Little Sister and a Vampire
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Episode Information
Kanji 妹とバンパイア
Rōmanji Imōto to Banpaia
Season 2
Episode No. 02 (15 overall)
Air date October 8, 2008 (Japan)
Opening Discotheque
Ending Trinity Cross
Episode Guide
Reunion and a Vampire
Mother and a Child and a Vampire

Little Sister and a Vampire (妹とバンパイア, Imōto to Banpaia) is the second episode of Season Two and the fifteenth overall episode of Rosario + Vampire. It aired on October 8, 2008 in Japan.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Everyone is still shocked about Moka

"I'm going to wipe you off the face of the Earth"

revealing the trouble-making girl to be her sister, who she identifies as Kokoa. Kokoa tells Moka that she has been waiting for this day, which is when she wipes her sister off the face of the Earth. She does a jump into the air and dive-kicks at Moka, who is saved by Tsukune. The result is Kokoa smashing through several trees instead of Moka. The bat praises Kokoa on her power, shocking everyone; they only thought he was the announcer for the show. Kokoa picks up a tree with one hand, asking Moka why she isn't fighting back like when they were kids. She smashes the tree to pieces, knocking everyone away; Mizore had already hidden herself behind the trees.

Picking up a spare desk from a pile, Kokoa swings it wildly as she charges at Moka. However, Tsukune gets in the way, getting a good blow to his forehead, which knocks him out; he bleeds because of this. Kokoa leans in, licking the blood off Tsukune before Kurumu sends her flying. Moka and Yukari tend to Tsukune before Moka says she's losing control because of Tsukune's scent. Kurumu sends her flying as well. Moka and Kokoa are definitely sisters; they react the same way to Tsukune's blood. Kokoa prepares to get Kurumu back for that hit before they hear someone yelling towards them.

It's Mr. Kotsubo, who Mizore

Rosario ruby 0056.jpg

REALLY hates; he wants to know why Kokoa is not in class, but wonders what her name is. Ruby makes an appearance, saying Kokoa's last name to be "Shuzen", confusing everyone. Tsukune wonders why the hell Ruby is there, leading to her saying it was ANOTHER long story, getting lost in thought. Mr. Kotsubo says the problem's Kokoa and not Ruby, prompting the younger vampire to leave.

Taking Tsukune to the infirmary, Yukari tends to his wounds; Moka offers to help, but is held back by Kurumu because she would suck his blood. Tsukune instead asks that she explain about Kokoa. Moka explains that she and Kokoa have different mothers, hence different last names; Moka and Kokoa are the youngest two of four sisters. Though her memories of those days are hazy, she remembers they fought every single day; Kokoa never beat her once, as she wasn't sealed yet. One day, Moka told Kokoa about how she was to leave their house and live with her mother in the human world, even having her powers sealed. Kokoa vowed to hunt her down and challenge her sister no matter what; she did. As she could no longer fight, Moka fled from Kokoa every time (four flashbacks to this show Kokoa parodying horror movies Scream, a mix of Halloween and Child's Play, Nightmare on Elm Street and a mix of Friday the 13th/Texas Chainsaw Massacre each time she went to fight Moka; it might just be her imagination overreacting. Halloween because of the knife Kokoa's doll was carrying) Yukari exclaims about Kokoa coming to Yokai just to fight Moka. Moka says that was what was up, Yukari is then seen with an unusual expression remarking about Kokoa's single minded fixation on Moka. Mizore offers to freeze Kokoa, but Moka refuses.

They then wonder when Kokoa will come again to try fighting Moka. The bat announces

Kokoa with weaponized Kou.

it's now, calling Kokoa to the infirmary window; she crashes through it. Grabbing the bat, Kokoa turns it into a hammer; it can turn into anything she wants it to be. Everyone is shocked, saying the writers had this ability for the bat in their back pocket the previous season. Kokoa then begins smashing the room. A surprisingly calm Mizore quips, "Man, this bitch is nuts." Everyone flees into the hall. Kurumu asks Moka to do something about her sister, which Moka decides to do; she takes a fighting stance. However, seeing how crazed Kokoa is, Moka decides against it as she runs off with Tsukune; Kokoa leaves the others alone; she has no interest in them. They run past Moka's fans, who they warn to run for their lives. However, they don't listen and are knocked away by Kokoa.

In the teacher's lounge, Mr Kotsubo and Ms Kagome ask Ms Nekonome to help them with stopping Kokoa Shuzen from causing any more trouble in the school; she's the one who started the problem in the auditorium after all. Though she's not sure, they all hear Kokoa run past and hitting the walls with her hammer. Kotsubo tells Ms Nekonome that Kokoa IS causing MORE problems. Ms Kagome says that it's a scandal.

Elsewhere, Moka and Tsukune have lost Kokoa, confident that it will take her a while to find them because she doesn't know the layout of the school yet. However, Kou gives away their location, allowing Kokoa to find them once more.

Something even more deadly than a hammer.

She turns Kou (the bat) into a spiked bat, preparing to hit them with it. However, Yukari and Kurumu arrive, dressed up as superheroes. Kokoa breaks one of the rules of anime by attacking them during their introduction. Pissed off by how no one is able to handle the little brat, Mizore reveals herself and prepares to freeze Kokoa. Kurumu and Yukari join in the charge. However, Moka begs them not to attack her sister, leaving them open to another hit from the bat. They then look up to see Ruby and Gin on the roof, apparently ready to help them take care of Kokoa. Tsukune says that even Kokoa doesn't stand a chance against two powerful monsters like Gin and Ruby. They leap forward, apparently ready to fight, instead, Gin takes photos of Ruby. A baffled Kokoa looks on, wondering what they're doing.

However, this proved enough time for everyone else to get away and hide inside an equipment storage unit in the gym; it's a rather uncomfortable squeeze. Mizore says Kokoa is way too persistent, something Kurumu takes as a bad sign as if a stalker says someone else is too persistent, there is something seriously wrong with them. Kokoa passes the gym, leaving everyone relieved. However, Moka decides to face her sister as everyone else is getting hurt. Tsukune and Yukari try talking her out of it, but Moka tells them that if she can talk to Kokoa, she may get through to her; she orders them not to follow her.

Once Moka tells Kokoa she wants to end their fight, they begin outside the school grounds. Kokoa turns Kou into a morning star to fight. Moka picks up a piece of fence to defend herself. Seeing Moka isn't using her full strength, Kokoa expresses her anger and she backs her sister into a corner. Kokoa disarms Moka, leaving her at her mercy. Moka explains that even though it may have not looked like it, she fought with all she had. Kokoa breaks down and cries, asking Moka why she won't fight like in the old days.

Tsukune and the others then reveal themselves, having figured out that Kokoa was simply missing Moka; the reason behind all the mayhem she caused. Moka apologizes to Kokoa, asking if she could forgive her for not being considerate of her feelings. Yukari and Kurumu begin crying, saying it's the wrap up of the episode; the sisters will share a loving embrace. However, Kokoa tells them that it isn't why she chased Moka, lifting her weapon to crush Moka. Tsukune sees this as trouble and rushes over to save her as Kokoa wishes Moka would die.

Everyone thinks

Inner Moka "greets" her younger sister

Tsukune and Moka have been squashed "flatter than a pancake", but Inner Moka can be heard expressing surprise at her sister wanting to kill her. Lifting up the morning star, Moka tells Kokoa that even if it's her sister, she'll knock out anyone who flashes their fangs at her; Inner Moka kicks Kokoa away, using the morning star to balance herself. She then warns the others that Kokoa will not go down so easily. Kokoa picks herself up and begins growling as her aura becomes visible. Inner Moka offers to keep fighting as long as Kokoa wants.

However, Kokoa simply cries out "big sister" and rushes over to hug Inner Moka. This confuses everyone further. Inner Moka is also perplexed; as Kokoa said she wanted to kill her. Kokoa explains she wanted to get rid of the "fake" sister and see the one who left her. Mizore calls Kokoa a pain for wanting to see the mean Moka over the nice one they all came to know and love. However, Inner Moka tells Kokoa that she's not the same person she remembers her as, sealing herself again. Everyone tends to the unconscious Moka as Kokoa looks on; she now believes that Moka's friends made her weak. Kou tries to announce the fight time, but immediately becomes concerned for his master's safety when Kokoa faints.

Tsukune carries Moka back to the nurse's office with the others wondering why Outer Moka is so tired; it's still the same day she didn't get any sleep, so all this has exhausted her greatly. Remembering Kokoa's words, Tsukune begins wondering where the Moka he's come to love came from. Though half-asleep, Moka bites him after sharing a moment with him. Screaming in pain, Tsukune asks Moka how she can even do this.

Adapted From[edit | edit source]

Manga Chapter this episode is adapted from.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

The Horror characters Kokoa has the general looks of in Moka's flashbacks are: Ghostface (Scream), a fusion of Michael Myers (Halloween), Chucky the Killer Doll (Child's Play), because of the knife the doll was carrying, Freddy Krueger (A Nightmare On Elm Street), and a fusion of Jason Voorhees "The Crystal Lake Killer" (Friday the 13th) and Leatherface (the Texas Chainsaw Massacre).

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Cultural References[edit | edit source]

"Easter eggs"

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Memorable Moments[edit | edit source]

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • Kokoa:

  • Kurumu: That pet? Along thought he just a Narrator from the show. but now..

  • Kurumu: What exactly did you pull, huh?

  • Moka: Oh, no! Tsukune, are you alright?

  • Moka: Oh, that smell.
  • Yukari: (Gasps)
  • Moka: I can't control myself.
  • Kurumu: Get it together, Moka!

  • Mr. Kotsubo: Hey you stop! What the hell is going on here?

  • Mr. Kotsubo: Hold on! I recognize you...

  • Tsukune: What the..? Look who it is? Check it out!
  • Ginei: Sorry to keep you waiting. You guys.
  • Ruby: I'm ready when ever you did.
  • Mizore: Look who decide it to show up?

  • Ginei: Alright, here we go!
  • Ruby: Check me out let's do this!

  • Kurumu: Hey, Tsukune, what's wrong?

  • Tsukune: Okay, right.

(Mizore referring to Kokoa) "Man.. this bitch is nuts."

(Mizore referring to Mr. Kotsubo) "God, I hate that asshole."

(Mizore to Kurumu) "When I stalk people, at least I'm smart about it."

(Inner Moka to Kokoa) "You're starting to get on my nerves."

(Kou when transforming) "It hurts.. but at the same time it feels good. Wee"

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