Name: Nurari
Age: 500+
Birthday: Unknown
Race: Nurarihyon
Affiliation: Unknown
Relatives: Unknown
Class: Unknown
Weapon: Unknown
Voice: Norihiro Inoue

Chuck Huber (English)

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Nurari (ぬらり) is the one to introduce Tsukune Aono to Yōkai Academy. He was a mysterious, unnamed bus driver smoking a cigar who seems to know more than he reveals and constantly shows up to offer advice to Tsukune in the beginning. He is the one who requests Mikogami to help keep Tsukune's ghoulish nature at bay.

At first it is unknown if Nurari is a human or a yōkai, but he does have an extensive knowledge in the supernatural, having identified the Lilith Mirror as the cause of the uproar during the school festival. He happens to know Mikogami, one of the Three Dark Lords, personally and has the same glowing orb eyes as the latter. He also knows that Tsukune is a human. Nurari is later revealed to be a Nurarihyon, being known as "Supreme Commander of All Monsters".

Anime[edit | edit source]

Rosario + Vampire[edit | edit source]

Nurari drives Tsukune to Yokai Academy, warning him it's a "scary-ass" school. He later returns and accepts Tsukune's request for mailing letters to his parents in the human world. He thinks to himself how Tsukune has chosen Yokai Academy as his school to be commendable. He also serves as their driver for taking them to the Human World during their summer break. He also helps Gin find Ruby after the explosion on Witch's Hill.

Rosario + Vampire Capu2[edit | edit source]

Nurari takes Tsukune back to Yokai Academy, explaining that just when you figure everything out, that's when things go straight to Hell. In Episode 12, he offers Tsukune a lift to Issa's castle, but is turned down. He then gives Tsukune directions to the castle. He then wonders if Tsukune will come back as none ever do. He later drives everyone back to the Academy, thinking to himself how Issa put his hopes for the future in Tsukune.

Manga[edit | edit source]

Season 1[edit | edit source]

Nurari gives Tsukune a fair warning about Yokai before dropping him off at the school grounds, but later returns to try taking him back home, which Tsukune declines. He wishes Tsukune the best of luck at Yokai, but returns when Kurumu tries to take Tsukune away from Moka, drawing Moka's attention to himself when he mumbles Tsukune should be careful around women at Yokai.

Nurari stayed informed about Tsukune's actions by the time he takes the News Club to Witches Knoll, where he and the other faculty need it investigated while Ms. Nekonome is suckered by him not going into town to get fish. He's later seen talking to Ms. Nekonome about getting the higher ups from the school over to the human world if the News Club can't handle Oyakata. Right after Ruby leaves to return to Oyakata, the bus driver encourages Tsukune to go to Witches Knoll to stop her and drives them there. He's later seen bringing Gin to the other News Club members after they find Ruby safe and sound from the explosion that killed Oyakata. He comments that Tsukune did a lot by being able to warm even Oyakata's cold heart.

Nurari told his buddy, the Headmaster about Tsukune's descent into ghouldom, and how to save him from it. This is why Tsukune has his Spirit Lock chain.

When Ishigami tricks Kyoko into taking the Lilith mirror to Yokai, Nurari returns, apparently on his pet frog monster, looking for the mirror. He informs Tsukune's clique about the danger the mirror poses and reappears again after Kurumu, Yukari, Mizore and Ruby go bonkers from the Lilith mirror's secondary ability. He keeps Kyoko safe with him until the Headmaster captures Lilith and he drops Kyoko off, telling the Headmaster about the old days of Yokai that led to them hiding their true forms and that Tsukune and Moka shaking hands is a snap shot of the future.

One last appearance is when Nurari and Ruby are forced to recall Moka, Yukari, Kurumu, and Mizore back from the human world after their ruckus.

Season 2[edit | edit source]

Nurari takes Tsukune back to Yokai after the classes resume, telling him that just because the building is different, it doesn't mean the school itself is any different. He later takes them to and from the Snow Fairy Village. During Summer Break, he's out fishing with Ms. Nekoname while keeping a barrier around Marin's inn to keep humans from noticing their true forms. He also warned them about the penalty for harming humans—they'd go to prison, no matter what the reason.

Nurari later arrives in China, bringing Gin, Haji, Ruby and Kokoa as reinforcements to save Moka. He is also the pilot for the plane carrying the second group, showing a great deal of knowledge in how to fly. After reaching Fairy Tale HQ, he makes his way to the base where the main computer is. He hacks the control units and puts it back online, however when Alucard fully awakes, the controls were errored and the fortress crashes down into the human world.

After Alucard's demise, Nurari picks up Tsukune wondering if he made up his mind of either leaving or staying at Yōkai Academy. He told Tsukune that this is a new start since humans know about monsters existing and said that the path of coexistence will probably be harder than it was before. He then passed the message that was left from Mikogami to Tsukune about being his successor as the future Headmaster but leaving the choice to Tsukune just like it was on the first day of school and if he had what it takes he should come aboard then saying "Yōkai Academy is a scaaaary place." Tsukune boards the bus knowing that the school is his life now and is greeted by his friends. Nurari takes them back to Yōkai Academy.

A year later, Nurari hires Issa Shuzen, the world's strongest vampire and head of the Shuzen Household in the Shuzen Family to kill Tsukune after seeing the young shinso vampire's wanted poster from Fairy Tale with a price on the kid's head. However, Nurari hired Issa to become Tsukune's trainer. He introduced Issa to Tsukune telling the boy that Issa and the Shuzen Family will support Tsukune by taking out the assassins in Fairy Tale. Nurari also says to Tsukune that he got plenty to learn if he's going to be the next Headmaster in the future. Right now, Nurari is in charge of the school until Tsukune succeeds on becoming the Headmaster of Yōkai Academy.   

Skills[edit | edit source]

  • Driving: In most of Rosario+Vampire, Nurari is seen driving a school bus daily in both human and monster worlds.
  • Flying: Nurari is able to fly the Huang Air-Ship by bringing Touhou's group in to battle at Fairy Tale HQ.
  • Hacking: It would appear that Nurari is really good at hacking with computers, shown when he connect himself with some kind of wires to Fairy Tale's main computer as he is able to get it back online and control the entire fortress.  

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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