Curry and a Vampire
Rosario + Vampire Episode 18 Title Card
Episode Information
Kanji カレーとバンパイア
Rōmanji Karē to Banpaia
Season 2
Episode No. 05 (18 overall)
Air date October 29, 2008 (Japan)
Opening Discotheque
Ending Trinity Cross
Episode Guide
Body Measurements and a Vampire
School Trip and a Vampire

Curry and a Vampire (カレーとバンパイア, Karē to Banpaia) is the fifth episode of Season Two and the eighteenth overall episode of Rosario + Vampire. It aired on October 29, 2008 in Japan.


Mizore is practicing cooking curry in her dorm room, finding it hard. When the curry begins over-flowing, Mizore gets a drop of it on her hand, causing her to scream in pain. As seen from outside, she's the only one awake at this time, but her scream has woken up several other students. When Mizore is shown again, her hair is shown to have turned to ice and her consciousness seems to have gone intert before realizing she's "done it again". Heading for her bed, we see Mizore froze the pot; she collapses near her table. However, she looks at a picture of Tsukune and at her calendar (which shows the date of the cooking practitioner), giving Mizore the will to keep trying.

The next day, Tsukune is working in shop class with the rest of the boys while the girls are taking a cooking class. He is nearly cut by a saw Saizo is using as he is not paying attention. Taking notice of the boys not being on task; one is hammering nothing on a board while another is hugging a thin plank, Tsukune admits he's having trouble staying focused as well; he daydreams of Moka, in only a large apron and slippers, offering him food from her "Love Love Menu", which he gladly says he'll eat. (Everyone in La-La Land?) Regaining his senses, Tsukune then tells Saizo to watch what he's doing again; this time it's because he's sawed through the table he had the piece of wood he was cutting on.

In the cooking class Ms. Apsara informs the girls that they will be making curry today, going on to explain the origins of curry. Moka and Kurumu whisper to each other about how excited the teacher is, only to be caught and told that they are NOT to be making non-spicy food.
Rosario others 0102

Meet the cooking teacher

Kurumu spikes her curry, which she is going to give to Tsukune, with love potions, aphrodisiacs, and sexual performance enhancers. (Yet another ulterior motive bid eh?) This freaks Moka out until she checks on Yukari's curry; it's green. Yukari explains it's healthy Thai curry with frogs, grasshoppers, and more added for extra magical goodness. She then offers Moka a taste. Obviously appalled, Moka agrees, saying it's the polite thing to do. Ms. Apsara tastes, but says it's not spicy enough, proceeding to add way too much spice when one of the containers falls out her hand and opens into the curry. Yukari cries. Moka then finds Ruby is helping out in the cooking room. Ruby explains that she's also taking remedial cooking, but it's a long story. Moka says Ruby's full of them; Ruby says this story is the longest one.

Outside, Kokoa becomes enraged to see her sister taking a cooking class, something she thinks vampires shouldn't do, asking if she'd forgotten her "Vampire Pride". She is then caught by Mizore, who is also spying into the classroom. Upon being called a persistent stalker, Mizore points out Kokoa sticks to Moka "like stink on shit". Enraged even further, Kokoa tries attacking Mizore, only to be frozen solid. Moka and Kurumu catch sight of this and have Mizore come in to make curry with them, as she's constantly spying in on the class. Mizore reluctantly agrees to do so.

Once the classes are over, the girls give curry to the boys; Saizo is annoyed that no girl is offering him curry, eating a sandwich instead. Moka tries to give Tsukune the curry she made, but is stopped from doing so by Kurumu, who says Moka's curry is poorly cooked, trying to get him to eat hers instead. However, she is stopped from doing so by Yukari (thank god for that; remember what Kurumu put in hers?), who offers Tsukune her curry, saying it's the healthy food he needs to beef up his strength to survive at the school. Tsukune is disgusted by Yukari's as Mizore offers to cool it down for him; it ends up frozen solid. Mizore then gives Tsukune the curry she made; it's frozen solid as well. Some girls insult her cooking, hoping she wouldn't fail in making snow for a skiing competition. Mizore is severely provoked (as well as upset) and freezes them, along with the rest of the students in class, in retaliatory anger and runs off.

Elsewhere, Kokoa is thawed out by Ms. Apsara, who proceeds to explain the cooking class; she's also burned by the stove used to thaw her, leaving a hole in her skirt. When offered some curry, Kokoa smashes the plate to the ground, calling it a low class dish unworthy of a vampire eating it before walking out. Enraged by hearing curry called a low class dish, Ms. Apsara follows after Kokoa, in her true form, and forces her to eat some VERY spicy curry. Kokoa screams how spicy it is as a splatter of sauce hits the floor.

Mizore decides to try making curry again

Sitting on the school roof, Mizore thinks that it's hopeless to make curry, believing it's only natural for Snow Women to live in isolation as she's failed constantly. However, she remembers Inner Moka telling her to try living her life before thinking about dying. With this as inspiration, Mizore sets out to try once again.

Mizore is then heard in a voice over, singing an inspiring song about never giving up on one's dreams and how there is always someone there to help out.

In her dorm room, Mizore tries making curry through different methods. She improvises a knife to chop up ingredients with her ice (it's safe for her), and wears a flame-proof suit when cooking the meat to keep herself from freezing the food again. However, she tries putting chocolate into the mix, which causes it to boil over. Mizore ends up getting sick from the fumes of the ruined meal, rushing to the bathroom. However, this does not discourage her.

Seeing that her improvising her cooking isn't working, Mizore
Rosario ruby 0070

Mizore's savior

goes to the school store to read curry recipes in a book. Ruby, working as the cashier, takes notice of this. Walking home with new ingredients, Mizore is met by Ruby, dressed in her cooking outfit and holding garlic for ingredients. Ruby is next seen telling Mizore not to put chocolate in a curry mix, with Mizore writing down what she's telling her. With instructions on what NOT to do, Mizore attempts cooking again, only to have the pot fall over. She tries one more time. finally managing to make a good curry.

The next day, Tsukune, Moka, Kurumu and Yukari are having lunch and wonder where Mizore is; she's missed morning classes. Kurumu says Mizore is pretty thin-skinned, so she can't take insults well. They decide to visit her at the dorms after class, to cheer her up. Kokoa is then heard calling to Moka, drawing everyone's attention to her. They see her at the entrance of the classroom, holding three plates of curry; even weirder, her skin is yellow. Kokoa explains she's sorry for being a pain and that she made yummy curry as a way of apologizing, Moka asks if Kokoa has forgiven her, which she has, prompting Moka to hug her sister. However, Kurumu yells at Moka for not noticing that Kokoa has yellow skin and is acting weird. Kokoa's head turns 180 degrees to face her, saying "there's no need to curry".

Elsewhere, male P.E. students are grumbling about being frozen by Mizore the previous day, not getting a chance to eat Moka's curry as Tsukune got to eat it all. One of them tries getting a drink from a faucet, only find curry coming out of it instead; everyone is shocked by this. Word of the curry coming out of the faucets reaches the rest of the school, prompting everyone to have a Curry Fair, where they get free curry if they bring their own. From the shadows, Ms Apsara looks at these events with a devious smile. No doubt she's the one behind all this.

In the meantime, Mizore is walking to school with her curry; she overslept due to working so hard on her curry. Shockingly, she finds several students in the courtyard, with yellow skin, fawning over curry. This makes her wonder "what the hell happened to everyone". Some notice her and try getting the curry from her. However, Mizore does the poor saps a favor by freezing them. She then searches the school, only to find more students until the same spell, Ruby included. Reaching the roof, Mizore finds her friends eating the vile curry that put them under the spell.

Hearing laughter,
Rosario others 0111

"Cooking is Art; Art is Explosion"

Mizore looks behind her to see Ms. Apsara standing above the door. She declares that cooking is a spicy explosion as she discards part of her outfit and explodes into a yellow cloud, which covers the roof. Ms. Apsara's voice comes from behind Mizore, saying that since Mizore's skin is not yellow, she has yet to be baptized in her special curry. The yellow smoke clears to reveal Ms. Apsara in her true form. Kou arrives, with a turban and Indian accent, saying Ms. Apasara is a water nymph from Hindu mythology. Mizore demands to know if she did this. Ms. Apsara admits she did, going on to explain the world if full of curries that are pale imitations of the genuine article. All she wanted was for everyone to taste the spiciness in the real curry for once, which can't be tasted in "imposters".

Tsukune begs Mizore for curry as she notices all the spiciness has made his lips swell. As he continues begging, Mizore happily obliges. As Mizore prepares a plate, Ms. Apsara demands to know "what is that travesty you are trying to pass off as curry?" Mizore goes on to explain it's her Shaved Ice Curry, handing a plate to Tsukune. Despite Ms. Apsara ordering him not to eat a "hideous, false curry", Tsukune eats it, breaking the hypnotic spell Ms. Apsara's curry had on him. He goes on to explain that it's better than the spicy curry that numbed his taste buds; the chilled curry has brought them back to life. Tsukune declares Mizore's curry a masterpiece as she says the shaved ice is made of ice crystals a Snow Fairy can't make unless her mind is pure. Mizore then says she put her all into making it for him. With his lips back to normal and the spell broken, Tsukune thanks Mizore, saying it's the most delicious curry he's ever had.

Ms. Apsara breaks up the moment, saying Mizore's curry is a perversion of the true thing. She goes on to say she'll cleanse Tsukune's mouth with an authentic curry, tossing plates at him and Mizore. Mizore stands in front of Tsukune creating a patch of cold air in front of them, which freezes the plates solid. Despite this, Ms. Apsara continues tossing plates them, all of which Mizore freezes. Deciding to test Mizore's strength, Ms. Apsara sends a giant plate at them, which Mizore is only able to half-freeze. She reaches for Tsukune to protect him, but the plate hits Tsukune and knocks him into Moka, Kokoa, Kurumu and Yukari. In a flash of light, Inner Moka is released, making Mizore feel relieved. However, she and Tsukune notice she has yellow skin as well; Tsukune thinks she's beautiful even with it.

Inner Moka goes on to say it's because she shares the same body with Outer Moka, saying cur
Rosario others 0114

Moral of the story? Never force people to like your favorite dish.

ry at the end. She covers her mouth in embarrassment, asking herself how she could be manipulated by such a weak and pathetic spell. Ms. Apsara races to Moka with a plate of curry she says will coat her very soul with its color. However, Inner Moka smashes the plate. Horrified that Moka disrespects curry like Kokoa, Ms. Apsara prepares to teach Moka respect with a giant plate. However, Inner Moka says Ms. Apsara will learn her place instead, kicking her into an ornament on the roof, knocking her out. Kou announces the fight time and leaves.

Tsukune asks Mizore if he can share her shaved ice curry with everyone else, since they need to have them eat something cold to break Ms. Apsara's spell on them. Mizore agrees, telling Tsukune she hopes they'll like just as much as he did. Tsukune reassures Mizore they will, walking off to hand out the curry. Inner Moka then congratulates Mizore on deciding to live her life. Mizore jokes that Hell must have frozen over.

However, their conversation is cut short when they hear cracking sounds coming from above. Inner Moka can only ask "What the hell?" as the ornament Ms. Apsara is on breaks open, releasing a torrent of curry. Tsukune feeds Mizore's curry to Kurumu, Kokoa and Yukari, freeing them from the spell just as the curry washes them away. Inner Moka and Mizore hang onto the door, but Mizore is caught in a current going downstairs, calling for Tsukune to save her. As the curry rushes through the school, it picks up Ruby, who finished her long story (ironically while no one was around to hear her), and the others students, washing them out of the windows. Inner Moka only says that the curry stings her eyes.

After everyone is free of the spell and back to normal, Ruby complains cleaning the curry stains off entire of the school will take forever. According to Kou, it actually takes a week. Mizore presents her Shaved Ice Stew to her friends, who praise her on making yet another masterpeice. Kurumu shocked by this; even Ms. Apsara likes it, but wishes it tasted like curry. However, Kurumu thinks Mizore used magic to make everyone like. Mizore protests this accusation, saying she made her dishes out of love for Tsukune. As the ending comes up, Mizore smiles and blushes a pretty shade of pink.

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Manga Chapter this episode is adapted from.



  • There is no "title card" seperating parts A and B; Part B starts after Mizore's song.
  • Kurumu, Yukari and Mizore made curry that seemed to represent their monster natures; Yukari's Thai style had frogs, grasshoppers and etc. (just like a witch's potion), Kurumu added love potions and such (she's a Succubus, which is a Yokai that needs love to survive), and Mizore used shaved ice crystals (she's a Snow Woman, a.k.a. Yuki-Onna).
  • Ruby must have seen potential in Mizore, since she decides to help her.
  • When Tsukune holds Mizore's hands and thanks her, it shows he may have some sort of attraction to her.
  • If you look carefully at Mizore's hands after she chats with Inner Moka, you see each hand has several band-aids on them, meaning the repeated tries had some consequences.
  • This episode does not feature a kiss or bloodsucking.
  • Whenever something happens to some curry (Spice falling into Yukari's Cauldron, Moka and Kokoa smashing curry plates), the japanese form of "Ah..." appears, possibly as a sign of disappointment to someone (Usually Ms.Apsara).

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Cultural ReferencesEdit

"easter eggs"

Ms. Aspara's line "Art is Explosion" could allude to Naruto: Shippuden character Deidara who uses clay explosives as weapons as well as praising them as his art by spouting "Art is an Explosion!".

Unanswered QuestionsEdit

  • If Kurumu and Yukari were suspicious of Kokoa and the curry, how did they end up being Curry Zombies?
  • Why didn't Ms. Apsara get fired? Or at least given a few weeks off work?
  • Didnt Ms. Apsara know it wasnt polite to alter someone else's dish?

Memorable MomentsEdit

Mizore mentions that ice crystals can only be made by a Yuki-Onna (Snow Woman) if her mind is pure. Her mind was purified by her strong wish to see Tsukune enjoying her cooking.


(Kou under the curry trance) "Wee.. i mean cuuuurry."

(Kurumu presenting her "special" curry to Tsukune) "This should put some lead in your pencil"

((Tsukune after eating Mizore's curry) "It's a masterpiece!"

(Inner Moka) "Geez this curry makes my eyes sting"

(Mizore when questioned about using magic) "No,I did it out of love for Tsukune."

(Ms. Aspara) "Cooking is art.. art is explosion.. that means spicy!"

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