Reunion and a Vampire
Rosario + Vampire Episode 14 Title Card
Episode Information
Kanji 再会とバンパイア
Rōmanji Saikai to Banpaia
Season 2
Episode No. 01 (14 overall)
Air date October 1, 2008 (Japan)
Opening None
Ending Discotheque
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Tsukune and a Vampire
Little Sister and a Vampire

Reunion and a Vampire (再会とバンパイア, Saikai to Banpaia) is the first episode of Season Two and the fourteenth overall episode of Rosario + Vampire. It aired on October 1, 2008 in Japan.


Tsukune is riding his bike to school when he meets up with Moka, also riding her bike. They share a loving gaze with each other before Tsukune asks if she wants to suck his blood. Moka tells him that she isn't wanting his blood and pounces on him; she wants to kiss him. Tsukune asks Moka if she's alright with kissing, and she says it's okay. With closed eye, he leans in to kiss her, only to be rattled the moment he opens them; Inner Moka has taken her place. Inner Moka says he's got guts for trying to kiss her, but he had to learn his place, she then sends him flying with a kick.

Luckily for Tsukune, it was all a bad dream; he expects something like this to happen. He's back home in the human world. Realizing how late it is, Tsukune gets dressed, grabs his packed bags and leaves his home, apologizing to his mother for not being able to stay long enough for breakfast. Tsukune runs past his cousin Kyōko, who greets him after not seeing him in a long time. However, he keeps running, saying he's sorry. Annoyed, Kyoko grumbles under her breath.

Tsukune reaches the Yōkai Academy bus, boarding just in time. He narrates that he's now 17 and heading back for his second year at Yōkai after the end of spring break. The Bus Driver asks him if he's gotten used to Yōkai Academy yet; if he can blend in there, he can survive in the human world with ease. Tsukune tells him that he has indeed adjusted to life with monsters, but the driver tells him to still be careful as when things seem to finally settle down, something will come along and throw things into chaos. They arrive in the monster world and Tsukune is dropped off.

Taking this in stride, Tsukune tells himself there's no other place he'd rather be than at Yōkai; it's where all his friends are. Walking through the forest, Tsukune finds the spot where he met Moka and hears a bike approaching; he thinks it's Moka. However, the cyclist is not Moka, even through she crashes into him just like her. Tsukune attempts to help her
Rosariotovampirecapu2 22
up, only to accidentally touch her chest, apologizing immediately. He is then shocked by how cute she looks. Taking notice to where Tsukune's hand is, the girl kicks him away, calling him a pervert. However, she then leans closer, saying he smells delicious and licks the bleeding wound she caused. The girl then kicks him again, thinking Tsukune was going to grope her again. With Tsukune reeling in pain, the girl leaves in a huff. This leaves Tsukune baffled; the girl forgot her to take her bike with her.

Tsukune then wonders where his friends are and what they're doing. Much to his shock and somewhat disgust, Tsukune finds Yukari and Kurumu at the school gate, being worshiped and grabbed by the freshman girls; for some this would be a very disturbing sight. Quite disturbed by this visual, Tsukune yells "What do you think you're doing!? You're all girls!" Yukari takes notice of Tsukune and rushes over to him, saying nothing can keep him from her. However, Yukari is knocked down by Kurumu's chest when she runs past. Kurumu latches onto Tsukune and expresses how she missed him, not realizing she's suffocating him (again). His voice muffled, Tsukune tries telling her.

A kunai made of ice flies into Kurumu's head, knocking her off Tsukune. He looks to a tree the kunai flew from to find Mizore hiding behind it. Mizore says to Kurumu that "It'll be a cold day in Hell before I let you sink your claws into my Tsukune". An angered Kurumu
Ice Claws

Here we go again

transforms, saying that Tsukune is hers; a dark aura surrounds her. Mizore likewise forms her ice claws, saying she's Tsukune's "Little Popsicle"; a white aura surrounds her. (They have the opposite colors for their auras; kinda of fitting for their personalities.) Yukari cheers them on, saying it's the first fight of the school year between the two of them. However, Moka arrives and tells them to stop; it's not the right way to start off their school year.

Moka and Tsukune notice each other and gaze lovingly; Kurumu and Mizore's anger towards each other is then replaced with the mutual anger towards Moka. Moka swoons and is caught by Tsukune, only to bite him and suck his blood. The freshman girls take notice of her and tell Moka of how the heard about her and the other girls in the Newspaper Club. The girls start fawing over and touch Moka in some very unladylike spots, making her very uncomfortable. They run off with Moka, much to her horror, angering Kurumu about how they went from drooling over her to Moka. She then notices Mizore poking Tsukune, who had been trampled by the girls.

At homeroom, Kurumu expresses her joy at being in the same class as Tsukune again. However, Yukari points out she with them this year as well. Adding onto the deja vu and everyone's shock, Ms Nekonome is also the homeroom teacher once again. Ms Nekonome welcomes the students back to Yōkai, asking if they are going to have a great year. All of the students cheer in response, apparently agreeing. Saizo is seen at this time with his usual sour expression.

The announcer bat the appears to the audience outside of the school, telling them that was the recap of the show "for any idiot who didn't watch the first season". He is then, much to his shock, grabbed by the girl who crashed into Tsukune. Asking why she's there, the bat is told by the mystery girl that she has a job for him.

Checking their shoe lockers, Kurumu, Yukari and Mizore find fan letters written by the freshmen girls who admire them; Mizore reads one that's from an admiring stalker, saying that she is oddly okay with after reading it. Moka opens her locker (without noting it's almost bursting open) and gets buried under a ridiculously large of fan letters, but then one shaped like the bat falls on her head; it's unlike the other letters. Moka reads it, finding the writer to admire her greatly. However, she reads the final line, which says that the writer of the letter will kill her tomorrow at the Welcoming Ceremony for Freshmen. Moka and friends (minus Mizore, who is usually expressionless) then freak out.

In the News Club room after school, Moka is still dreading the letter. However, everyone tells her that the letter must have been a prank. Kurumu and Yukari go to recruit new members to the club. Moka offers to help, but they say that aside from the letter, they can handle it themselves. Mizore then wonders where Gin is; as club president he should be involved with the recruiting of new members. Yukari says that the pervert is most likely out doing his hobby of taking pictures of girls; what else would he be doing since he's hardly every there? Everyone else agrees with a sigh.

And wouldn't you know it? They're right about Gin; he's hiding in the shrubbery, spying on freshmen girls who are talking to each other about how they think the dormitory is great. However, Gin doesn't find any of them to his liking for photos, having slim-pickings of "sexy babes to shoot". He then notices the mysterious girl, taking a liking to her knee socks. Noticing Gin and where he's pointing his camera, she asks him if he wants and "eye-full" and kicks the camera into his face, knocking him out and cracking the lens. (Doubt anybody's feeling sorry for him.)

Tsukune and Moka walk past the snack shop in the hall, not noticing Ruby restocking the shelves until she says hello to get their attention. They ask her what she is doing there, and Rubi says that she is working for the Director now, taking any odd jobs he assigns her; apparently, it's a long story (or so you would think). Ruby begins telling the story of how this happened as Tsukune and Moka ignore her, deciding to get some snacks. However, when they pick up a bag, they find yet another threatening letter attached to it. Tsukune asks Ruby if she saw who put the letter there, but she hadn't been paying attention to them, being too caught up in explaining her "long story".

At the club recruitment area, (aside from clubs the audience saw in the last season, trying to recruit) Kurumu and Yukari are handing out free papers to potential new members (in maid outfits, again); two boys who took free papers say that the club looks interesting. They then hear the mysterious girl calling their newspaper articles terrible, comparing it to something a kinder gardener would make. Kurumu and Yukari try to go after her, but are stopped when several students want a newspaper; the mysterious brat is out of sight when they are free to look.

Evening, Tsukune and Moka walk back to the dorms, with him still trying to calm her down. However, she then notices yet another letter; this time, it's on his back! Shocked that someone was able to put a letter on him without noticing, Tsukune quickly removes it from his jacket and reads it aloud, stunning Moka with fear. A black cat screeches, breaking the silence. Moka then takes off, screaming in fear as Tsukune looks on with concern.

That night, Tsukune is worried about Moka and opens his window, looking out and over to Moka's room. Moka notices him and gazes back at him. Below, Mizore is conducting her nightly spying on Tsukune before bed. She then notices the same girl that the other News Club members have been seeing, looking around for someone's room. Mizore questions her about what she is doing. However, the girl turns the table by asking Mizore what she's doing there. After explaining it's to look at the one she loves, the girl denounces her as a sicko. Mizore tells her that she's gotten on her bad side, firing ice projectiles at the girl. However, she escapes as the ice hits a tree, much to Mizore's amazement.

The next morning, Tsukune greets Moka, only to find she hasn't gotten to sleep; countless letters kept coming the entire night, one every ten minutes, making her grow increasingly scared for her life. Tsukune finds it ridiculous that someone is so fixated on wanting to kill Moka, vowing to do whatever he can to keep her safe. They meet up with the others, who decide to protect Moka (even if it DOES reduce the competition if she's killed). Mizore explains her encounter with the other stalker, saying she has orange hair. Oddly, only Tsukune seems shocked by this; Kurumu and Yukari saw her, too. A ruckus is then heard coming from the auditorium.

Inside, the mysterious girl has attacked
Rosario youkai 0060

Rule breakers

two boys who were leering at her. Angered at being attacked they tell her that she won't get away for harming them just because she's cute. The mysterious girl calls them "ugly as sin", making them remind her that Rule 1 at Yōkai is to stay in human form unless there is a special circumstance; her insulting them is, which allows to turn into their true forms: a cyclops and a Frankenstein monster. They try catching her, claiming to be A Class monsters, earning mockery in return for their boasting.

The News Club enters the auditorium and learn from Ms Nekonome what happened; they each realize this Freshman is the same one they've all met. Gin arrives as well, declaring "I know those knee-socks; she's the girl in this photo!"; he gets clobbered for taking the photo. Tsukune says they have to get Moka out of the auditorium, but she is paralyzed with fear after seeing the mysterious girl; Moka wonder why she is there. Ms Nekonome tries getting the students to calm down once they lose sight of the girl, but they refuse to listen and toss a chair at Ms Nekoname.

Another chair is thrown, knocking Tsukune into Moka, pulling off the rosary and freeing Inner Moka. Greeting each other, Inner Moka walks over to the freshmen, intimidating them with her power. The Freshmen girls take a liking to Inner Moka, worshiping her immediately. Inner Moka stops them all, saying that because they be behaving better now that they're in high school. Telling them to knock it off, she spins and kicks the two delinquents, causing a blast of air that blows the girl's skirts up. Mizore doesn't bother trying to hold hers down, while Gin takes photo; a chair hits him in the face (Karma?) Getting on the stage, Inner asks if they understand what she just told them. The students cheer, saying they do.

Once Moka is sealed again, outside, Mizore says the induction ceremony can go off without a hitch now. Yukari notices Moka holding her head and asks what's wrong. Tsukune explains Moka is exhausted from not sleeping; and that fighting wore her out even more. He then wonders who the mysterious girl could be. Moka begins to tell everyone, but the girl's voice says she's Moka's worst nightmare. They find the girl right behind them; the bat is there as well, saying HE delivered the letters for her. Moka warns everyone to run. The girl asks Moka if she read all her letters before declaring the time has finally come to wipe her SISTER off the face of the Earth. The news that this girl is Moka's sister only shocks everyone as Moka begs Tsukune to help and bites him.

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Gin getting hit in the face by a chair while being a pervert. Pure justice.


  • Tsukune: Hey, what the hell are you doing? Your all girls!

  • Girls: (Screams)
  • Girl: That's the legendary Moka!
  • Girl: She's so cool!
  • Girl: We're crazy about you, Moka!
  • Girls: (Screams)

  • Kou: Well, hello again, folks, that includes all the explanatory set up for any of it as you as you watch the first season we...

  • Kurumu: Wait. That voice.
  • Yukari: It's that snotty freshmen girl from yesterday.

(Gin referring to Moka's sister) "I know those knee socks!"

(Mizore while spying on Tsukune) "Oh, Tsukune, I enjoy spying on you before I hit the sack."

(Moka's sister while kicking Gin) "Hey, you want an eyeful?"

(Inner Moka to the freshman) "You're all in high school now, so start acting like it,, okay?"


  • Tsukune Hey she said she was gonna end your life! Isn't that cute?
  • Everyone WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Girl: Wow. Who the heck's that?
  • Girl: She's got blood red eyes!
  • Girl: And monster energy.
  • Girl: Guys, wait a minute. Do you think she's the legendary S Class Super Monster?
  • Girls: A Vampire?!

  • Girl: Oh, wow!
  • Girl: She's super scary! But so cool!

  • Girl: I want be her?
  • Girl: Me, too! Cause she's the real deal!

  • Girls: Ahh! We are your biggest fan goddess! Aah!
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