Body Measurements and a Vampire
Rosario + Vampire Episode 17 Title Card
Episode Information
Kanji 身体測定とバンパイア
Rōmanji Shintaisokutei to Banpaia
Season 2
Episode No. 04 (17 overall)
Air date October 22, 2008 (Japan)
Opening Discotheque
Ending Trinity Cross
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Body Measurements and a Vampire (身体測定とバンパイア, Shintaisokutei to Banpaia) is the fourth episode of Season Two and the seventeenth overall episode of Rosario + Vampire. It aired on October 22, 2008 in Japan.


Yukari is walking to school when she catches sight of Tsukune. She says hello, catching his attention, and runs after him. However, Tsukune turns his attention to Moka, greeting her. Saddened, Yukari wonders why Tsukune did that. Kurumu tells Yukari that it's because she's a little kid that Tsukune doesn't pay any attention to her, earning another washtub to her head. After-school, Yukari looks at a beautiful red dress she plans on wearing once she's older, hoping once she can wear it, Tsukune will be attracted to her. However, she stops and remembers her parents liking how cute she looks in her witch outfit. Regaining her determination, Yukari decides to do what she can to win Tsukune's heart.

Yukari observes from the shadows as Moka sucks Tsukune's blood again; she finds it weird that he's willingly letting her do that. When Kurumu arrives to stop Moka, Yukari's envy about being flat-chested resurfaces, prompting her to sneak into the nurse's office. There, she measures how tall she is, only to find her height hasn't changed from the previous year. Looking in a mirror, Yukari tells herself that once she grows up, she'll be able to attract Tsukune no problem. Shockingly, the school nurse, Mako Yakomura makes herself known to Yukari; she was in the back of the room. Mako offers to make Yukari's wish come true, earning laughter as their is NO magic to age someone. However, Mako disagrees and sneaks behind Yukari, poking a transformed finger into her neck; she claims to be granting Yukari's wish.

Yukari regains consciousness later, thinking that she must not be feeling well to have woken up there. Preparing to leave the school to head back to the dorms, she hears boys mentioning a girl is very attractive, with all of them looking at her. Yukari thinks Moka is behind her; but she isn't. This perplexes Yukari as the boys continue saying things. Reaching her homeroom, Yukari is met with confusion by her friends, especially when she sits down in her seat; they don't recognize her for some reason. To prove that she's herself, Yukari drops a washtub on Kurumu's head to make her stop fighting with Mizore; everyone believes her now. She then looks at her reflection in the window, seeing she has a teenage girl's body now. Yukari then becomes embarrassed because her skirt is now too short to cover her girlish panties.

Back in the nurse's office, Yukari examines herself in the mirror, being amazed that her body has been aged as Mako promised. Mako walks up to Yukari, asking her how she likes being grown up. Yukari thanks her, saying it's the best thing that's ever happened to her. Mako takes Yukari's praise with delight, keeping a sly smile to herself.

That night, Yukari bathes with Moka, commenting that she thinks her breasts are not as big as the appeared to her when she was smaller. However, she then begins groping Moka, claiming to still like them; it proves to Moka that Yukari is definitely herself. While dressing themselves, Yukari asks Moka where she can buy bras, something that shocks Moka; because Yukari's top is see-through and she needs a bra to cover herself. Moka orders Yukari to stay inside the dorms until they can buy some for her tomorrow. Looking in a mirror, Yukari realizes why.

At the school store, Moka looks for a bra for Yukari while Yukari comments they're cute. While Mizore is reading one of the magazines to pass the time, she's asked by Kurumu about her opinion on how Yukari got so big. Mizore guesses that Yukari slept for about 10,000 years as sleeping makes kids grow. However, Kurumu thinks it may be magic; Mizore tells her to ask Yukari. Kurumu tells Yukari that she doubts she's herself because it would be impossible for Yukari to grow "melons" like the ones she has. However, Yukari tells her that she IS herself and she was grown without magic. Moka compares several bras to Yukari, trying to figure out which one will fit her as Yukari laughs about being older.


The latest high school hottie

she gets a new uniform, Yukari begins attending school without the jacket, with a yellow ribbon in her hair; she seems to have abandoned her hat and cape, in favor of being more visible attractive than cute. (All through these scenes, Yukari is heard singing a song related to these events). She catches the attention of every boy, who buy pictures of her from Ruby; according to Yukari herself, "As for sex appeal... I totally rock!" Yukari also buys "racy" outfits she couldn't wear as a little kid, showing them to Mako and telling her of how things are going. The only boy in the school who isn't drooling over her is Kubisaku Nagai (her fan club leader), who is saddened by her growth; "my eternal rose bud is gone".

Yukari finishes telling Mako about a boy who got a nosebleed from looking at her and Mako has Yukari look in a mirror, telling her it's because she sexy. Leaving, Yukari finds Tsukune walking through the hall. Greeting him, Yukari jumps, telling Tsukune to catch her; she ends up landing on him, knocking Tsukune down. Tsukune berates her for this as it was dangerous. Yukari apologizes, making a cute pose to seduce him. However, Tsukune pays this no mind and helps her up. Yukari then copies Kurumu by rubbing against Tsukune. Rattled worse than normal, Tsukune runs off, saying he has something to do. Little does Yukari know, she half-way succeeded; Tsukune is forcing himself not to notice her. All the while, Mako looks at this event with an even more sly smile.

In class, Yukari is saddened by what happened, but becomes annoyed when Tsukune looks at Moka the way she wants him to look at her -"What's wrong with him?" Ms Nekonome announces body measuring is to be the next day, giving Yukari hope at finding out if she's more attractive than the other girls. She gets up slightly and Yukari's chest catches the eyes of a boy sitting across from her.

The next day, Yukari thinks the measurements will prove her body is the most attractive. However, remembering Tsukune run away from her, Yukari wonders "is this body not very sexy?" She then enters the gym to be examined, along with the rest of her friends. Boys watch from the school's roof, commenting on Yukari and Moka's beauty, angering a very jealous Kurumu. Ruby is in the gym there too, having been asked to

Ruby's helping out again

help with the measurements. Explaining it was another long story, she wonders where Yukari is until Moka, Kurumu and Mizore point out she's right in front of her. Ruby is completely shocked to find out Yukari has grown up, panicking like crazy. Kokoa is also spying in on them, but gives herself away when she finds them fighting like toddlers. Ms. Nekonome find her and drags Kokoa away, much to her annoyance.

Ruby measures Moka despite Moka's self-conscious nervousness. Ruby calms Moka down by reminding her they're both girls, Ruby then finds that her breasts are bigger than she thought. When comes time for Yukari to be measured, Ruby yells "Dear God, they're huge!!". Impressed with her measurement, Yukari shows the results to Kurumu, who is shocked until she shows Yukari that hers are still bigger. Ruby calls for Mizore next, but she's not there; she's stalking Tsukune as usual. While its time for measuring height, Yukari becomes envious of Kurumu again, wishing she had a bigger chest. Catching sight of Mako, Yukari takes off after her, saying she's going to the bathroom.

Getting to the nurse's office, Yukari asks Mako for help again. However, Mako reveals that she had been manipulating Yukari into filling herself with negative emotions for her to feed off of, making her older only for Tsukune to reject her making those feelings greater. Yukari prepares to defend herself until Mako points out defeating her will undo her magic. Taking advantage of Yukari's shock, Mako knocks her wand away and sedates her, to feed off her negativity. Yukari has an epiphany while unconscious, now knowing she's not mentality and emotionally mature as Mako made her body; she still has to grow up on the inside. Waking up, Yukari finds Moka, Kurumu and Mizore with her; Mako was defeated. They head back to finish being measured. Yukari grabs her hat, reverting back into a kid just as Mako said would happen.

Ms Nekonome calls for Yukari to be measured for height, only to be shocked as everyone else when Yukari returns as a kid. (No doubt, any other measurements Yukari did previously will have to be done AGAIN because of the spell breaking). Despite everyone's shock, Yukari has her height measured with a smile, to find she had physically grown a bit.

With the measurements done, everyone leaves. Kurumu guesses Yukari DID use a half-baked spell, but Yukari tells her that she's okay with how she
is, she knows she's got a long way before being grown up on the inside. Kurumu questions Mizore as to why Yukari isn't reacting like normal; Mizore believes Yukari is one step closer to being a woman, unlike Kurumu. This comment makes Kurumu attack Mizore while Moka tries to calm her down. Catching sight of Tsukune while Kurumu and Mizore fight, Yukari asks him to wait for her. Tsukune notices Yukari is back to normal, saying to himself that there's something different about her. She then leans in and kisses him, much to the horror of the other girls. Yukari simply tells them "You snooze, you lose" in response.

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Manga Chapter this episode is adapted from.



  • Tsukune likely wouldn't look Yukari's way, respecting the fact that it's morally wrong to gaze like that at a child.
    • Even after she'd matured physically, Tsukune knew Yukari still was a child within as such he still refused to look her way in spite of severe temptation.
  • When Yukari is unconscious, if you listen closely, you can hear the fight in the background including Inner Moka saying "Know your place" and Kou announcing the fight length.

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"Easter eggs"

Unanswered QuestionsEdit

  • Why couldn't the News Club recognize Yukari the first time they saw her as teenager? Her face was the same.

Memorable MomentsEdit


  • Kurumu: And then...

  • Moka: Beats me.

(Ruby after seeing Yukari's breast size) "Dear god they're huge"

(Yukari after Tsukune rejects her breasts rubbing) "Boob fail"

(Yukari) "I want tits!"

(Mizore while spying on Tsukune) "Oh Tsukune, rock that forward bend"

(Yukari to Tsukune) "Tsukune, please wait for me"

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