The Director says "it" is happening faster than they thought as the shaking continues. Ruby, who is still dragging Kokoa away, is also horrified, asking if they were too late. Kyoko asks Tsukune and the others what is happening as they look up at the sky. Much to everyone's horror, the Great Barrier is beginning to break apart. Lillith exposing so many students' true selves overtaxed the barrier's rosary and it began to break into pieces.

Adapted From[edit | edit source]

Manga Chapter this episode is adapted from.

Refer-backs[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • After Moka slams the cabinet on Gin, her position in the room changes; she was by the door when she dropped in on him, but in the next second, she's on the other side of the room.
  • Ironically, Tsukune could have had Ruby stop the others from attacking each other by "giving her a command"; she would have done anything he asked. (heat of the moment hampered clear thinking)
  • Its suggested Ruby can switch her outfits with magic, given her wardrobe change.
  • In the English Dub, Tsukune is slightly interested when Kurumu and Mizore trying seducing him. He actually compliments their breasts, unlike the original version where he tried to block out the images.
  • Outer Moka realizes that Inner Moka also loves Tsukune.
  • Kyoko's misunderstanding about Kurumu's maid outfit revolves around the "maid fantasy" of a willing servant to follow any order. (Think on the terms of a love-starved guy)
  • The spirit of Lilith's Mirror, as stated in the manga chapter this episode is based on, is called in English an "Artifact Spirit". As the manga stated, when an artifact spirit gets old they can become corrupt and evil, which Lilith's conduct states very plainly.
  • This episode marks the second time that Yukari is spanked by Kurumu. Coincidentally, the previous time occurred during the eleventh episode of the first season.
  • Kyoko doesn't seem to have much confidence in Tsukune being able to be popular with girls.

New Characters[edit | edit source]


Cultural References[edit | edit source]

"Easter eggs"

Quotes[edit | edit source]

Gin: (Under the spell of Lillith's mirror, taking pictures of Moka) Oh baby! I see London, I see France!

Moka: (Holding her skirt down to prevent Gin from taking pictures of her underwear) Gin! Please stop that!

Tsukune: (Trying to pull Gin away from Moka) Stop it, Gin! You're acting WORSE than usual!

Unanswered Questions[edit | edit source]

  • How the heck did Kyoko get to the monster world to begin with?
  • What would happen if Tsukune looked into the mirror? (Probably nothing; he only has a small amount of vampire blood in him. Unlike the manga, where he has to where the Holy Lock to suppress the Ghoulish instincts that too vampire blood gave him.)

Memorable Moments[edit | edit source]

Tsukune beheld all the girls without their behavioral restraint, realizing they are far more restrained than he had thought.

Seeing Kurumu Kurono under the influence of Lillith's Mirror, one can truly see that she is restraining her seductive nature, without restraint she's roughly as much of a seductress as her uninhibited mother, Ageha.

Without their emotional restraint, Kurumu, Yukari, Mizore and Ruby made it perfectly clear just how much they adored Tsukune and dislike each others habit of getting in the way of their personal romantic longings. I think he'll need some of Kurumu's curry ingredients to aid him in satisfying each of them in the future. See the episode Mizore showed her Yuki-Onna cooking style in.

Outer Moka realizes that both she and Inner Moka have fallen in love with Tsukune.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • Kokoa: Move it!
  • Kyoko: Aah!
  • Kokoa: Get out of my way now!
  • Kyoko & Kokoa: Aah!

  • Kokoa: Hey! What he hell were you doing just standing here like an idot?
  • Kou: We don't have time for this!
  • Kokoa: Yeah, you're right!

  • Kyoko: Wait, is that a bat talking with that girl just now? and speaking of which pretty sure I'm seeing that girl seen her before.

  • Kyoko: So this Yokai Academy. I thought would be modern but looks like gotham building out of the middle ages. What the.. Tsukune! Hey, wait! Tsuki! Tsuki, hey, there, cous.
  • Kurumu: Tsukune!
  • Kyoko: Huh?

  • Kyoko: (Gasps)

  • Kyoko: Ha!

  • Kyoko: Ha!

  • Kurumu: Why did you do that for?

  • Yukari: W-What was that?
  • Kurumu: Don't know.

  • Kyoko: What?!
  • Ruby: Tsukune, are you alright?

  • Moka: You gotta stay from her! (To Kyoko) It's that you Kyoko?
  • Kyoko: Moka?
  • Kyoko: I thought it was. I'm so glad you alright.

  • Kyoko: But I know what you are now. Do you think I'm gonna let my cousin stay a place like monsters like you? No way! I'm taking Tsukune home with me!
  • Moka: No, Kyoko, please don't!

  • Moka: Come with me, Kyoko! You gotta trust me on this!
  • Kyoko: (Gasps)

  • Kurumu: (off-screen) We're not gonna that that happen!
  • Kyoko: (Gasp)
  • Tsukune: We're here Moka. wait!
  • Ruby, Mizore, Yukari & Kurumu: (Gasp)
  • Tsukune: What the hell? Both Mokas together.
  • Moka: Tsukune! Glad you can make it.
  • Kyoko: Yeah, so am I, cousin.
  • Tsukune: Wait, Kyoko, what are you doing here?

  • Kyoko: What? Tsukune save you guys?
  • Moka: How did you do it?
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