Raika (雷禍, Raika) is a Raijū and Fairy Tale's 5th Subdivision leader.


Raika is the first subdivision leader to face Tsukune and the others as they attempt to save Moka. As Ruby steps forward to fight him, Raika releases his immense yōkai energy and attacks Ruby with a powerful blast of electricity. He proceeds to attempt to finish her off, but is surprised to find that she is unaffected and even enjoys his electricity. Ruby attacks him with her talisman crows but Raika easily blasts them away. Then Ruby reveals that she wanted him to destroy them in order to create a dust explosion that envelops him. Although he seems defeated at first, he transforms into his real form and impales Ruby with his large claws. The others try to attack him, but he easily avoids their attacks by moving at lightning speed and attacking them from behind.

As Ruby activates the Iron Maiden she proves how fast it is by almost catching Raika, but he still has the upper hand in speed. However Ruby is able to calculate where he will teleport to and catches him with a powerful punch. Raika is unfazed by the punch however and notices that Ruby is taking great damage from using the armor. She attempts to catch him again but he teleports behind her and deals a powerful blow to her head. Then he uses his ultimate technique "Ghost Bop", and shoots an enormous lightning bolt through Ruby. However Ruby catches him and is unfazed by the lightning, and reveals she lured him into the air to nullify his teleportation. He is then defeated when Ruby uses her armor's spears to stab him multiple times.


Raika is a tall muscular man with long bright hair. He has a large and booming voice, and wears the standard Fairy Tale uniform.


Raika is very arrogant of his own abilities and laughed at the idea of Ruby being his opponent. He is very merciless, as he continued to shock Ruby with more electricity immediately after zapping her with a large bolt of electricity.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Powers Edit

Raijū Physiology: As one of the Subdivision Leaders of Fairy Tale, Raika is an extremely powerful yokai with powers comparable to an S-Class Monster. Being a Raijū, Raika has dominion over lightning and electricity and was able to easily overwhelm Tsukune and his friends with his lightning augmented prowess. These are his powers.

  • Transformation: Raika can transform at will in order to become more powerful. When he transforms his upper body becomes more bestial with his mouth protruding into a jaw similar to a lion and possessing sleek black markings over his body and sprouting horns from his head.
  • Lightning Manipulation: Raika's signature ability as a Raijū is that he can directly manipulate lightning and electricity where he mainly uses it to either augment his physical prowess or electrocute his opponents. When Raika transforms into a more battle form he can directly turn his body into electricity and can instantaneously move from one area to another as long as the terrain he is in can conduct electricity thus while in mid-air he can't transform into lightning. Due to electricity naturally moving too fast, Raika also can't change the destination from where he moves once he turns into electricity as well.
    • Immense Speed: Raika is also an extremely fast combatant with his tremendous speed being his main advantage in a fight. Raika was able to easily overwhelm Tsukune and his friends before any of them can react mainly because his lightning augmented speed is too fast for them to comprehend. When transformed he becomes faster with his speed becoming instantaneously while as electricity. Though Ruby noted that since his speed is tied to electricity he becomes too fast and thus can be struck if his opponent can correctly predict where he is going to transverse to and react fast enough to strike.
  • Enhanced Strength: Raika possesses a high level of strength being able to send Tsukune and his friends flying away with just punches alone and when augmented by his lightning the force of his attacks becomes greater while simultaneously electrocuting his opponents in the process.
  • Enhanced Durability: Raika is very resilient and took on most of Ruby's attacks, hardly sustaining any damage. The first attack Ruby made was when she tricked him into igniting the aluminium powder she transformed her crow talismans into thus creating a dust explosion with him in the center and yet he was able to recover in little time to continue fighting. Later Raika in his battle form was able to withstand some of Ruby's attacks while in her Iron Maiden Spell with little damage and only when she stabbed him multiple times with her seraphic feathers throughout his body and vital spots was he defeated.
  • Enhanced Stamina: Raika possesses superhuman stamina, being able to continue fighting against Ruby when he was struck by a dust explosion while in the center of it with little strain in his attacks. He was able to continue fighting against her Iron Maiden Spell without any effort while remaining unaffected by most of her enhanced physical attacks.
  • Great Demonic Aura: Raika possesses a powerful amount of yoki for non-vampire yokai that Tsukune and the others felt overwhelmed just by him releasing his energy.

Abilities Edit

Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Raika possesses some level of skills in unarmed combat though because he relies solely on his lightning to electrocute his opponents to death its unknown how high his skills are. Despite this Raika demonstrated unarmed fighting techniques combined with his electricity where he augments his attacks with lightning to being able to overwhelm a group of opponents at the same time and fought on par with Ruby while in her Iron Maiden Spell for some time before she trapped him in mid-air.

Techniques Edit

  • Electro Asyl-Bop: Raika charges a ball of electrical energy in his hands and then launches it at his opponent, sending the electricity coursing through their bodies.
  • Ghost Bop: Raika makes physical contact with the enemy and proceeds to shoot a stream of lightning through his opponent. He claims that, as his greatest electric attack, it can boil blood and dissolve flesh.
  • Electro Asyl-Bop
  • Ghost Bop
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