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The Newspaper Club

The Newspaper Club is the club that is in charge of creating and publishing Yōkai Academy's school newspaper (the Yōkai Times in the manga and the Yōkai Gazette in the anime). It is the club in which the main cast of Rosario + Vampire is a part of.


Year OneEdit

During the time when the students of Yōkai Academy had to pick a club, Nekonome-sensei asked for students to join her club, as it was in risk of being shut down. Later on, Tsukune thought about joining the club when Nekonome-sensei asked him about it until Moka said she would. Seeing that Tsukune and Moka had joined the club, so did Kurumu.

Sometime later, Tsukune, Kurumu, and Moka met the club's President. Over the next few days, Gin made Moka and Kurumu believe that Tsukune was a "peeper" so that he could make Moka "his woman". Once Gin was defeated, the Club ran an extra about how Tsukune was innocent and that Gin was the real peeper. 

Yukari later joined the club after Moka and Tsukune has saved her from her Class Representative. Later, the club began to investigate the mysterious disappearances of some of the girls on campus. The culprit was revealed to be Ishigami-sensei, who, according to the club's article, was indefinitely suspended while the kidnapped girls were safely returned.

Two days later, the Newspaper Club was busy working on meeting their deadline when Kurumu received a threatening note from Nagare. Later, when Kurumu refused to go on another date with him, he took everything that the club had been working on before Kurumu left to confront Nagara. Yukari found Nagare's letter in a toolbox, leading to the club going in search of Kurumu. When the club was in danger, Kurumu attacked and defeated Nagare, as well as getting their stuff back.

The Newspaper Club is then seen the day after, passing out copies of their newspaper to the student body. They had given out half of their papers when the Public Safety Commission appears and demands who gave them permission to do so before Kuyō destroys their stand. Later, Gin tells the more about the group before ordering them to burn the newspapers to show that they won't resist. Kurumu, however, leaves with the last of the newspapers with Tsukune, who tried to reason with her. The newspapers are destroyed during a confrontation with Keito, who reveals the fate of last year's Newspaper Club.

The next day, the Public Safety Commission arrests Moka (for assaulting Keito) and Tsukune (for suspicion of being a Human). Gin tries to convince Yukari and Kurumu that it would be best not to associate themselves with Tsukune, lest they be destroyed, they stubbornly refuse and go off to save him and Moka. Gin later comes in to help them, saying he wouldn't let anyone lay a hand on his friends.

Despite Gin's help and later sacrifice, Kuyō defeats the Newspaper Club and almost kills Tsukune until Inner Moka awakens. She injects her blood into Tsukune and holds off Kuyo until, together with Tsukune, they defeat him.


Former MembersEdit


  • The Newpaper Club - Headquarters
  • Ms Nekonome - Founder
  • Sun Otonashi - Former President
  • Ginei Morioka - Former President
  • Tsukune Aono - Member
  • Moka Akashiya - Member
  • Kurumu Korono - Member
  • Yukari Sendo - Member
  • Ruby Tojo - Member
  • Mizore Shirayuki - Member
  • Kokoa Shuzen - Member
  • Fang Fang Huang - Member


  • All the members of the newspaper club including Ms. Nekonome have things around their necks. Kokoa has her ribbon, Ms. Nekonome has her locket, Gin has his medallion, Ruby has her choker, Mizore has her pendant, San, Yukari and Kurumu have their bows, Moka has her rosario and Tsukune has his Necktie. Moka continues to wear the choker the rosario was on, and wears a tie with her uniform.
  • With the exception of Gin, the rest of the News Club members still retain human-ish appearances in their true forms.
  • It remains unknown who became the Club's president after Gin graduated from the Academy.
    • Though many believe Tsukune took the position as he is the person that's acted as the "linchpin" that holds the club together.
  • It's not shown if the Club got anymore new members in their third year; the club would have to be rebuilt from scratch the following year if no-one else joined.
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