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The beast of thunder that soars through the skies riding on thunderclouds. It has been feared since ancient times for bringing harm to both men and animals. The true form of the great beast, the nue, in "The Tale of Heike" is said to be this raijū.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Raijū are powerful, high-ranking monsters that have been feared by humans since ancient times. Seen as the physical embodiment of lightning and thunder, these beings have complete mastery over all forms of electricity, and use it as their main form of offense. They are also able to move as fast as lightning anywhere electricity can flow, making them virtually uncatchable. They are also very physically powerful, and can withstand large amounts of damage, including that which would incapacitate or kill any lower-ranking monster.

Though their precise ranking relative to other monsters is left unclear, given the levels of energy that they can reach, such as that seen with Raika, it is possible that as whole, their ranking level is more of a spectrum than a specific classification. This fact is something that is shared with other monsters, such as the Yasha and more notably the most common type of monster, the Monstrels. Like those other species, their power levels would vary, ranging from moderate to higher levels, even reaching those that are usually enjoyed by S-Class monsters.

Known RaijūEdit

  • Raika (Leader of Fairy Tale's Fifth division)
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