Bathroom and a Vampire
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Episode Information
Kanji バスルームとバンパイア
Rōmanji Basurūmu to Banpaia
Season 2
Episode No. 07 (20 overall)
Air date November 12, 2008 (Japan)
Opening Discotheque
Ending Trinity Cross
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Youth and a Vampire

Bathroom and a Vampire (バスルームとバンパイア, Basurūmu to Banpaia) is the seventh episode of Season Two and the twentieth overall episode of Rosario + Vampire. It aired on November 12, 2008 in Japan.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Tsukune's Mom, Kasumi Aono, is watching a TV report on the increase in teenage pregnancies all over the world when Tsukune, drops-by on a trip away from Yokai Academy, not having told his mom about his intention to visit because of the lack of communication

Kasumi finds her son to be the one at the door

between the Academy and the human world. She then thinks Tsukune has matured since she last saw him. A second ring of the doorbell has Kasumi answering the door, which makes her scream. Tsukune wonders what's wrong and she explains a gorgeous girl is asking for him. Much to Tsukune's shock, Moka is at the door. She then apologizes for showing up unexpectedly.

While Kasumi makes tea to calm down (thinking Moka is Tsukune's girlfriend), Tsukune shows Moka around the house, telling her to leave her things in his bedroom. Tsukune becomes very embarrassed at having Moka looking around his bedroom. Moka explains that she felt if he went home alone, he may decide to stay, and she would never see him again. Both accidentally fall on Tsukune's bed and are about to kiss when Tsukune's hand accidentally lands on a soft object. It's Kurumu's breast, who had fallen asleep under his bed sheets while waiting for him to arrive. Not realizing Moka is present, Kurumu begins to smother Tsukune in her breasts while telling him about all the fun things they can do alone together, but soon realizes that not only is Moka there, but that Mizore was hiding in Tsukune's closet. Yukari arrives through the window, greeting Tsukune until she notices the other girls are there as well. The girls begin to fight over Tsukune just as his mother arrives, who promptly faints at the sight of four girls fighting over her son.

When she wakes up, Tsukune's panicky mother bluntly asks her son if he is having "out of control teenage sex" with the four girls, but Tsukune reassures her that they're just his friends. This comment stuns the girls; each consider themselves to be his girlfriend (they don't understand he's trying to calm his hysterical mother). Moka then realizes Tsukune hasn't even told his parents about them, along with Yokai Academy. The four girls realize they put Tsukune in an uncomfortable spot and decide to apologize for arriving so suddenly.

In a nearby highway, Kokoa is riding (faster than speeding cars) on her bicycle towards Tsukune's home to find Moka. Throughout the episode, Kokoa can be seen outracing several different high-velocity cars and eventually even a bullet train while on her journey. She is often referred as a "strawberry" due to her designs on her panties, so when she outraces a Ferrari driver he remarks that he have been "beaten by a strawberry."

Back at Tsukune's, he decides to relax by taking a shower but he's interrupted by Kurumu, who is only wearing a towel and who wants to have sex with Tsukune so she can stop being "just his friend". However, Mizore interrupts them as well and freezes Kurumu's feet in place while she begins to attempt seducing him. Yet, they are again interrupted, this time by Yukari, who bursts in and slips on a bar of soap, accidentally pulling off Kurumu's towel. Tsukune then has a violent nosebleed as Kurumu says "Don't look!" Mizore quickly runs off with a partially dressed Kurumu following. Tsukune and Yukari run after them to prevent Kurumu and Mizore from killing each other. Seeing these events, Kasumi (who'd been on the phone with her husband for help) faints. Moka walks in and tries to wake her.

Tsukune's cousin, Kyoko arrives and witnesses the situation, which promptly leads her to chastise Tsukune and his friends for stressing out Tsukune's mother so much. She then asks which one is Tsukune's real girlfriend, which leads to an argument between all four girls over who Tsukune really loves (which is pretty routine with them; Moka is actually the only one Tsukune loves). An annoyed Kyoko then states that if Tsukune can't make up his mind, then she'll make it up for him by judging a competition between the four girls to see who loves Tsukune the most.

The four girls make the state their case as to why they deserve Tsukune, but they all blow it. Kurumu by saying that she deserves Tsukune because she can satisfy him the most with her large breasts, Yukari by suggesting she'd like to have a threesome with Tsukune and Moka (Kyoko states that she'd never thought he be into such a kinky thing so early, Tsukune adamantly denies this), Mizore by saying she wants to "make babies with Tsukune" and Moka by saying that Tsukune was the first person she "did it with" (referring to bloodsucking but misunderstood as having sex by Kyoko and Kasumi) before she could up with an excuse as to what she means otherwise. Kasumi also takes notice to Moka's last name (prior to fainting once again), which is familiar to her somehow.

Kurumu and Mizore decide to finish the fight between them once and for all, heading out into the street. Tsukune, Yukari and Kyoko follow; Kyoko eggs them on to fight. However, once the girls begin using their powers to fight, Kyoko begins asking Tsukune who they really are. They reach a park, where Yukari decides to help calm the two down. However, in swatting her aside they anger her; Yukari joins in the fight. Kyoko still demands an answer from Tsukune as to who the girls are, but is knocked out by a stray washtub fired by Yukari. (saved from another interrogation...whew!)

When Tsukune's Mom awakens, Moka explains that she and the other girls are Tsukune's friends from the newspaper club and in the process of the explanation, she mentions her last name, which Tsukune's Mom identifies as the name of a good friend, who's a good fighter. She also mentions that Tsukune mentioned her every time he'd manage to call. However, Kasumi never realized this friend was a girl. She then tells Moka that Tsukune considers her his best friend in the world. She'd thought Tsukune was putting on a performance at first, but she realized from the sincerity of his tone that he was happier that ever, Tsukune's mother then bows to Moka, thanking her for being in his life. This moves Moka to tears...

Back at the playground, Yukari, Kurumu, and Mizore decide it's time to end their "friendship", glowing with powerful auras. Tsukune, who is tending to his unconscious cousin, worries that someone will finally notice the destruction and that the girls aren't human. He then notices Moka arrive; the girls notice as well. Tsukune tries to warn Moka that Kurumu, Yukari and Mizore are "playing for keeps", but its grabbed by Moka and held lovingly. Kurumu and Mizore are pissed that "blood-sucking bitch" is getting the jump on them; Yukari, however, is wishing to join in. They are rush towards Tsukune and Moka as she has him remove her rosary. Kurumu and Mizore realize that Moka drew them in to attack range.

Inner Moka is released and expresses her anger at having been called out to settle their "petty little squabbles"; she kicks all three of them. Only Yukari is not feeling defeated, saying Moka has sexy legs. Inner Moka tells Tsukune that the fight happened because he cannot make up his mind; one day he will have to choose which of the girls he wishes to be with. Tsukune then gets a phone call from Kou; the bat announces the battle time before hitting a sign (again), with Kokoa complaining about his constant repeat of that mishap.

In the morning Ruby picks up the friends and revokes their school

Ruby, with a note saying the News Club has to go back to Yokai

trip passes for the chaos caused the previous night (Tsukune's pass as well? He didn't do anything that contributed to the destruction; Moka only knocked out the real troublemakers, so she shouldn't have had hers revoked as well). Ruby drags a complaining Kurumu to the bus and tosses her in, explaining that it's her own fault for this happening. Kasumi tells Moka that she'd be glad to see her round their house again, asking her to take care of Tsukune. Moka once again cries tears of joy. Tsukune's father also makes a cameo appearance; it seems Tsukune inherited his reaction to females crying as both panicked when Moka cried.

On the bus, Kurumu complains that it's Yukari and Mizore's fault that they're going back to school. However, they quickly turn the tables on her by saying it's equally her fault as well; this starts up a three-way argument between them. In the meantime, Tsukune asks Moka what she and his mother talked about, learning Moka was told he said she was a scary friend who was a good fighter. He panics about this, saying he didn't mention that she was scary. Moka tells him she's kidding, but the rest is a secret, biting him once again.

Kyoko awakens and tries to tell Tsukune's mom about the girls' powers, but Kasumi simply dismisses it as part of Kyoko's dream after being hit in the head. Kyouko concludes she's probably right, but still wants to find out more about Yokai Academy. The doorbell rings and Kasumi opens the door to find Kokoa, who discovers that she arrived late. Disappointed but undaunted, Kokoa intends to keep pursuing Moka.

Adapted From[edit | edit source]

This episode is basically adapted from Chapter 39 of the First Season Manga, save for Kokoa's appearances.

Refer-backs[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In the Manga of Rosario + Vampire Kokoa Shuzen was not in the chapter. While in the Anime she appears in this episode.
  • In Manga, Inner Moka tells Tsukune if he would live in the human world or stay at Yokai Academy. While in the Anime she tells Tsukune who he would choose to be his girlfriend.
  • Without knowing about Moka being a Vampire or Inner Moka's "Refined Behavior", Kasumi Aono, Tsukune's Mom respectfully bowed to Moka in thanks for brightening Tsukune's life, showing that Kasumi doesn't need to "Know Her Place".

New Characters[edit | edit source]


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Unanswered Questions[edit | edit source]

Memorable Moments[edit | edit source]

  • Kasumi finally meets Moka in a face to face fashion.
  • Kasumi touched Moka's heart on mentioning what Tsukune told her and that she knew Tsukune was being truthful in his happiness.
  • Kyoko mentions that Tsukune always was indecisive.
  • While Moka is looking around Tsukune's room she remarks about how big it is to which Tsukune says "you haven't seen it yet."

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • Mizore Shirayuki: Oh, hey, Tsukune. I though we could spend some time alone together.
  • Yukari Sendo: Hi, Tsukune. You alone now? (gasp)

  • Kasumi Aono: Would you care explain why are they 4 different girls in your room? Are you having out of control teenage sex in there?

  • Yukari Sendo: Hold it right there, Mizore! Whoa! Ah!
  • Kurumu Kurono: Aah! No! Don't look!

  • Tsukune Aono: Uh, hello, Kyōko. Hows it going?
  • Kyōko Aono: Aah! Why are you wrestling three girls in your underwear?

  • Kurumu Kurono: I never knew you had a big sister, Tsukune?
  • Kyōko Aono: Quiet! I'm not done!

  • Kyōko Aono: You did him?!

  • Tsukune Aono: No! Wait, listen...

  • Kyōko Aono: Without asking?

  • Kurumu Kurono: What are you think you're doing, you Snow Skank?
  • Mizore Shirayuki: Trying to help Tsukune. Since the poor guy was forced to witness that hideous sight in the bathroom just now, I thought I'd take his mind off of it.
  • Kurumu Kurono: Hey, what do you mean by "hideous sight"? You're not referring to my gorgeous, naked body, are you?

  • Kurumu Kurono: Hey, what do you mean?

  • Kurumu Kurono: Alright, that's it! I had it!
  • Mizore Shirayuki: Bring it!

  • Yukari Sendo: I got to admit.
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