Youth and a Vampire
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Episode Information
Kanji 青春とバンパイア
Rōmanji Seishun to Banpaia
Season 2
Episode No. 08 (21 overall)
Air date November 19, 2008 (Japan)
Opening Discotheque
Ending Trinity Cross
Episode Guide
Bathroom and a Vampire
Skiing and a Vampire

Youth and a Vampire (青春とバンパイア, Seishun to Banpaia) is the eight episode of Season Two and the twenty first overall episode of Rosario + Vampire. It aired on November 19, 2008 in Japan.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

The episode takes place with several small stories put together.

The Long Story Part 1[edit | edit source]

Ruby introduces herself to the audience, explaining she works at Yokai Academy, and that it's a long story. She then asks if the audience wants to her the long story, saying it's so long, she can't possibly tell it all. She is then greeted by Tsukune, thinking to herself if things would ever happen between them. Moka then arrives, greeting Tsukune. This annoys Ruby a bit. Kurumu arrives and latches onto Tsukune, smothering him with her breasts. Ruby becomes more annoyed. Kurumu and Moka fight as Yukari arrives and clings onto Tsukune. Ruby is even more annoyed. Mizore arrives, spinning, saying that she feels dizzy; Tsukune catches her. Ruby is even more irritated. As the girls fight, ignoring Tsukune, Ruby finally snaps. The girls, finally realizing her presence, greet her; Ruby only greets Yukari. Ruby then tells the girls that their skirts are too short, claiming only tramps wear them to seduce men. However, though Moka and Yukari protests this, Kurumu and Mizore only prove Ruby right by lift their skirts, asking Tsukune what he thinks. However, Kurumu then asks Ruby if she's being a hypocrite; she's doing the same thing too, right? Ruby then points out she wears an elegant, long skirt. Kurumu asks the girls if long skirts are lame, which the agree with. Ruby finally snaps, telling the girls that she now dress-code monitor, and that their skirts must be 10 centimeters below their knees now. Everyone is shocked by this.

Meow Meow Meow[edit | edit source]

Ms. Nekonome introduces herself, overhearing Keito's former minions talk about Ruby's new rule. Realizing she doesn't have a skirt long as Ruby's rule states to have, Nekonome goes shopping. However, she tries on outfits that annoy Ruby, who's working as the casher. Ms. Ririko catches her and berates her for doing so as she yanks on Nekonome's ears, the strain of the motions accidentally rips the swimsuit she's trying on. Forced to buy the suit, Ms. Nekonome leaves, ashamed of herself. However, no sooner is Ms. Nekonome gone, then Ms. Ririko finds a school uniform and decides to try it on. Ruby only looks on shocked and appalled.

What's cool about Ginei[edit | edit source]

As girls take notice to Gin's lack of appearances, he introduces himself as the president of the News Club (being in the club room at the time). Gin says that he once lost his pride because of the Security Committee, dropping photos he took of them abusing their authority (before they were stopped) and some her took of Keito and Deshko in the locker room. (The photos show both in only their undergarments: Keito looks calm, but Deshko panicked upon realizing he was taking a photo; interestingly, their personalities are reflected by their undergarments with Keito's being black and lacy, Deshko's being hot pink with flowers) Taking the photos he wants, Gin tells the audience that it's thanks to Tsukune and the others that he has his pride back. However, he then wonders why he gets all the girls and he doesn't. Thinking about it, Gin believes it's his hair, changing his style to mimic it. However, the girls tell him he has a bad case of bedhead the next day when he tries it.

Or--you--know--what[edit | edit source]

Ms. Ririko introduces herself as she teaches math. Catching sight of Moka, she bitterly

Ms Ririko attacks Ms Nekoname

remembers her defeat in the previous season. She takes Moka hostage and awaits Tsukune on the roof, planning to put him under her control again. However, she's stopped by a feline superhero. As Tsukune leaves with Moka, Ms. Ririko slashes a hole in hero's suit, revealing her embarrassing underwear; she recognizes them?. Embarrassed, the hero reveals herself as Ms. Nekoname before running off, telling Ms. Ririko not to pick on students again. All three are at a loss for words. (Expressions say "Are you for real?!?)

Kurumu's moods[edit | edit source]

Moka asks Tsukune if she can suck his blood, but Kurumu chops her on the head to stop her. Mizore asks Tsukune if he wants some candy, but is chopped on the head twice by Kurumu. Yukari asks Tsukune to share a healthy lunch with her; Kurumu hugs Yukari, calling her cute. Yukari protests to this.

Bathroom and a Vampire (supplemental)[edit | edit source]

It's revealed Kokoa screwed up in the previous episode by going to different locations for famous foods. Returning to the present, Kou says it's been a week since then and that's why Kokoa was late. Kokoa tosses him to the ground for his comment as punishment. She is then knocked over by the karate team, who don't bother apologizing to her. Calling for Kou, Kokoa hears his voice coming from below. She then becomes embarrassed, realizing that when she fell down, she squished Kou onto her panties. She tells Kou repeatedly to stop talking as when he does, it itches her.

Seven Different Flavors[edit | edit source]

Moka sucks Tsukune's blood, saying he tastes fruity. Tsukune drinks milk, hoping to stop Moka from biting him. However, she likes the taste. He then tries drinking a lot of vinegar next; his blood tastes kinda sour to Moka. He tries several bottles of hot sauce; Moka finds it unpleasantly spicy. He tries some flavored water; Moka finds Tsukune's blood way too sweet. Thinking he can't hold out on being drained of his blood much longer, Tsukune drinks tons of garlic and energy drinks. The next morning, Moka greets him while he's working out (no doubt to burn off the extra energy & draw out the bad B.O.). She tries to ask him if she can suck his blood, but the smell of his B.O. causes her to change her mind; she runs off, telling him not to be late to class.

Breaking the Fourth Wall, Moka asks the male viewers to stay clean or girls won't like them.

Between a Wolf and a Dog[edit | edit source]

Yukari finds a lost puppy out in the rain on her way to school. She tends to it, and it takes a liking to her. However, it tears up the News Club room, ruining copies of the paper, a shirt Kurumu made and a bag of potato chips Mizore had. Yukari takes the puppy to Gin, but he angrily turns her away.

The Long Story Part 2[edit | edit source]

Ruby introduces herself again, but this time as the dressed code monitor. Seeing Keito's ex-minions aren't wearing long skirts, Ruby mentions it to them. After the three insult her style, Ruby raises the ruler warning them not to "mess with this Witch!" and shocks them with lightning. They introduce themselves to the audience, claiming to be happy their names were said before the last episode. Gin watches this from the bushes, claiming Ruby's rule is getting in the way of his "scoops". He calls Ruby to a private meeting, asking her to stop enforcing a rule that "doesn't make sense". Ruby correctly guesses that it would be harder for him to get his "scoops", asking him to let her continue by promising to have a "private photo session" with him. Gin agrees, thinking he should buy a new camera for it. Ruby thinks to herself what a sucker Gin is, noting that there is one more thing she has to do; she orders Ms. Nekonome and Ms. Ririko to participate as well.

The next morning, Ruby is once again greeted by Tsukune and the girls, who argue like usual; they dislike the long skirts greatly. Ruby feels that she has made a great accomplishment; wholesome interactions with boys and girls. However, a powerful gust of wind blows everyone's skirts up. Ruby snaps, asking how the girls could still do that. She then notices the teachers in school uniforms; those were the only long skirts they owned. Ruby goes bonkers and then trips, accidentally revealing her racy undergarments. The girls and Tsukune are stunned at Ruby's daring. Ruby covers herself up, face flaming with embarrassment, realizing she was busted. The girls then say it hurts her credibility for lecturing about decency. Ruby gets wound up and tearful, saying that all she wanted was to spend time with Tsukune, but the others were "all over my (Ruby) Tsukune". Tsukune says that it's alright; Ruby can spend time with them and tell them what's on her mind. However, Ruby thinks Tsukune is in love with her and wants to marry her; "My answer is yes". However, while Tsukune is at a loss of words while trying to correct her, Moka and Kurumu yell at Ruby.

Calling Ruby a "crazy bitch", Mizore


is glad things are back to normal. However, Yukari says she can't help but feel that they've forgotten something. Gin emerges from hiding, saying to leave that to him; he knocks Tsukune into Moka, and Tsukune accidentally removes the rosary. With Inner Moka released, Gin begins taking pictures of her as Tsukune fears what she'll do; this action kinda breaks the fourth wall, doesn't it? (Inner Moka hadn't appeared and Gin released her after Yukari vaguely mentioned this) Annoyed Gin brought her out for nothing, Inner Moka kicks the "stupid asshole" as he takes a picture of her. Gin falls to the ground, expressing that the dress code still doesn't make sense; his instant camera produces a picture of Inner Moka kicking. As Kokoa catches sight of Moka, Kou tries to remark about the showdown time frame, but Kokoa's skirt goes back down and Kou gripes about it going dark again. Kokoa then begins chasing her sister, who in turn, runs away from her because of how annoying she is. Ruby feels relieved now that she can be open with her friends.

Ruby voice-overs a cheerful song about friendship and not being alone while a montage of events during this season shows every past odd job she had at Yokai Academy so far.

In the present, she is shown by a riverside, now as the owner/caretaker of

Ruby's friends come to meet her

the dog Yukari found; she seems rather gloomy for some unknown reason. Ruby walks along the riverside briefly, catching sight of her best friend, Yukari. Both of them walk together barely a few meters before they notice the rest of the News Club waiting for them ahead. They rush over and begin chatting while Gin plays with the puppy.

Post credits, Ruby changes into her usual outfit before checking on the barrier rosary in a dark hall. She meets with the Director of Yokai Academy, saying that she saw nothing out of the ordinary that day as well; she's been tasked with watching the Great Barrier by the Director. They then talk about how monsters and humans will go back to fighting each other the death if the barrier breaks, something that would be terrible for both sides. The Director thanks Ruby for the good work she's been doing, but apologizes for making her take odd jobs to hide the real reason that she's at the academy. Ruby tells him not to worry about it as she is thankful for her new wand and the protection he's provided her; she will do anything he orders of her in return.

Adapted From[edit | edit source]

This episode is Anime-Exclusive.

Refer-backs[edit | edit source]

[edit | edit source]

  • Ruby calls the girls on their inappropriate skirts, then is shown wearing very "adult" panties. This wrecks her legitimate right to lecture the others on their outfits.
    • She's not that off base, given that the skirts should stop right above the knee instead of mid-thigh.
  • Seven Different Flavors is an incorrect title; Moka bites Tsukune five times, but is driven off by his B.O. in a sixth attempt.
  • The teachers vanish immediately after Yukari mentions that something was missing from the episode. (They likely headed to teach class.)

Unanswered questions[edit | edit source]

  • How'd Ruby get the authority to enforce the longer skirts rule? (The Director likely gave Ruby some authority over the school as part of her job; plus he might have found it funny.)
  • Why would Kou still be on Kokoa's panties? Its been a couple of days, she would be wearing different ones.

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"Easter eggs"

"Dorothy scene from the wizard of oz"

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