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These legendary birds of fire come in at least two forms; a hatchling state and the signature adult form.

Phoenix Hatchling


Adult Phoenix

In the hatchling form, they appear as a creature strongly resembling a generic, cartoonish chick, with a chubby body, head, small legs, wings, and black button-like eyes.

In the proper grown or adult form, the Phoenix's appearance is completely different. Unlike the hatchling form, the true, grown form of the phoenix is that of a graceful, majestic, fire-covered bird of tremendous size, strongly resembling a swan in shape. However, notable differences include two long feathery streamers coming off the back of the head, and fiery, glowing eyes. In addition, they also possess a long, graceful tail, and long, dark, powerful legs.

Powers & Abilities Edit

This legendary creature possesses tremendous physical strength, speed, endurance, and stamina combined with fearsome Yōki, which is appropriate considering that this monster is considered one of the strongest Yōkai in existence. This renders this species as being firmly in the S-Class category of Yōkai, which is shared with the Japanese Youko and the two most powerful monsters, the Werewolf, and the strongest of monsters, the Vampire.

As legendary birds of fire, Phoenixes are covered in Yōki-generated flames, which is also their primary weapon, much like the Kitsunebi (Fox Fire) of the Japanese Youko. This makes the Phoenix one of two known monsters associated with and generating supernatural fire, though the Phoenix appears to be the stronger of the two, as Moka's chastising of Pyotan, a phoenix summoned by Fang-Fang Huang, contained an element of respect for the Phoenix species as whole, for a Phoenix ten years or older could readily engage her in battle, and even have a good chance of defeating her. Given that Moka is a Shinso-class Vampire, this would place the Phoenix species as a whole being a second monster capable of matching up against a Vampire in battle, the other being the legendary Werewolf.

Though not shown to possess specific, full-power special attacks in the case of the introduction and departure of Pyotan, a Phoenix is capable of attacking with a formidable diving, piercing attack issued beak-first into the opponent. This attack is notable because the Phoenix has channeled its full yōki power level, mass, strength, and speed into the technique, which is so powerful, that it can cause even an individual in possession of Vampiric strength some trouble, as Tsukune was shown barely holding Pyotan's attack at bay with his then-full strength.

Whether or not a full-fledged Vampire would have trouble repulsing this attack is unclear, but is quite likely, for Pyotan was much weaker than most Phoenixes, having been freshly grown. A mature Phoenix would be far more successful in battle against a Vampire, and could prove to be a worthy opponent, though this would vary depending on the individuals involved.

The most powerful weapon of the Phoenix is their ability to unleash tremendous blasts of fire and kinetic energy, primarily issued forth from the mouth. This attack is easily capable of obliterating most opponents in an instant, and in top-ranked, mature Phoenixes, is even capable of destroying mountains.

Known PhoenixsEdit

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