Skiing and a Vampire
Rosario + Vampire Episode 22 Title Card
Episode Information
Kanji スキーとバンパイア
Rōmanji Sukī to Banpaia
Season 2
Episode No. 09 (22 overall)
Air date November 26, 2008 (Japan)
Opening Discotheque
Ending Trinity Cross
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Skiing and a Vampire (スキーとバンパイア, Sukī to Banpaia) is the ninth episode of Season Two and the twenty second overall episode of Rosario + Vampire. It aired on November 26, 2008 in Japan.


Kokoa is reviewing footage of her sister's fights, hoping to find a way to bring her back for good. She then takes notice to Tsukune always removing the rosary. Deciding to get it herself, Kokoa heads to Moka's class, but finds it empty; they've gone a skiing trip. This angers her greatly. In route to the resort, Moka asks Tsukune if they're going to ski together. They then gaze at each other. However, Kurumu, Mizore and Yukari push her aside to try kissing Tsukune.

Rosario others 0161

A Group of Yuki-Onna From Mizore's town.

they are greeted by Snow Fairies, who almost freeze them. Mizore explains this is where she lives, seen clad in a short skirt kimono. Tsurara appears, revealing she gave Yokai Academy a good deal, as owner of the resort. Mizore and Tsurara had planned this to get Tsukune on their home turf, planning to use him to make offspring; they both communicate through glances to convey this. No one knows the true reason besides them.

Elsewhere, Kokoa is following them, having gotten to the mountain. Kou says he found a short cut to the top, which is the ski slope.

At the ski slope, Moka and Tsukune run into Ruby, who is to be their skiing instructor. They then guess it's another long story as to why she's there. Ruby become hurt; she only gets a few lines each episode and they stole hers. They apologize and tell her to take it from the top. Ruby complies and begins telling a long story. Tsukune and Moka examine
Rosario ruby 0134

Ruby as a skiing instructor

the scenery; they yell to hear their echoes. However, when they think the echo lasted a long time, it is revealed to be Kurumu yelling. They see Kurumu coming thru the air stuck in a large snowball, skiing is clearly not Kurumu's forte. Kurumu then crashes into Tsukune, grabbing him, asking for him to be her ski instructor. Yukari then crashes into them, asking Tsukune the same question. However, Kurumu tells Yukari she can ski lying down because she's flat chested. Yukari actually does this, but then becomes mad at Kurumu.

As the girls argue over who's going to ski with Tsukune, Mizore arrives and kidnaps Tsukune. The girls head after them, but aren't fast enough. Along the way, Kokoa runs into Mizore and is knocked away. Mizore returns to her home, where her mother has prepared a room for them. However, Mizore learns Tsukune wiggled out of his jacket along the way when Tsurara asks where he is; so intent on the goal that she missed his escape, eh?

Tsukune is alone, freezing, until Moka finally arrives and finds him. Before they have time to themselves, Kokoa emerges from the snow, planning on taking the rosary. However, she is unable to get it off Moka, who exclaims due to the pain from the neck strain. Demanding to know how Tsukune can get it off, Kokoa yells in disbelief that a weakling human can do so but a vampire can't. She then demands that Tsukune bow before her because of her high-born status. However, Kokoa's yelling triggers an avalanche, which takes her and Tsukune over the edge and into a ravine; Moka escaped this fate by pure blind luck. Elsewhere, Mizore is looking for Tsukune. She is hoping to "warm him up" her way, prompting another pretty pink blush to her cheeks.

Back at the resort, Kurumu, Yukari, Ruby and Ms Nekonome are enjoying the hot springs; Ms Nekonome is enjoying a beer while Ruby drinks juice, stating the fact she's too young to drink. Kurumu and Yukari get into an argument, but decide to teach Mizore a lesson for kidnapping Tsukune. Tsurara overhears them, wondering who they mean, as they did not mention Mizore by name, freezing the part of the springs she enters. Kurumu says the hot springs were enjoyable until she got in. Tsurara gazes Yukari and Kurumu, making Yukari very uncomfortable as Mizore arrives; she was comparing them to Mizore in beauty. Mizore, who has Moka with her, tells everyone Tsukune and Kokoa fell into a ravine. Everyone decides to help, Tsurara and Kurumu getting up without covering themselves. (Yukari uses wooden buckets (I think?) to cover them)

A flashback to Kokoa's childhood is shown; she lost continuously to Inner Moka.

Another flashback

After a fight, Moka told Kokoa not to challenge her until her bruises healed. Kokoa regains consciousness to find herself in a cave with Tsukune. Tsukune explains when he came to, it was already snowing like crazy, so he blocked the entrance of the cave with snow. However, Kokoa decides to leave. Tsukune runs after her and manages to persuade her to return to the cave for her own safety; they hear a roaring.

Moka, Ruby, Kurumu and Yukari head out to find Tsukune, but Kurumu and Yukari can't ski, which leads to them being left behind while everyone else goes to search. (Kurumu can use her wings to fly and Yukari can use magic to do the same; why didn't they think of this? A:This may be a Yuki-Onna town, but it's still the Human World! ) Much to Moka's horror, Mizore and Tsurara are heading to find Tsukune to continue their plans; he's in trouble if they find him first. She and Ruby head out on their own.

Back in the cave, Tsukune asks Kokoa why she hates him so much; he thinks they should have been friends by now. Kokoa then says it's because Moka gives him everything; he can pull off her rosary, and he received some of her vampire blood. Tsukune explains Moka gave him her blood in order to save his life. Kokoa then goes into a semi-hysterical rage, wondering why Tsukune kept getting close and she couldn't. Kokoa collpases shivering, making her black out. Tsukune decides to lay next to her to keep Kokoa from suffering severe Hypothermia. Elsewhere, Kou is stuck in the snow and is sucked into the storm.

Tsukune wakes up to hear the
Rosario youkai 0078
roaring from before has gotten closer. Kokoa is barely conscious as she witnesses a Yeti open the way to the cave. Unexpectedly, Mizore arrives and blocks the yeti. Tsukune then runs off with Kokoa to get her medical attention. However, it would seem the yeti got away from Mizore and is still pursuing them. Moka arrives, landing on top of the yeti's head. Tsukune pulls of the rosary, freeing Inner Moka, who kicks the Yeti away. Ruby arrives with Kurumu and Yukari tied to her, asking about how everyone is.

Kokoa tries to take the rosary to make sure Inner Moka stays out, but Inner Moka tells her sister to get used to her being replaced with Outer Moka. Inner Moka seals herself and is caught by Tsurara before she falls into the snow. The yeti returns just as Mizore arrives. However, once Mizore looks at the yeti close enough, she says it's her father. Tsurara says he was out looking for lost skiers, but they ran off & insulted him when they saw him. Tsukune apologizes for his actions. There is then a very awkward moment when the Shirayuki family gathers around him; everyone finds it highly unpleasant.

Everyone leaves on the bus with Mizore promising to bring Tsukune back to be married next time, which is going to be NEVER. After the bus is out of sight, Tsurara curiously asks her husband how long he plans on wearing his ridiculous costume. The yeti pulls off his head to

Mr. Shirayuki

reveal a normal man inside; it's a costume, possibly insulated to protect it wearer from the harsh cold. She then asks his opinion about Tsukune, thinking him to be the perfect son-in-law for them.

On the bus, Moka wonders if Kokoa is okay with a cold, but Tsukune sees her riding by the bus, alive and well (and making a face at him). Tsukune then begins thinking about his time with Kokoa, wondering if they'll ever be friends. Kurumu and the others then surround Tsukune, saying that one of them is destined to be his wife. However, Moka says Tsukune is hers and bites him again.

Adapted FromEdit

This is an anime-only story. Whereas the cast in the manga did go to Mizore's home village, the stories divert drastically.



  • Kokoa's caused more trouble again, this time her loudmouth caused a avalanche.
    • Episode 1, she caused a riot.
    • Episode 2, she destroyed school property
    • Episode 5, she caused the curry zombies by dispecting Ms. Apsara.
    • Episode 6, she teamed up with Monster Industries.
  • Kokoa finally cracks and admits why she detests Tsukune so badly.
  • In the U.S. dub, Moka accidentally calls Mr. Shurayuki "Mr. Shira-yeti"
  • Seems Mizore and her mother may have monomania, which is obsession with someone or something despite obvious signs they should stop.
  • Tsukune nearly froze to death because of the Shirayuki's obsession to have him be the father of Mizore's children.
  • Ruby breaks the Fourth Wall, along with Tsukune and Moka.

New CharactersEdit

Mizore Shirayuki's father

Cultural ReferencesEdit

"Easter eggs"

Unanswered QuestionsEdit

  • Yukari can use crystal balls or similar things to see where others are; couldn't she have done this to find Tsukune? (crystal ball searches are seen in manga only)
  • Is Mizore's father a snow man, like that of a snow woman?

Memorable MomentsEdit

  • Tsukune finally got through to Kokoa in talking to her.
  • Tsukune saved Kokoa's life in the trapped cave from the cold.