School Trip and a Vampire
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Episode Information
Kanji 遠足とバンパイア
Rōmanji Ensoku to Banpaia
Season 2
Episode No. 06 (19 overall)
Air date November 05, 2008 (Japan)
Opening Discotheque
Ending Trinity Cross
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School Trip and a Vampire (遠足とバンパイア, Ensoku to Banpaia) is the sixth episode of Season Two and the nineteenth overall episode of Rosario + Vampire. It aired on November 05, 2008 in Japan.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Four monsters from a street gang called "Monsters Industries" (there's mostly no pictures from this episode, please add some) meet at the docks, where the leader of the four, Goblin of Tosa, thanks his compatriates -- Sea Monk of Awa, Ghost Brat of Iyo, and Wraith of Sanuki --- for their help. They now plan to conquer another city street gang to expand their rule.

Elsewhere, the 11th grade from Yokai Academy have arrived in the Human World for a field trip. Much to their expected shock, Ruby has taken the odd job of being a tour guide, getting the affections of all the other boys; it's a long story. But Tsukune catches verbal hell for the accusation that he made Ruby cry. (she's just naturally emotional) They arrive at a stop, where Kurumu breaks the fourth wall by guessing it's her turn to have the lead role. However, everyone ignores her and leaves the bus. Moka wishes to spend some time alone with Tsukune, but Ms. Nekonome explained that students must remain in groups to avoid trouble. After they feed fish in a pond, they then notice the Sea Monk eating one of the fish from the pond; they think he's on a field trip too.

In the meantime, Kokoa is riding her bike as fast as a car to chase after Moka, only to get run-over by the bus when everyone leaves for their next stop. (Kokoa's flattened like a pancake) Kou manages to avoid getting hit by the bus, calling himself lucky.

While shopping for souvenirs, Moka spots a charm for love and marriage, and tries to ask Tsukune his opinion. But Tsukune is being pestered by Kurumu, Yukari and Mizore into picking what he think would be good. Moka then sees a skeleton key chain and thinks it's cute. However, the girls think otherwise. Tsukune tries to cheer her up, but the other girls prevent him from getting near her and continue asking him which item he prefers. Moka bumps into some guys, they get angry at her, but she uses her charm and they excuse her because of her beauty. They are berated by their M.I. bosses, who take notice of Moka's unifrom; they know she's from Yokai. Kokoa arrives and sees the same keychain Moka saw and also thinks it's cute (she does share some of Outer Moka's tastes after all), bumping into the same two guys. She tries to cute her way out of it, but they threaten her. Snapping, Kokoa threatens to rip off their faces; this terrifies them.

Once the class is brought to the hotel they're staying at for the evening, Kurumu and Mizore try to be alone with Tsukune, saying they'll leave their doors open tonight. However, Yukari tells them to behave. Moka grows even more sad as she cannot express herself. That night, Kurumu and Yukari enjoy the hot springs. However, Moka adds herbs to it so she can bathe; it's annoying to them.

Kokoa, who has located them, spies in from the changing room; she thinks she should have waited there from the beginning. However, Ms. Nekonome (a constant source of annoyance to Kokoa) finds her and decides to send her back to Yokai Academy as there is only enough rooms and food for those meant to be there. However, Kokoa, pissed off by Nekonome's constant interfering with her plans, runs off into the hotel. Ms. Nekonome follows after her, and Kokoa trips while running and loses her towel; what happened afterwards is left unknown.

Once Moka leaves and the herbs dilute, Kurumu and Yukari try enjoying the hot springs again. However, Mizore begins dumping ice into it to make it bearable for her. Snapping, Kurumu kicks Mizore into the pond; she finds it pleasant. In the hall, Tsukune is caught by Moka, who asks to spend time with him after everyone goes to sleep; he's ecstatic about finally having time alone with her. Unbeknownst to them, Kurumu overheard them.

Getting ready for bed, Yukari asks Kurumu if she's really going to where such a slutty outfit to sleep.

"These are my regular PJs".

Kurumu defends herself, saying they're her normal pajamas, teasing Yukari for her childish teddy bear ones. Moka then notices Mizore has opened a cooler and placing ice packs around her bed; she can't sleep in a hot room. Kurumu kicks her into the pond again; Mizore likes going there now. Once everyone is asleep, Moka sneaks out. However, Kurumu says she won't get ahead of her. Mizore and Yukari also wake up, agreeing with her; "Damn straight".

Outside, Moka tells Tsukune that she's been wanting to spend time with him the entire trip; she wonders if it's selfish. However, Tsukune tells her that he's been wanting to spend time with her too. However, before they could have a tender moment, the Sea Monk arrives and kidnaps him. (He tried to get Moka as well, but Tsukune shoves her out of his range) Moka tries saving him, but the Zashiki-warashi prevents her from doing so. Kurumu and the others arrive; good timing. The Wraith tells them to come find them if they want their friend back before shooting a blaze at them. Mizore blocks it. They prepare to go after them, but as stopped by Ruby, who gives them a manga to use a reference...(Manga tips...oh brother!)

Come dawn, Tsukune is concerned about catching a cold as he is still soaking wet. The girls arrive in black high school uniforms and make-up, and Tsukune's reaction makes them angry with Ruby; it was a bad idea. When they ask why Monster Industries kidnapped Tsukune, the Wraith explains the need to get rid of Yokai to rule with an iron fist. This makes the girls realize that they're a street gang; they're more than okay with them doing this.

The girls face off against the Goblin, Ghost Brat, Wraith, and Sea Monk (Kurumu complains she ALWAYS gets stuck with fat, disgusting opponents). The Sea Monk gets the upper hand when Kurumu strikes his giant gut and she begins to sink into his rolls of fat, becoming trapped inside him, but she soon gets free and knocks him out with a dive bomb to the head. (The Sea Monk has the gall to call Kurumu flat-chested because she's not at a cup size he acknowledges) Yukari gets buried under a pile of pillows by the Ghost Brat, but knocks them off, hitting him with a washtub. (He thought she was a teenage pipsqueak, not a child ) The Wraith corners Mizore with his flames, but their equal in offense; ice VS fire. Mizore freezes the flames, and the Wraith solid.

The Goblin is shocked his compatriots have been defeated, then notices Moka trying to untie Tsukune. Using a fishing rod, the Goblin tears Moka's skirt, giving Tsukune a nosebleed. Moka remembers she put a boomerang/yo-yo object on her thigh and uses it to break the rod. She then introduces herself, saying Monsters Industries is ruining her love plans. She then uses the object tol break the Goblin's mask; he looks exactly the same without it, but it's because of that he wears the mask. (Like Cyrano de Bergerac w/o the charming looks)

Seeing that they've been defeated, the four bosses call on their Heavy Hitter. Much to everyone's surprise, Kokoa walks out from the crowd of minions. She beat them all to a

Kokoa is yet again impressed with her sister's power

pulp yesterday when she ran into them, making them respect her. Though Kokoa gives a speech about how she going to make them pay, the News Club ignores her and walks off. Moka tells Kokoa to hurry back to the hotel if she wants breakfast. Pissed at being ignored, Kokoa rushes towards them with her Kou hammer. Tsukune accidentally releases Inner Moka, stopping Kokoa in her tracks; she's kicked off into the horizon. Inner Moka then scares Monster Industries off, then seals herself again.

Back on tour again, Kurumu, Yukari and Mizore are unimpressed with the site they're visiting. However, they then notice Tsukune and Moka are missing; they didn't notice till then? Elsewhere, Moka and Tsukune are happy to have some time alone, but Monster Industries appears to them again. They declare that since (Inner) Moka defeated them and their Heavy Hitter, she shall be their new leader; they bow in respect. This causes a crowd to begin taking pictures of Moka, which prompts her to cling onto Tsukune; she bites him.

Adapted From[edit | edit source]

Manga Chapter this episode is adapted from.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Kurumu is the only one of Tsukune's groupies who doesn't get her own episode, even Ruby eventually gets one. This was suppose to be Kurumu's turn but it didn't happen.
  • Ruby obviously doesn't get out much because of her bad wardrobe advice.
    • However, she may have meant that they should have used the heroic entrances as reference.
  • Kokoa might have been planning to join the girls in the hot spring since she was wearing a towel,
  • There might possibly be a romance between Ms. Ririko and Mr. Kotsubo since it briefly shows them sleeping together. (In manga Ms. Ririko knew Kotsubo was bad news that eclipsed her excessive zeal.)
  • Kurumu shows her jealousy and desire for Tsukune when she overhears Moka and Tsukune making plans to sneak out, as she let's out a worrying moan.
    • It's possible that the shirt and shorts she was wearing at the time were meant to be her pajamas, but she switched to a spare outfit she packed.
  • After being paired to fight the Sea Monk, Kurumu complains about always having to fight the fat one, which is referring to when she fought Basubara Taira in Episode 4 of Season 1

New Characters[edit | edit source]

Cultural References[edit | edit source]

"Easter eggs"

  • Moka having a yo-yo strapped to her thigh is probably a reference to the manga Sukeban Deka, the anti-heroine of which used a similar weapon and kept it in a similar spot. Sukeban Deka's the kind of manga this episode parodies on top of that.

Unanswered Questions[edit | edit source]

Didn't the "Wraith of Sainuki" ever hear of entropy? Entropy (the quick and dirty verison): All objects eventually slow down, get tired and grow cold.

Memorable Moments[edit | edit source]

kurumu: I like despacito

Quotes[edit | edit source]

(Kokoa to M.I thugs) "Want me to rip off your face?"

(Yukari after hearing the girls plans with Tsukune) "That is so naughty"

(Kurumu to Yukari in the hot spring) "It would better if it was co-ed."

(Sea Monk to Kurumu) "Unless they are bigger than an H-Cup, I don't even bother calling em' titties."

(Sea Monk to Kurumu while dancing) "Don't be jealous, you wish you had moves like these."

(M.I thugs to Moka) "All hail the Rosary!"

(Kurumu after being lined up to fight Sea Monk) "Why do I always get the fat one?"

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